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A guide to legal models so simple even swerfs can understand it.

Since the long awaited report on the impact of the criminalization of sex work by Amnesty came out the usual suspects have been spreading the usual dishonest disinformation. 1,312 more words

How Austria Became Europe's Cannabis Clone Superstore - Leafly

Thanks to odd quirks of Austrian law, the country has become the capital of legal cannabis clones. Consumption, though? Still verboten.

Source: How Austria Became Europe’s Cannabis Clone Superstore – Leafly


The DEA is getting dragged 'kicking and screaming' into the new world of marijuana

In April, the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) said that it would review marijuana’s classification as a Schedule I drug, considered the “most dangerous class” of substances. 971 more words


Is Sex Work?

by Robin Gorsline and Malachi Grennell

Introduction: Last week, Robin and Malachi each responded to the open-ended question, “What is sexual freedom?” This week, we are expanding on these ideas by exploring sex work in the context of sexual freedom. 3,063 more words


6 reasons why we should decriminalize sex work

Conversations about sex work don’t always contain much nuance. Not every sex worker is a victim, exploited because she has no other options. Not every sex worker is an empowered feminist owning and profiting from her sexuality. 792 more words


Legalizing Pot's Not So Hot

In recent years there has been a sea change in the way Americans view the use of marijuana. As more and more medical uses for the cannabis plant are developed and the stigma of pot use decreases, proponents have called for legalizing it. 457 more words

Alaska to Open Amsterdam-Style Cannabis Cafes

High Times has a new article out on Alaska’s plan to open up cafes where cannabis users can indulge in the plant. However, the amount allowed to be consumed in the cafes under proposal is significantly less than in Amsterdam’s coffee shops, at one gram to smoke versus five grams in Amsterdam, which may leave regular users disappointed. 78 more words