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This is Dedication to Service

One volunteer I met, Liz Clegg, was running a center for women and children—it was the most reliable place in the Jungle to find, among other things, diapers and face cream—out of a sky-blue school bus that the actress Juliet Stevenson had bought on eBay and then donated.

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The Girl in Black and White

There stood the silent traveller

Her thoughts penitent, noisy and raw

As she ravaged into inner metamorphosis

Tens of thousands passed, only seeing her gnaw… 211 more words


The Evangeline Traveller

There she was in all her fury

Remarkable zest, eyes of obscurity

As they did the occasional down and up

All was noticed was a slender soul… 202 more words


Quest for love...!

“She was not just a dream girl for him but a mystery that he would love to spend his whole life solving. He knew it will be difficult.

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Make life worth living...!

”Life is an art of drawing without using eraser and tomorrow is always fresh, with no mistakes in it yet. So, draw your better tomorrow by using present as a gift and make life worth living.” – Krishna K Verma

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Miracle happens...!

“When two hearts are meant to become one then no boundries can stop them. Destiny will bring them closer unexpectedly. Miracle happens!” – Krishna K Verma

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Blessing of god...!

“Yes, I am not perfect. But I will do whatever it needs to be perfect for you. I will do my best to replace your tears with happiness, your fears with faith and I will always make you feel that you are the best blessing of God to me.” – Krishna K Verma

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