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Policing Marijuana

Canada is decriminalizing marijuana next year. As of July 1 the entire country can get stoned at will, with drugs purchased in government sanctioned shops. I’m not convinced it is sound policy. 561 more words


Teenagers at risk of drug addiction

Drug addiction issues span across all demographics, however teenagers are a demographic high at risk of experimentation and future addiction.

Teenagers are normally at a stage of experimentation – a study by the Victoria state government has released statistics about teenagers drug use, both illicit and legal. 214 more words

Lets talk about Portugal

In 2001 Portugal reformed their drug policy. The offense for drug possession and use has become decriminalized. This means that illicit drugs remain illegal but criminal penalties are replaced with civil penalties, such as fines. 228 more words

Bob Layton editorial: Opioids - enjoyed or destroyed?

It seems like every couple of days we hear about drug deaths and then less frequently about drug arrests.

Opioid overdoses seem to be at a crisis level across the country. 204 more words


The Problem with Moderates

Shallow understanding from people of good will is more frustrating than absolute misunderstanding from people of ill will. – Martin Luther King, Jr.

I’ve dealt before with friends and acquaintances who, relatively uninformed about sex work issues, would express their support for legalization, beginning a conversation about how that differed from decriminalization, and why the latter was preferable. 396 more words

The straight dope on Portugal's decriminalization of drugs

Portugal has been praised by both conservatives and liberals as a success regarding its decriminalizing all drug use. It has been deemed so successful, other nations like Canada have… 428 more words

End Times

Purity is a Luxury That Activists Cannot Afford

When we began working for marriage equality in Massachusetts in the 1990s, we fully expected opposition from social conservatives. What we didn’t quite expect was reluctance on the part of two supposedly natural allies. 489 more words