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Preparing for one's retirement - as a single mum!!!

Dear world, some couple days ago, I was contacted by Marianne of Personal Capital, who revealed some troubling though not so abnormal statistics to me. She said, studies revealed that men were nearly twice as likely to start preparing for their retirement early than women – ok these were her words: … 497 more words

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The post thanksgiving grind

So, after a great thanksgiving meal, I am feeling full.

I only ate one plate full of food, and only took small portions. I am proud of me. 526 more words

Drawn Again to Mr. Casual Friday

Yesterday I went and spoke to Mr. Casual Friday again. I thanked him for his advice about passion earlier this week and told him while I’d said I would put faith in him being correct, I realized the next day that I didn’t have to – I know he’s right. 669 more words

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Woman On A Mission: What Can Be Accomplished in 97 Days

On August 16, 2015, I graduated college with a Bachelor of Science degree in Architecture. Just a few days ago, on November 22, 2015, the mailman handed me a big ole 12” x 15” cardboard envelope containing my degree. 1,582 more words



I wrote this over a month ago, but here it is now:

Today, my boss told me he’s leaving. He came into the science classroom when I was in there alone before lunch. 625 more words

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I love you!!

Hey! This is not a post for my best friend. Neither I’m writing it for my mother or dad. You see, these have been my favourite people ever since but now I’ve made space for another person, who was special for me but now, I have started valuing him even more. 211 more words


We got our bus!

Great news! Last Sunday, we dedicated our “new” bus.  It is a Hiace 2000 that had been used to carry tourists with wheelchairs from the cruises ships to  attractions in ocho Rios. 44 more words

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