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Training Plan & Supplements

I’ve finished 3 out of 5 finals, and I’m glad because I’ve had enough time to get my plan set up. Comparing it to the workouts at Marine OCS, I think I’ve  the perfect plan to help me with the initial PFT I do with my OSO and prepping for OCS in general.   386 more words

A fairy tale by the river side...

As a kid, I was never into fairy tales. Somehow I thought they will never be true. When I grew up, I developed a habit to reading books. 651 more words

2016, November 23 - 2170 - workers

putting in effort (5)
trying to make a living (7)
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GTA V Has A Big YouTube Scene Dedicated To The Most Brutal Kills

(Source: kotaku.com)


While fans would argue there’s more to the series than endless murder, GTA is still infamous for being violent. Appropriately, YouTube has spawned an enormous subculture of GTA Online videos documenting the most vicious ways to kill NPCs, and that footage is enjoyed by millions. 849 more words


Change is Good!

Since I haven’t found much on how to prep for Marine OCS, I’ve been questioning myself during every workout. I realized the only way to stop questioning myself was to ask around. 291 more words

"Hopeful Eyes"

As near I had gone,

Those took me in radar.

Soon I felt

Their retina had been replaced,

having the hope instead.

Their eyes on me, 227 more words

I look to the sky, tears fill my eyes

It’s so important to me that I was called, I was actually chosen by God.  Think about that, it’s kind of mind blowing but also an incredible responsibility.   408 more words