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Business owners: When it comes to IRS audits, be prepared

If you recently filed your 2016 income tax return (rather than filing for an extension) you may now be wondering whether it’s likely that your business could be audited by the IRS based on your filing. 379 more words

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Unlawful Deduction of Wages - Contractual Disputes: Agarwal v Cardiff University and another

A worker who suffers a deduction from wages may bring a claim in the employment tribunal to recover the shortfall if it was not made in accordance with a written agreement with the employer or provided for in writing within the contract of employment itself. 59 more words

A basic technical overview of science and some of its barriers to truth

Science is a leading domain of knowledge and research into which we trust most of our discoveries about the natural world. Science gives us laws, rules, and speculations about the world, and gives us innovative technologies by harnessing these laws and applying them in use. 2,149 more words


How recognizing a fallacy helps sniff out a poor argument

All cows have four legs

My dog Fido has four legs

Therefore, Fido is a cow

Pastor John Piper explained in a rebroadcasted sermon how high school geometry had grounded him in clear thinking.   414 more words


Using my powers of deduction...or is it induction?

Mill’s methods of induction are a descriptive method for discovering causes, which means causation is described in observational terms. When following the methods you arrive at a conclusion when there is a universal relationship between antecedent and consequent. 1,609 more words


Logigram - the meeting

In the small village of Traspass-upon-sea, actually some 50 miles from the nearest sea, the four shopkeepers, mr. Baker, mr. Butcher, mr Grocer and mr. Smith held their yearly meeting on the promotion of Tourism. 64 more words


Got Home Health Equipment You Don’t Need? Get a Tax Deduction for Donating it to St. Louis HELP on May 6

ST. LOUIS, MO/May 3, 2017 (STL.News) Clear your basement of any home medical equipment you don’t need by donating it to the St. Louis HELP Home Health Equipment Donation Drive on Saturday, May 6, from 9 a.m. 13 more words