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Greetings. My name is Xavier Williams and I study and practise the science of deduction.

Deduction, like most other things, is a science and so that is how I treat it. 278 more words


Disjunctive Syllogism

The disjunctive syllogism is a form of deductive reasoning that goes as follows:

  1. Either p is true, or q is true.
  2. p is false.
  3. Therefore, q is true.
  4. 278 more words

Game-a-Day Fortnight 2016 – Day 5: Council of Verona

Council of Veronaas seen on Tabletop – is a quick, light filler card game where you’re all nobles who’ve noticed how the citizens of Verona are all so sick of that whole Montague vs. 521 more words

Game-a-day Fortnight

Child Care in the Presidential Campaign

Today, Donald Trump laid out a series of economic proposals. Included, naturally, were a series of tax proposals, which I assume we’ll address on this blog as time goes on. 700 more words

Tax Policy


This habit of mine wasn’t a result of ma abandoning us,nor because father couldn’t handle two teenage daughters and put a bullet through his head on my 17th birthday.It was just my way of deciphering those who walk along me,sometimes even those who are physically 10 feet far,and mentally lightyears away.I think everyone does this.Everyone wants a peek inside a strangers’ window,everyone wants to know why the beautiful woman standing at the bus stop has bloodshot eyes and is carrying an overloaded suitcase wearing fuzzy bathroom slippers.Her eyes are full of misery but her tears are of rage.Did she find out her lover was deceiving her and now she is making herself promise never to go down that road ever again,never to fall in love again.A promise which will soon be broken when someone comes along with a handful of antiseptic for her heart and a pocketful of hope for her soul.Everyone tries to figure out the life of the person who’s sitting beside them.I just do it with a lot more passion.An old man with his rusted ol’ lawnmower.Eyeing the world around him in utter disappointment.But his gloomy gray shirt and wrinkled skin fail to hide his ‘guns and roses’ tattoo which peaks out from under his collar.Almost as if its trying to crawl up,to breath,to yell about its existence or just to give away what the man had been in his youth.Probably a wild man,the neck is a pretty gutsy place to get inked.i doubt if he knew he was looking at himself when he saw the grumpy grandpa from next door who made him shovel the snow on his driveway.Then there’s another woman.Tan line but no ring,pale eyes.From the looks of it,a possible a former alcoholic.But what ruined her marriage?Her drinking or her letting her son drown while she was busy curbing her addiction in the study?Did she hear him calling out for help when he hit the freezing water as the ice cracked.The jury believed the mourning mother,she didnt hear him.But maybe she did.Maybe she chose not to hear her son dying and chose to give in to another hit of the numbing haze of alcohol than to sleep next to his son another day.This habit of mine didnt make the most sociable woman around.But this habit of mine also kept me away from mirrors.

Lessons learned from "The Invitation" (2015)

You probably already know my stance on fiction in general: it teaches invaluable lessons otherwise not taught. I recently saw a new movie called “The Invitation” and decided to write about it because it has so many valuable lessons for an aspiring Overhuman. 1,571 more words


Can you claim a home office deduction for business use?

You might be able to claim a deduction for the business use of a home office. If you qualify, you can deduct a portion of expenses, including rent or mortgage interest, depreciation, utilities, insurance, and repairs. 319 more words

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