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Perceptive insight

We always wonder what it really means to be perceptive about one’s environment, do we stand to gain a lot more information than present through perceptive mastery? 549 more words


The Student Loan Crisis & Middle-Class America: Solutions –Forgiveness, Repayment Caps & Tax Breaks

The following are solutions to the student loan crisis for middle-class Americans:

1) Loan forgiveness after 5 to 10 years of repayment –and applicable to all employment histories (private, non-profit, government, etc.) 105 more words


Grandma's House

  • Share the image without revealing the title. Tell me 5 things about the person who lives here.
  • Does this house belong to a man or a woman?
  • 103 more words

Game Review: Mysterium

In the weeks leading up to Halloween, there’s nothing better than finding a game that encompasses everything about this spooky holiday. Ghosts, mystery, and solving a gruesome crime – these are all things offered in the game… 2,549 more words


What is an IRS Form, W8BEN?

What is a W8BEN?

The W8BEN, or Certificate of Foreign Status of Beneficial Owner for United States Tax Withholding and Reporting (Individuals) is a form which, when completed, is provided to the US income provider (Not the IRS!) in order to prevent 30% of your earnings being withheld and remitted to the IRS. 328 more words


Review: Secret Hitler

Secret Hitler was an extremely popular Kickstarter and shipped out last month. I was able to pick up a copy at Gencon from their booth, because I missed the Kickstarter campaign so I had to go hunting for a copy. 1,113 more words

Board Game

Zachary Eagle Goes Nuts for Donuts

Interview with designer, Zachary Eagle, on his game Go Nuts for Donuts! “In Go Nuts for Donuts, players deal out donuts from the deck equal to the amount of players. 1,898 more words

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