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Deductive Reasoning

Detective Mitchell, who considered himself a connoisseur of shoe fashion, boasted he could solve any crime simply by looking at the victim’s shoes.

Expensive shoes meant the victim was well-off; the killer’s motive was obviously money. 72 more words

Flash Fiction

Deductive Reasoning

One thing that surfaces in almost all discussions I have with atheists is that they contrast faith and reason. Christians don’t, and logically the two should not be pitted against one another. 778 more words

The Bible

Chapter Nine: The Princess, The Fort and The Dragon

Several of the boys tried to hide their building rage under their nervous laughs. Now they had no means of using the Bait to talk to Stacy. 2,099 more words

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Fallacies - Argument From Authority (Appeal to Authority or Argumentum Ad Verecundiam)

A claimed authority’s support is used as evidence for an argument’s conclusion.

Example: Most psychologists assert that mental illness cannot be improved or cured with vitamins or nutritional treatment/supplementation. 188 more words

BULLIES & The Danger of “Induction” (& Contrasting it with “Deduction”)

Commentary by Dr. Whitesel: There is a an important difference between deduction and induction, and the two are often confused. Watch the video below where Sherlock Holmes makes many small observations to reach a bigger conclusion. 76 more words


Section 80GGA – deduction for donation to scientific, social or statistical research

Section 80GGA – deduction in respect of donation made to some scientific, social, statistical research work or rural development programme.

Taxpayer if, has made any contribution as a donation to any scientific, social, statistical research work or any rural development programmee can avail deduction for the same in the Income Tax, but subject to certain conditions. 97 more words

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Outfoxed - a quirky cooperative detective game.

Outfoxed is a great introductory level cooperative deduction game for very young kids. The artwork is beautiful and the theme, a bunch of detectives trying to figure out which fox is the thief before he or she goes to ground, is appealing and easy to grasp. 705 more words

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