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Patriotism Means Never Have To Say You're Sorry

When forefathers raised the flag that day
Birth of a nation by signature we so say
Patriotism, born with freedom, liberty
For God and Country together as family… 125 more words

Creative Writing

On Being A Follower of Christ

THE HOLY BIBLE (Contemporary English Version – Luke 14:25-27): 25 Large crowds were walking along with Jesus, when he turned and said: 26 You cannot be my disciple, unless you love me more than you love your father and mother, your wife and children, and your brothers and sisters. 947 more words


Now About Food

Shut up and eat your Kibbles n Bits!


Trading Update: Waiting to Publish - A Lesson in Patience and Persistence

My trading thought process/plan these last few months has been to wait until I’ve achieved a string of consistent profitable trades for an entire month and then post all my monthly performance returns up to that point to mark the turning point in mastering my new methods. 585 more words

Post-finals Depression...

…that moment when you step out of your last final completely elated knowing that you did well and you are free as a bird, before the crushing realization that there is no one there to celebrate with you because you’ve been too busy studying all semester to maintain relationships with anyone. 50 more words

Butt challenge, among other topics.

I apologize for not updating this as often as I really should. I’ve been busy the last 2 weeks with moving and cleaning out our apartment, kids are finished with school and they constantly need to be occupied, all that and I hate the idea of working out in any kind of heat. 422 more words


Hubbard transformation team gives back to community

HUBBARD, Ohio (WYTV) – Chaplains and police officers in Hubbard gathered Tuesday morning to give back to the community.

The group of chaplains, known as the City Transformation Team, set out to raise money for a memorial to police, which was dedicated on Sunday. 131 more words