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Friends Aren't Granted They Are Earned....

As friends we are going to go through raising children together, mourning the losses of our parents, illnesses we can’t prevent, and some financial hardships. Do we really need more strain on our relationships? 164 more words



From veins to bones

A creation of God

Of beauty and poise

A trait that seems to follow when I call your name

You are of a spectacle… 325 more words


3 Ways Autistic Mindsets Can Help Your Business (If You Let Them)

With autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) on the rise, it’s safe to say the coming years will see greater numbers of the ASD population pouring into the workplace. 433 more words

Autism Spectrum

Passion Is Nothing Without Dedication (In Relationships And Life)

Priorities: Mine have always been a little skewed. There are so many little things in life to get caught up in, that if you don’t take a minute to set your own boundaries and goals— You’re going to get swept away. 324 more words

something sort of deluvian

I want it to rain
I want it to rain so bad
a rain so hard it pockmarks the sidewalk.
I want an army of leadbellied clouds… 108 more words


Aspiring to Better

I have a lot on my plate as a student, writer and business owner. I find it almost impossible to find time to socialize and do things that I love outside of work. 285 more words


Be all my love

O God, be all my love,
all my hope,
all my striving;
let my thoughts and words flow from you,
my daily life be in you,

71 more words
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