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A Peculiar Ladylike Influence

For several years I worked at a small company owned by a lady who was a, well, an oddball.

You might not have guessed it at first. 790 more words

Nothing Sacred...

Read Titus 1
Focus on verse 15

I seem to recall a time less than half a century ago when there was a sense of decorum in most of our society. 484 more words

Daily Devotional

A little 'decorum' with Magic Me

A little ‘decorum’ with Magic Me
Pearl Wise meets Kate Hodson and Sue Mayo as they were rehearsing with a group of women aged 14 to 80 for Decorum a participative performance piece by the intergenerational arts organisation… 20 more words


An Intro to Practical Etiquette

Coming from the marvelously quirky Pacific Northwest, a blog about etiquette may seem somewhat misplaced. Proper manners are for the British aristocracy, cotillion balls, and southern belles.  263 more words


Self-Consideration: 3 Ways to Make Monday Brighter

Monday is here. Pictures of cranky cats and large cups of coffee are befitting.

Then again, this is a new week. It’s a fresh start. Amazing things can happen. 301 more words


Well, I Guess Kellyanne Conway Never Did Attend Charm And Beauty School

Sitting on the floor when you had guests was at the time a gesture signifying simplicity, informality, liberal politics, hospitality, and a Parisian way of life.

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Primer for Gentlemen

There is a resounding difference between a male and a gentleman.  A male is simply defined as (statistically) a human with XY chromosomes.  A gentleman is a societal construct that is marked with a high expectation of quality.   954 more words