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Let Us Now Sing the Praises of Deee-Lite

In 1991, when I was a young lad of 15 (and a half), I was still taking the bus to school.  I lived in the country, and it was the only way I could get to school until I received my precious driver’s license the next year.  586 more words

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Significant Songs (137)

Groove Is In The Heart

I featured this song as part of a general playlist, back in 2013. I heard it again recently, and it took me back once more, to a time and place in summer 1990. 124 more words

Nostalgia And Reflections

30 Days of Music - Day 3

Today, we are looking at a song that we play when happy. If being honest, I have lots of songs I play when I am happy, including some insane trance, which is not my usual genre, however, here are two of my all time favourite songs that say complete happiness to me. 15 more words


"good beat" - deee-lite (1990)

Previously in this blog, I have talked about the album discussion group I help organize (for the unfamiliar, imagine a boog club but about music albums).  892 more words

Picnic In The Summertime

I don’t know how the weather is holding up elsewhere (it’s alternating between sunburn and monsoon on a roughly 90-minute cycle here) and I may have missed the moment, but I’ve uploaded this now, so here it is. 93 more words