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How to be a good spy in Spyfall

Having trouble as a spy in Spyfall? Don’t fret. Here are a couple of “get out of jail free” cards and sly spy tips that will help you lure your opponents into a false sense of security. 1,679 more words

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Tax treatment of real estate investment in Japan

Today I will explain what makes real estate in Japan a lot better than in other countries, at least for individuals.

In most countries, if you buy an apartment/house for rental as an individual, instead of incorporating, the tax benefits are going to be a bit limited. 662 more words


The Science of Deduction

Deductive reasoning, also deductive logic, logical deduction is the process of reasoning from one or more statements(premises) to reach a logically certain conclusion.┬áIt differs from… 3,668 more words

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The Name's Sherlock Holmes

As the season 4 of television masterpiece Sherlock Holmes been officially confirmed to be aired on the new year day (1/1/2017), it’s humbling to reflect on what a phenomenon Sherlock and his friends have created worldwide in terms of clinical script writing, transcending acting as well as deductive thinking. 507 more words

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Nasarawa State Receives Paris Club Refund of N8.4b

Nasarawa State Receives N8.4 Billion As Paris Club Over Deduction Refund, Dedicates 50% to Salaries /Pension Augmentation.

His Excellency Umaru has made it known that Nasarawa State has accessed the sum of eight billion, four hundred million Naira (N8.4) as Paris Club over deduction refund which would be shared with the state receiving N5.4 billion and the Local Governments receiving N3 billion. 192 more words


Reasoning one's way out of Climate Change Skepticism: Why it might not matter if Global Warming is real.

If you ever want to feel really sad about the future of the world (even more so than 2016 has brought about on its own), there’s a really easy way to do it. 2,881 more words


Deduction of Salary for Damaging Company Properties

In the course of employment, an employee accidentally broke a vase bought by the company for “Feng Shui” purposes while doing his cleaning duties. The value of the vase stood at $10,000, and it was instructed to deduct the amount from the employee’s salary. 215 more words

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