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For Those Who Monitor Other People's Progress.

You monitor other people’s becoming but you never lend a hand.

You are watching them transform and progress, but you never contribute to their journey. 283 more words


For Leaders...

To get the best out of your followers, allow them operate from their area of strength. As a leader, you should also nuture. Watch them, observe them. 225 more words


Why I Chose To Be Rich...

There is a kind of humility that poverty forces on people. It is the kind of humility that makes you not speak up among your peers or makes you pick up on imagined nuances. 306 more words


Hang In There.

Does it ever seem like the people around you can get away with stuffs but if you were to try it, God would not allow you rest. 69 more words


Come In For Breakfast...

I ditched assertiveness a couple of times in the past year.

I just wanted to intentionally experience what it feels like to be without a voice. 534 more words


Dear Diary: On Some Days.

Doing life God’s way is tough.

It pushes me, prunes me, makes demands of me that makes me cringe.

On some days compromising a little here and there seems appealing,. 47 more words



Sobriety is a place.

It is a place you grow into where you know that explanations can no longer run this show called life.

You know that you no longer need to  explain yourself everytime in  all circles; so you are fine with certain conclusions being reached about you. 7 more words