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'Moonlight' Is a Powerful Exploration of Young Black Manhood and Sexuality

It’s striking, right away, how much of Barry Jenkins’s Moonlight is told from the perspective of its protagonist. I’m not just talking about how we only see things he sees, glimpses of arguments and assignations that are quickly ended when he makes his presence known. 758 more words


Black/Feminist/Lesbian/Queer/Trans* Cultural Production: A Symposium Honoring the 20th Anniversary of Cheryl Dunye’s “The Watermelon Woman”

Symposium Description:

This symposium honors the 20th anniversary of Cheryl Dunye’s film, “The Watermelon Woman” (1996). The first feature film directed by and starring a black lesbian, the production of this film marked a watershed moment for black cinema, feminist cinema, lesbian cinema, and new queer cinema. 430 more words

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