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How you know you're old and boring

The Mum’s at work had a better weekend than you.

You could probably stop reading right there, because that’s how I knew. But, in case you want to know more, here are the 3 things that could happen over the weekend that prove you’re old and boring: … 205 more words


Ala Preston Brooks

Why do they call it

“common courtesy” when it’s

all too uncommon?


Irony perhaps?

But “Congressional Restraint”

seems more Oxymoronic.


Three simple steps to win at shopping

Because winning is even better if you have a trolley

If there’s a clean up in aisle three, it may well be because I pelted a jar of pickled onions at a fellow shopper. 454 more words


My idea of etiquette

It’s probably different to yours…

I always used to look up ‘blog ideas’ or ‘how to write a blog’ blogs and they never helped me much. 266 more words


Tell Your Mother, Not Facebook

Sharing something exciting on social media may seem harmless, because of how easy it is to do, but I encourage you to think twice before posting. 634 more words


Knowing What You Don't Know and 7 Things Not to Say.

‘It’s better to keep your mouth shut and have people think you’re stupid, than to open it and prove it. ‘

Wise words from my Daddy. 294 more words