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Linkety-link, part 20

It’s been a while since I did a link round-up!

Knitted Borders and Corners – some different ways of approaching corners when working a knitted-on border. 214 more words


Ep. 47 Does Knitting Impact Your Brain like Breathing and Meditation ?

Welcome to Episode 47 of Teaching Your Brain to Knit

Brainy thing:      11:29   Behind the Redwood Curtain 21:56

What We’re Learning from Our Knitting

Margaret has been looking for modifications of the Afterthought Heel to prevent (or reduce) those strained stitches in the corner.   309 more words


Double decreases, redux

A while ago I was dithering about what abbreviation to use for the double decrease that’s a mirror of slip 1, k2tog, pass slipped stitch over. 265 more words


Stitch markers, double decreases, and reading your knitting

I’ve been writing a lot about how to keep track of where to place a line of double increases. The flip side of the problem is keeping track of double decreases, which is to say,  three stitches worked together together to make one stitch. 489 more words