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[Day 2 of 30] Green Smoothies and Lunges

Kicking off Day 2 of my self-imposed 30 Day Self Improvement Challenge – combining a eating plan (The Whole 30) as well as… 319 more words

Clean Eating

For the last time, again.


It’s been exactly a week now and I’m still not getting over it; 174 more words


Journey to Leanness (22, 346 days left)

Day 14

Unexpected results. The expected weigh in result was supposed to be at 239lbs. Instead it was 241lbs.

If all I were relying on was the scale’s number I would have been totally crushed, disappointed, etc. 208 more words


Chase Your Dreams And Watch People Follow You

It’s important in life to follow what you love and feel comfy about as much as what’s important to you and that which develops your abilities to grow and prosper. 292 more words


Why "attending" fitness classes is not enough / Pourquoi "assister" au cours co n'est pas suffisant

You’re attending fitness classes and can’t see results ?

After having been asked (many times) some questions such as “what do you mean by ‘bodyweight exercise’ ?” , “what is actually interval training” or “If I want to ‘tone’, shall I lift lighter weights ?”… 810 more words