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Wait...what? Look closer...

So….my first reaction was….Spelling Mistake!!  :-)

I noticed this sign in passing a couple of times out along on Wolf Grove Road…..and always uppermost my thought was why would someone create such a visible sign with such a glaring error? 159 more words


Can The Tax Code Really Be Simple?

(Source: www.forbes.com)

Many would agree that less is more. But does that ring true for tax reform? The GOP seems to think so. In their 2016 tax blueprint, House Republicans traced the 30-year growth of Federal tax law from 26,000 pages to approximately 70,000 pages. 475 more words

Money Matters

There are 7.442 billion people in the world...

In the United States there are 323.1 million people. California has 38,332,521 being the state with the most people in the US, while at 582,658 Wyoming has the least. 64 more words

Is It Logical?: Is Logic and Rational Thought Dead or Very Much Alive?

Hi readers,

think this post is fairly self explanatory.

Happy Beautiful day,

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Institute Updates

Jonesing for a Smaller Board Game Collection Pt.1

What if you had to cut your board game collection right back to the essentials? What if you could only keep one of each type of game? 2,881 more words


Out of ideas

I recently have been really out of ideas and didn’t know what to write about. But i still have this urge of feeling like i want to write. 26 more words


Timo Schmitz: "Class Logic and Truth-functional sentences" (2017) [PDF]

Frege treated sentences like mathematics and suggested functional logic. Even further, he divided sentences into values and complex expressions. The complex expression contains an argument and the amount of all values that can be attributed to the argument leading to a true sentence is a class. 31 more words

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