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Salient Lessons From the Corporate World.

  • You are expected to just know some certain things. Provisions are scarcely made for ignorance. You are just expected to know.
  • It is a dog eat dog out world there.
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For Those Who Like To Change Things...

Your thoughts about how the world should be and the reality of what the world is now should have regular meetings.



I am intrigued and terrified by the spotlight. I don’t want to be out there. I don’t want the spot, the light and any other thing that will put me out there. 154 more words


You Are Too Much.

You are too serious

You think too much

You feel too much

You are too ambitious

Can’t you just be like others, for once?

Must you talk? 99 more words


Dear Diary: Just in Case I Mess Up...

Just in case I mess up, this is the kind of reality check I would expect from my bestie.

The attention you want is unavailable so you seek succor elsewhere. 690 more words



There are days I believe I do not deserve some things I go through.
And then uncommon sense and realization hits me.
Some choices are not mine to take, they are to be handed over to me and until I mature into someone who can take… 30 more words


Dear Diary: Highlight Reel.

I have my moments.

Moments where I doubt myself and my abilities.

That I blog everyday doesn’t mean I write everyday.

It just seems so. 433 more words