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Draft Testimony against SB2179 available

Draft testimony in opposition to SB2179 (Decriminalization of drug use and drug trafficking) is available here.

For those new to this blog, draft testimony is offered for some legislation that is brought to the attention of the readers.  139 more words


Call to Arms: Decriminalization of Drug Dealing

Draft testimony is available here.

This post has been edited (for accuracy) since it was initially written.

SB2179 goes above and beyond any bill previously heard by the Legislature. 

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Bill Bratton Calls Bill de Blasio 'A Centrist'—On Policing, at Least

NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton said today that his boss may be known as a liberal, but he falls right down the middle on law enforcement issues—just like Mr. 480 more words

Bill De Blasio

T'was the Night Before 4/20: Artist Statement

The research question that my group analyzed was: What should be the legal status of marijuana? The five of us came up with three narratives: 1. 355 more words


Taxation of the Bud

By: Richard Socoy Xicay

The marijuana movement has been practically unstoppable for two decades now. Since 1996, nearly two dozen states have legalized the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes, and four states,now allow adults over the age of 21 to purchase marijuana for recreational purposes in licensed dispensaries. 1,019 more words


Legal Green

By: Morgan Franklin

There is much debate around the appropriate legal status for marijuana in the United States. Some of the varying viewpoints include keeping marijuana illegal, making it fully legal, or somewhere in between. 433 more words