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"Even Doves Have Pride"-Prince

Writing this to celebrate an artist who inspired me and to say that we must find within ourselves the power to be in many ways and in every way regardless of the consequences. 150 more words


Real eyes,Realize,Real lies

She had switched off her phone,stayed away from social media for days just to see how many people would actually care. To see how many people would actually make an effort to see if she is okay. 222 more words

I know

I know alive is better,

But then dear, permanency is not possible.

I know all about the pain u feel,

Trust me, I am also struggling beneath the same rubble. 268 more words


Kasteelpoort, Finally!

I iced. I taped. I elevated, hobbled, crawled and whined my way through the past week and with each passing day, my fatigued and painful knees subsided. 1,346 more words


Remix, mashup: development, improvement

This week I am looking at the aspect of remix and mashup in music. I personally believe that this process is not simply just mixing features together or adding effects but it is an art. 134 more words


progress .. never perfection

Top Photo: December 20, 2015

Bottom Photo: April 23, 2016

Time and Dedication can get you anywhere.

I’m not yet where I want to be but I am… 22 more words

Dedicated (Thank You)

Thank you

for keeping my secrets

and telling my lies,

for saving my soul

and drying my eyes,

for holding my hand

and kissing my head, 23 more words