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Netherlands' Drug War

Business Insider has an interesting article on the Netherlands’ bloody drug war, in which rival gangs have been killing each other to settle scores. The murder rate in the country rose after a massive cocaine shipment went missing four years ago in Belgium. 27 more words


Government indicates Marijuana Legislation to be Introduced in Spring 2017 #cdnpoli

Minister of Health Jane Philpott told a special session of the UN General Assembly that Canada will introduce legislation to legalize marijuana in the Spring of 2017. 132 more words

Legalizing Heroin

In my home state of Massachusetts, we are currently going through an opioid “epidemic”. There certainly more people using opioids now than 10 years ago. It’s incredibly hard to  632 more words


PSA: Attention all Maryland stoners

The Maryland house is on the brink of passing a law that would undo the decriminalization of marijuana.

Check it out here


Prostitution Tells Women What They Can and Can't Do With Their Own Bodies

As the discussion grows around prostitution law in Canada, New Zealand, Germany, and other nations, a common defense of the sex industry keeps coming up – the idea that laws against prostitution tell women what they can and can’t do with their own bodies, making them paternalistic and anti-feminist. 2,105 more words


A Criticism Of The War On Drugs

This article can also be found at Tremr.

It was 40 years ago that President Nixon launched the infamous War on Drugs that has since created a politically charged tizzy. 1,030 more words


Drugs today.

What do university students (that attend festivals) and their families think about the decriminalization of illicit substances? And… What do you think?

The “war on drugs” has been of huge debate and topic of controversy particularily over the last decade.  848 more words