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Decorate yourself with good taste of manners. Let others to feel the quality of you.

Some people disguise their appearance well but there activities won’t, some people look normal in look but they know how to behave.

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My pal, Alice, was rummaging through some boxes, or drawers, or scrapbooks, and came across her wedding announcement, which she promptly shared with us in a text. 726 more words

Fuscia undergarment. West End, Edinburgh.

On a freezing morning at the end of ‘Dry January’ clearly the hoi poloi of Edinburgh’s Westernmost fringes of its Georgian New Town were having a degree of frivolity recently.

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Behavior that shows respect and is correct for a particular situation, especially a formal occasion. Latin “decorum”=fitting, appropriate, seemly.


Rhetoric 2

Rhetoric covers a whole lot more than just what you are saying, there are other ways you can get that sale or persuade your audience to do what you want. 141 more words


We have here

rats the size of Nutria

running and hiding in the walls of history

Sometimes, I think I’ll see one

asking out Mary Jane Evans… 91 more words

What Happened to Decorum and Ethics?

What happened to the importance of decorum and ethics? We are a nation grounded in human decency and “doing the right thing.” Global surveys have revealed we are one of the most charitable nations on the planet, going out of our way to help others. 441 more words