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I’ve been informed that Bill Schmalfeldt has made a claim that I have stated that avatars depicting relatives of members of Team Kimberlin are not permitted here at… 253 more words

Team Kimberlin

More on Sports and Women

Following up on my recent article on Sports and Catholicism, I highly recommend this article by Marian T. Horvat.  Dr. Horvat specifically writes about the effect of sports on women, and does so with her characteristic lucidity.   259 more words


“When you are about to enter the palace of the King, compose your demeanor and your gait, for the angels are present, since the Lord’s house is full of incorporeal powers.”

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“I find this to be just… miraculously bad taste.”


Sacred Seat

Don’t get so comfortable,

bouncing your crossed leg, wrapped

up in Abercrombie jeans that pull

smooth and disappear

into manmade leather boots

with the toes curling up… 624 more words

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"Bless Your Heart" of the Week: The Family Circle

My apologies for my delay in posting this.  I know my usual rule is to post my Bless Your Heart of the Week every Wednesday, but all this weather nonsense has left me without both internet and hot water for the past few days so I’m just now getting around to posting.   1,256 more words

B.Y.H. Of The Week

Feast of Saint Sava (14 Jan 2015)

I frequently receive via email various kinds of poems, articles, jokes, patriotic or religious compositions, and things like that. I am rarely tempted to send them on to others, but one came recently that I think is worth sharing with you. 344 more words

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