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To all the ladies...

Dear women that choose to post photos on social media barely clothed…..

My husband may enjoy your photos, his friends as well. Hell I may even enjoy your photos, but is it really a good self portrayal of yourself? 403 more words

Basic Bish

Top 20 songs that get me out of funk

Sometimes I miss my son. Sometimes life has a way of knocking me down.All the time I fight through whatever is not good for me. Here are a few of my go to songs on my playlist. 115 more words

Destined for greatness

Born into a family you’re already set on some path. Harder to do some things, easier to do others. Your parents, country you’re born in and skin color you were born with controls so much of your early life. 595 more words


(Don't be a barrier)

We have to be like a child to impact our children as our task is to bring them to God. Jesus loves children and always ready to receive and bless the children in every conditions. 191 more words


It's Your B'day!

Finally coming around to a proper b’day dedication for you!

Dear D,

If friendships were made in heaven, ours would almost make it to that list. 256 more words


Down the memory lane.

Over the years, Model United Nations, or MUNs (as they are more commonly known), have successfully played a vital role in educating the youth of our nation regarding not just Pakistan’s political and economic situation but also international relations and foreign policies. 423 more words


Stay uncomfortable.

As uncomfortable as that title sounds, it reigns true. I’m in the matrix, but not fully plugged in. When we stay busy to do us, you do yourself a favor because you are focused. 120 more words