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Update: Imperial navy forces mobilise in response to drifter presence in Domain

THE Scope is this afternoon reporting the mobilisation of Imperial Navy forces in The Throne Worlds. 216 more words

Eve Online

DED Confirms Drifter threat analysis

In the wake of a substantial increase in Drifter presence in systems under Amarr sovereignty, the Directive Enforcement Department has today released full details of their threat analysis on the mysterious vessels. 65 more words

Eve Online

Mortuary steps up security after more than 300 corpses go missing from station

STAFF at a morgue in Verge Vendor have vowed to increase security after hundreds corpses were stolen from a station in the Tierjev system.
Hours later a… 136 more words

Empire News

Drifters killed by capsuleers at Yulai station

ISD and numerous eyewitness reported four Drifter vessels on grid at the DED Assembly plant in Yulai.

Apollo and Artemis Tyrannos are currently on grid with the DED Assembly plant in Yulai…

253 more words

ഡി.എഡ് ബ്ലോഗ് മാഗസിന്‍

ഡി.എഡ്  വിദ്യാര്‍ത്ഥികളുടെ ബ്ലോഗ് മാഗസിന്‍ മുഴുവന്‍ വായിക്കാന്‍ ഡി.എഡ് സഹായി എന്ന പേജ് നോക്കുക


Morre Leonard Nimoy

  O ator americano Leonard Nimoy, que interpretou o Sr. Spock na sérieJornada nas Estrelas, morreu aos 83 anos em Los Angeles. Segundo familiares, faleceu devido a uma doença pulmonar obstrutiva crônica (DPOC) na manhã desta sexta-feira. 86 more words


DO NOT Deal with AIT International for your Tour in the UAE

I have this blog as a sheer warning to others not to deal with AIT International, LCC for tours in the UAE.  Let me tell you my experience with them. 558 more words