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Harbinger of Events Yet to Come?

Monday, May 16, 2016

Mr. Jim Roosevelt and Ms. Lorraine Miller
Co-Chairs, Rules and Bylaws Committee
Democratic National Committee
430 South Capitol Street Southeast
Washington, DC 20003… 1,262 more words

Democratic Party

So You Say You Want A Revolution?

— by Mike Burns

I have seen a glimpse of the Bernie Sanders Political Revolution and it is pretty ugly. Evidently, Bernie’s revolution will consist of misogynistic insults, vandalism, conspiracy theories, the dissing of party officials and death threats against those same party officials as well as their relatives. 1,193 more words


We Don't Even Have To Like Each Other

Acceptance and tolerance

Is not about agreeing on everything.

It’s about respect.

And kindness.

Civility and decorum.

And being okay with not being the same. 33 more words

Life Chatter

What Happened to the Wonderful World of Tact & Diplomacy?

Youth Get a Bad Rep

As I was sitting in a meeting about a new program that was coming to the educational institute I work for, my attention was peaked when I heard the coordinator say that there would be a class to teach “tact and diplomacy” as a part of the course requirements. 806 more words



My good friend Salvador Dali is 112 years old today.  He was born Wednesday May 11, 1904.  I remember that it was a hot day, a very hot day.  207 more words

If Hillary became President, would Bill be the First Gentleman?

Short answer: No.

There is entirely too much confusion about the title of ‘First Lady.’ Let me explain.

First, the wife of the President has no official title. 699 more words


"Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn."

Here’s a visualization for you:  This is a coin. Ironically, I’m holding in my hand a Susan B. Anthony dollar. This coin is a metaphor for any extreme dichotomy, however, I am specifying it to two types of social rejects:  One side is for the gaslighting social justice warrior, and the other side is for the sexist dudebro. 1,241 more words