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Love Massacre by Dee to be released on 27.03.2015

Dee gets set to release her first single of the year, ‘Love Massacre’ on the 27.04.15. Dee is an RnB/pop artist from Glasgow.  After spending two years mastering her craft in L.A, Dee is back writing and recording in Scotland with Brian Cunningham and Paul Duffin of Axis Sounds. 116 more words


The Babe Jes Wanna Genuflect.

Dear Dairy
Sunday March 22nd, 12:30pm.
What to wear, started as the last thing on my mind, twas on my mind anyway buh the last, the fun I was gonna have topped the list followed closely by getting to church early so I could get a good seat in front and jes feed my eyes on the lavish array of resplendent faces and performances and ofcourse to scope Pastor Funke some hehehe, if grace could be transfered by admiration..’if’. 1,743 more words

It's Never Too Cold For Ice Cream

Last Sunday we took a team of two cars out to Banchory, Deeside to see what it had to offer. We explored the village and bought some ice cream. 99 more words


Kata-kata Memasuki Dirimu

Saya memikirkan tentang apa yang telah disampaikan oleh Dee Lestari ketika saya menghadiri Dee’s Coaching Clinic yang diadakan oleh Bentang Pustaka baru-baru ini. Saat itu saya mengikuti kelas menulis singkat tersebut di Solo yang menjadi kelas pertama yang beruntung mendapatkan kedatangan seorang Dee Lestari untuk mengetahui bagaimana proses kreatif yang beliau lakukan dalam menulis karya-karya hebatnya selama ini. 1,353 more words


Fashion Sense

Author – Dee

When it comes to fashion I really love the latest trends but there are also some trends that I would never wear for the simple fact – I don’t think they look cute at all! 183 more words


New on 500px : Etched in Colour by everlookphotography

Whitecliff Waterfall
New Zealand

This is an attempt at shooting the wider scene from the bizarre whitecliff region on North Island’s west coast near New Plymouth. 92 more words

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