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Why do so many feminists want to legalize sex work?

Of the many aspects of contemporary feminist discussion that might shock and horrify a 19th century suffragette (or perhaps even more so, a veteran of 1970s Second Wave Feminism), the strong feminist support for legal/non-criminal sex work on the grounds of protecting sex workers’ rights might stand out as one of the most shocking. 1,525 more words

Law of Unintended Consequences: Decriminalization of Prostitution

As a student of economics, I am always fascinated by the law of unintended consequences. Recently, Zimbabwe decriminalized prostitution and things did not go as planned. 219 more words


A Health-Centered Proposal for the President-Elect

by Michael Beaudet

While the Philippines are normally on the international periphery, the country has become another test of the global commitment to human rights. At a time when many countries are turning away from hardline drug policies, President Rodrigo Duterte has declared a new drug war in the Philippines. 1,427 more words

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Brazil: Supreme Court panel majority: Criminalization of abortion is incompatible with the Constitution

Many thanks to Marta Machado, a professor in the FGV Law School, São Paulo, Brazil, and researcher at the Brazilian Center of Analysis and Planning (CEBRAP), for summarizing this Brazilian judgment for subscribers of REPROHEALTHLAW: 539 more words


Bye Indiana!

Do you know that there are only so many days until doomsday? Lol.  I am not going to live out my last few days in a non-legal state.   140 more words

Why Decriminalization?

 Decriminalization would:

    1.  Increase safety.

Police crackdowns break up safety networks. Raids, arrests and prosecutions make it harder for sex workers to collectively assert their rights to better working conditions. 401 more words

Support Needed for the CARA bill in Congress!

CARA Needs YOUR Help!

The Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act of 2016 was created to assist in combating the addiction epidemic that the United States, and especially us here in Anne Arundel County, have been overwhelmed with. 539 more words