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Dedication 5 Mixtape Download For Iphone

Dedication 5 mixtape download for iphone

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A Moment

Right now this moment is calm.

No fighting, no worries. Just this moment.

Could it continue? It could if we begin to believe… believe in ourselves. 87 more words


The Old Woman

she waddles like one
long without reprieve,
too long standing on her feet
bow-legged by her own weight

all in black, one might think
she is in mourning – but… 163 more words


If christian left is a redundancy..?

If jesus ever lived or walked…
       we know he never wrote, just talked,
and what we know of that  is just stuff overheard –
         bits found in late reports… 207 more words



Anyone’s got a truth to sell you,
I’d say don’t have much
of a truth to begin with.

Truth don’t do any manner of barter… 265 more words


A Dedication, a Dead Car, and a Derailed Job Interview

Whew! These last couple of weeks have been BUSY. Time to fill you guys in on what’s been going on.

For awhile there, it seemed like Jake had birthday gifts and money just continuously rolling in. 1,824 more words


All gods are idols, be they fashioned of gold and silver or by concepts in the over-armed monkey’s mind.

Teach a man to nod, to bow his head to a dog-headed man made of dark stone, and soon will he easily kneel before something utterly invisible…eventually prostrating himself at the feet of a banker holding aloft a bit of striped cloth. 24 more words