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Given the ample evidence of extreme bias in marijuana arrests, there’s no reason to think that the situation is any better in other areas of crime.

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Calgary's chief of police wants to see a more restorative approach when it comes to policing addictions

Calgary police chief Roger Chaffin believes the current approach to the opioid crisis doesn’t do enough to help addicts.

“I think it’s one of those issues that really points out just how incomplete our approaches are if all we can do is arrest our way through it,” Chaffin said in an interview with 770 CHQR’s Rob Breakenridge Wednesday afternoon. 589 more words


Decriminalizing Marijuana is a Civil Rights Case

On Jan. 4, Attorney General Jeff Sessions rescinded the Cole Memo, the Obama administration’s relatively passive policy on the enforcement of federal cannabis laws. While pot remains illegal under federal law, the Justice Department chief withdrew federal guidelines that limited prosecutions of businesses and individuals who sold pot in a legal manner, according to Politico. 429 more words


Shifting views on marijuana highlight just how differently people of color are impacted by drug laws

Not everyone benefits from increased support for marijuana decriminalization.

As views shift on the decriminalization of marijuana, and current and former lawmakers question existing drug laws, the fact that people of color, particularly from low-income communities, are still suffering consequences from decades-old marijuana laws is deeply concerning, critics say. 20 more words


Schumer to introduce bill to decriminalize marijuana

By Sophie Tatum and Veronica Stracqualursi, CNN

Washington (CNN) Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer plans to propose legislation decriminalizing marijuana on a federal level. 350 more words


Weed, and the Libertarian Party's future

Last week, the Trump administration announced it would be pursuing a federalist approach to cannabis legislation, effectively allowing states to create their own rules about how the drug is classified and sold. 1,826 more words

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On 4/20, Sen. Schumer Introduces Bill To Decriminalize Marijuana

CHICAGO (CBS) — On 4/20, a day unofficially celebrated as a marijuana holiday, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer announced his intent to introduce a bill decriminalizing the cannabis plant. 296 more words