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Committed, Dedicated, See it Through...

So I have been writing for a while and I’m just now getting to the point where I’m enjoying it and seeing more growth in my writing as well as my day to day life. 211 more words



Have you ever finally gotten out without the kids and those innumerable chores and errands? You sighed with pleasure at the thought of doing something you wanted to do and didn’t have to stop and change the baby or for that fact fix dinner. 402 more words

Me Time

The Boatman and the Moneylender

Starless winter night, the cold, dark waters,
the Boatman comes to ferry the midnight travellers;
then jumps out upon that same old harbour,
leaving the lonely boat unanchored… 155 more words


Who wants to be a disciple of Christ?

Every day – to the glory of God – an untold number of people hear the gospel message and prayerfully ask Jesus into their heart. 1,741 more words

Good To Know

New Year's Resolutions

First week of the new year…

These are one of those traditions, that every person around the world starts with every year, those promises you make, changes your going to implement, even if its doing all your homework when the new school year starts, drinking more water, eating healthier, exercising 3 times a week or even running your first Marathon. 692 more words

Life Stories

Stroke of Midnight

1 January 2018…

Now you might be thinking this is one crazy lady, writing a story about January 1st on May 30th.  But this is exactly how long it took me to finally start doing exactly what I have been so afraid of doing. 426 more words

Life Stories

Journalists who died covering weather from Alberto remembered as kind, dedicated

Mike McCormick and Aaron Smeltzer were traveling when a tree fell on their station vehicle. Colleagues say it was a freak accident following heavy rains associated with Alberto. 14 more words