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How Much of a Tax Deduction for Donating My Appliances?

Your favorite charity may be happy to get your old microwave, but you may not be as pleased with the tax benefits. In-kind donations aren’t as simple to write off on your taxes as cash. 19 more words

How To Tell If Somebody Loves / Likes You

I have found a few simple tips on how to tell if somebody loves of likes you. However you will have to assess the situation and environment before you start to consider these signs as they may be affected. 644 more words


T.Y.F.A: Chapter 13: Control The Argument

This chapter was based on the “tools” of logos. Logos allows us to skip the facts when we have to, focusing instead on rational strategy, and sly tactics of manipulation. 190 more words

Love Letter

TITLE:  Love Letter GENRE:  Card Game / Deduction NUMBER OF PLAYERS:  2 – 4 AGE LEVEL:  8+ PLAYING TIME: Approx. 20 mins

Love Letter is a card game of risk, deduction, and a dash of luck designed by Seiji Kanai, and distributed by… 630 more words


Clothing Explained

Clothing can tell us a lot about a person.

The first type of clothing i will talk about is un ironed or dirty clothing. This type of clothing can indicate a few things about a person. 373 more words


Agatha Christie's fault

I started reading Agatha Christie’s books when I was about 15 years old, I loved them and read all the ones I could find – right until I started to know who did it… 751 more words



Yet another post on lying.

This is quite a harder observational aim to look at, however, when somebody is lying, you may find that they cover ‘vulnerable’ parts of their bodies whilst telling the lie. 70 more words