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CoDe SaIn A Writing Journal Journey


Once upon a time on a dark and stormy night – I pondered, for hours, on how I could start a post about these 4 key elements. 1,402 more words



(Originally written 10/12/14, and updated)

Make no mistake about it: Marriage takes WORK. And having a GOOD marriage takes GREAT work—great both in quantity and quality. 519 more words


May 20, 2018 - Best Week EVER!!

It started on Mother’s Day with the birth of my new niece Kate Veronica! Her middle name is in honor of my Babci, Veronica. I cried for a solid two hours when I heard the name, it meant a lot to me because my Babci was my best friend. 170 more words


My Teacher Friends, I Challenge you to Play This Song to your Students

As the end of the year closes, I am finalizing the “My Journey” lesson plan for our last week together of instruction before exams. I’m showing a Harvard graduation speech, a cartoon, an infographic, a poem called The Journey and Memories, a letter to me and a letter to a friend, and their first ever reading assessment I gave them (one kid actually balled up his paper and threw it across the room after his score – can’t wait to see him shine on this one!) 89 more words


What’s one thing about love that scares you?

Love is when someone else’s happiness is your happiness.

–Lana Del Rey

I asked a few people this question. The answers I got were:

  • Not being loved back…
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Don't Let Fear Win

I am really good at failure.

I started blogging about 2 months ago & I SUCK at writing..so why did I start?

Blogging is an integral part to getting my voice out there & allows me to provide ultimate value to an unlimited untapped amount of people. 303 more words