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Marijuana: Yeah, ... Leave it to the Govs to fuck it all up Royally!


“FLORIDA: On Monday, following over a year of legal battles, state regulators finally approved five nurseries to cultivate high-CBD strains of marijuana. This decision marks the first real step forward in the implementation of a 2014 law to allow the use of CBD extracts by qualified patients with intractable epilepsy, muscle spasms and advanced forms of cancer. 615 more words


Mother Who Used Medical Cannabis to Treat Deadly Disease Had Her Son Taken Away, Faces 28 Years in Prison


This is the word that came to mind after reading this is . These officials, prosecutors, and all those involved should be remembered. One day, when the dust settles down, they should all be tried for crimes against humanity, crimes against common sense.

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Pondering Parenting & Prostitution

Sex Workers Outreach Project

Giving Sex Workers’ Children to their Abusers

Giving Sex Workers’ Children to their Abusers

Recently, the New Jersey Red Umbrella Project regional director Janet Duran has been sued for child support, despite having no income source, recieving public assistance, and serving as a registered caretaker with the state for one of her parents, who is suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia. 653 more words

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Nov 11, 2015

Hillary Clinton Announces Support for Rescheduling Cannabis

Hillary Clinton has announced that she supports removing cannabis as a schedule 1 controlled substance, which means it has “no known medical value” and is in the same category as drugs such as heroin. 2,537 more words


100 Plus Studies Concur - Cannabis Beats Cancer, Yet It’s Still Not Legal

The body of evidence supporting the fact that cannabis is one of the most potent and effective natural medicines available continues to grow. So why is it still illegal? 851 more words