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Decriminalization of Cannabis: End to Canada's War on Weed

NOTE: “This was my first argumentative essay I wrote for my Grade 12 Law class.  It was a legal analysis of the possibility of decriminalizing cannabis, and I simply argued the benefits for decriminalizing cannabis.  3,056 more words


The Burning Question

Some things simply have a bad reputation. Certain drugs, for example, are commonly considered hazardous and their use and distribution are criminalized.
What if a particular drug has many medical uses that could actually open a world of opportunities for those in need? 641 more words


Difficult decriminalization of politics, DP: Basha should also be included

Even one day before the meeting of the Commission for the December 24th agreement, the Albanian majority and opposition are yet to find an agreement for the decriminalization issue.  369 more words


DC pot seed queue meets the tragedy of the commons, kind of

Basic microeconomics strikes again – it’s illegal to sell pot seeds in DC, you can only give them away.  So a line 4 blocks long formed to get free seeds, at a venue  — appropriately called… 169 more words