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Help Combat Heroin Epidemic With Naloxone & Narcan

The opioid epidemic has been ravishing our communities since the 1970s but has become more of a focal point once it hit the white communities in the 1990s. 896 more words

“Significados estigmatizados del derecho penal sobre el aborto,” por Rebecca Cook


Rebecca Cook, “Significados estigmatizados del derecho penal sobre el aborto” El aborto en el derecho transnacional: Casos y controversias, editoras/es  Rebecca J. Cook, Joanna N. 483 more words


Norway to Decriminalize Drugs

Automatically treating addictions as crimes (instead of as health problems) is stupidity in public policy. Helping people receive treatment for drug problems is far superior to locking them up in a cage. 200 more words


Tea, Consent, and Commercial Sex

You may have heard about the video which explains sexual consent by making an analogy with tea:

I like the use of analogies and metaphors to get a point across. 528 more words

In These States, Past Marijuana Crimes Can Go Away

Some states have made it possible for people to hide past convictions for possession, cultivation and manufacture of marijuana.

When Californians voted to legalize marijuana last year, they also voted to let people petition courts to reduce or hide convictions for past marijuana crimes. 41 more words