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Radio Review #125 - The Fog of War

(2016 – Stronghold Games)

“I’m a patriot, and I love my country….because my country is all I know….”

Geoff Engelstein & family have shown that they don’t mind checking off the boxes of the hypothetical designer genre list that I just made up in my head. 5,575 more words


Can we cut employee salary after he has been issued with a Warning Letter?

Re posted from HR Singapore

Dear HR Practitioners,

Is employer allowed to cut employee pay by 25% during employee’s notice period Does it means employee sign on warning letter represent they agree on this cut-off?

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FAQs (Singapore Context)


  • What is the woman doing?
  • Where is she?
  • Why is she lying on the floor? How is she feeling? Why?
  • What happened to her clothes? What happened to the building?
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Life Insurance- One of the Best Tools to Multiply Your Philanthropy


Charity is a virtue in most religions and philosophies. Giving money or other assets to worthy causes is something that tens of millions of people participate in every single year. 718 more words


Outsourcing tasks or not

Sorry for not posting anything fot a while, the move back to Japan has been quite busy. This is actually an article I wrote a while back but did not post. 1,851 more words



Society is built on several premises;
Protection of the weak, justice for all who take part, equality for its members…the list goes on.

I state outright that society is an impossible creation. 405 more words

Living in a Post Truth World

In a world where the internet is the main sources of information, where an individual’s encyclopedia can be tampered with by a bored teenager, where what’s considered popular is dictated by a blogger and top collegiate rankings are proposed on blog sites and are considered legitimate, then is seeing really believing? 747 more words