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I stand with dignity
Holding in
Holding up
That which is to be admired
From a distance.

You may breathe
A little.
Dance! 155 more words

Social Issues

It Isn't About Politics

I believe some people have forgotten what the presidency of the United States is about.

It isn’t politics.

It’s trust.  And faith.   And hope.

And leadership. 233 more words

Life Chatter


I was never stylish;
I can’t compete
with glittery conversation
or chic mode of dress;
hard as I try to be subtle
what you see is what you get. 91 more words


I race with words .

I race with words and not with a urge to free my nerves . I want to feel and earn what I deserve . In return I want to pass on what I have learned . 100 more words


What's in a language

I am an OFW living and working in Dubai, and yet, I cannot just shrug off with indifference all that I read from social media sites and from the sites of national news media in the Philippines.   397 more words


The Way We Were

A prose poem about looking back.


Days gone past.

Remembering past movies, mindsets, and a sense of public decorum.

And, okay, a few ties to other works. 138 more words


Defiant Comeback For Horrific Political Correctness?

Wondering if just maybe political correctness isn’t so horrific after all we’ve seen so far in 2016.  Do we have Trump to thank for opening our eyes to the feeling that there are worse things in the world than being “PC”? 143 more words