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Want To Think Like A Detective? I Sure Do.

This is my first blog post! Let’s hope I can serve my readers well and inspire them to take up the challenge of putting their mental powers to the test every day. 657 more words


Observational Techniques

Observation is very important in any bodies life and anybody can be more observant if they wish, with a little practice.

One technique I would recommend is a simple one which would be to write, or take a picture of something they have seen that interests them each day for one year. 591 more words


Observational Skills And Techniques (Reminder)

I am just reminding my readers that either tomorrow or later this week when I am available, I will be posting about how to enhance your observational skills, opening your mind, memory techniques and what to observe when looking at things. 109 more words



Spyfall is a game of deduction and decteption, which places one player in the role of a spy and up to seven other players as… not spies. 151 more words

4 Players

Just A Few Tests On Lying

I have been doing a few tests in my everyday life and one person i have been observing is my dad. He tends to lie for a joke quite a lot and i can usually tell when he is lying. 163 more words


Finding The Most Dominant Hand

It is obvious to look at somebody when writing to find their most dominant hand, but there are a few ways to find somebodies most dominant hand. 439 more words


Linking food and drink to other language points

While reorganising my food and drink vocab index pages, noticed that many of them tied it in quite nicely with other language points – buy one language point, get one free! 221 more words

Countable And Uncountable Nouns