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Lt Anastasia Dulla Quote

“You let us down… you let us down. You made a promise, to all of us to find earth, to find us a home… together. It doesn’t matter what the president did or even what Lee did because everyday that we remain apart is a day that you’ve broken your promise.” – Lt Anastasia Dulla


New on 500px : Pulse test by everlookportraits

This is Dylan in case you are wondering – testing the weird shit that is the pulse in 500px these days …

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Real Estate And Mortgage

Devdan's Lock Part 2: The Escape and Call to Arms

There was a tiny glitter in the dark and Dee squinted at it. The damage done to his eyes made it nearly impossible to see, and the ache made his head spin with each passing moment. 1,808 more words

Call To Arms

Shoes and Jay Dee Cleaners

Shoes are a big deal here at Jay Dee CleanersRead here for more info ion…


Engkaulah gulita yang memupuskan segala batasan
             dan alasan
Engkaulah penunjuk jalan menuju palung kekosongan
             dalam samudera terkelam
Engkaulah sayap tanpa tepi yang membentang menuju
             tempat tak bernama namun terasa ada… 225 more words

Just A Thought

Getting Better

Hi, my name is Ladee, pronounced like la dee da, without the da … I am new here but have already learned so much and am very grateful. 77 more words