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DP Program: New I-E Studies Book Review (II)

I know I had read “In Search of the Indo-Europeans” in the past for this, but I have bought recently “Comparative Mythology” by Jaan Puhvel, and I think that I’m going to make my review about this one instead of the previous one. 163 more words


DP Program: Hearth Culture Book Review. Gods and Myths of Northern Europe, by Hilda Davidson.

Well, this is the final review that I write for the Hearth Culture Book Review. It’s about the book “Gods and Myths of Northern Europe”, by Hilda Davidson. 1,509 more words


Taking again the work on the Dedicant Program.

Well, just a quick note, because it has been a long time since my last post, but I had a lot of personal and health issues to deal with (I’m still on it), and I leave my DP studies in a second place; I honestly coudn’t handle everything. 66 more words


[DP] Virtues: Wisdom

Wisdom (DP Handbook definition): Good judgement, the ability to percieve people and situations correctly, deliberate about and decide on the correct response.

Wisdom (Collins Concise Dictionary):  190 more words


DP Program: I-E Studies Book Review

Well, I’m currently reading “In Search of the Indo-Europeans” by J.P. Mallory for the I-E Studies Book Review, and I have to say that I’m enjoying it more than I expected. 198 more words


The Boar, the Roe and the Oak

Well, this is an introduction and I hate introductions, I never know what to say… so I’m gonna keep it simple. I’m Saevor and this is my little experiment. 156 more words


Huzzah for Airis!

I’m very excited for my mentee Airis!  After working with him for months, his Dedicant Program has passed!  This is an especially major achievement for him because English is not his first language.   31 more words