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Frais d’administration de la fortune

Le contribuable qui possède une fortune mobilière privée peut déduire les frais d’administration par des tiers et les impôts à la source étrangers qui ne peuvent être ni remboursés ni imputés (art. 494 more words


Is My Donation Tax-Deductible:

I’m not a registered tax agent, so you should seek individual taxation advice from a professional.

But, the ATO’s website does say that generally donations over $2 (up to $1,500) are tax deductible… 57 more words


Nothing good or profitable ever comes from envy.  It only creates misery for the envious person.  Envy, and jealousy, only take their place at the table when we allow them to.   113 more words


Revision of Key Concepts 2016

Revision and Summary of Key Concepts:

  • Cause-effect keywords:

Causes, effects, lead to, sources, origin, outcome, influence, affect, as a result, resulting from, because, consequences, aftermath, can be referred to, since, spring from, byproduct, factor, outcome, side-effects, link, originate from, reason, relate to, consequently, due to …. 3,792 more words

A3: 'What impression...'

Hello Year 10.

Here is a sample answer to the question we looked at this morning:

What impression do you get of Miss Snell in lines 7-22 of ‘Fun with a Stranger’? 311 more words

Year 10 Things

Coffee Talk #1 - The Scientific Method

About a week ago, I had coffee with an acquaintance who is both a philosophy graduate student and a conservative Christian. “Coffee” in this case wound up being a three-hour discussion that meandered through a wide range of subjects: historicity of the Exodus, science, epistemology, the resurrection of Jesus, etc. 1,329 more words


Perceptive insight

We always wonder what it really means to be perceptive about one’s environment, do we stand to gain a lot more information than present through perceptive mastery? 549 more words