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Never too late to be a better muslimah


Assalammualaikum to all.. 

Alhamdulillah, these two weeks I am able to go for short classes during my free time to gain more knowledge on Islam… 803 more words

Me, Myself & I

Heart of the Matter: Nabeela

Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem

We all know the reality of our lives. This world is temporary. Nothing is forever.

But the amazing feature about that is that the very same worldly attribute that causes us pain, is also what gives us relief: 2,777 more words

The Sister Of Prophet Muhammad

A question was posted to me some days ago by a bosom friend asking me of a name, Unaysa. I was like, Mashaallah. There are lots of Unaysa, I don’t have any as a friend. 568 more words


Being in Allah's Protection - From the Discourses of Shaykh Husain Abdul Sattar

Allah سبحانه و تعالى  has created this world as a place of trials and tribulations. Having trials and tribulations is actually the rule, not the exception. 437 more words

Iman & Anxiety Rush


Assalammualaikum everyone ……

It’s been awhile – again – since I updated my blog… 

The truth is I was lost. At times I do not know where I am going, what I am doing. 1,212 more words

Me, Myself & I

On Closed Doors and Detours: Learning from Prophet Yusuf (as)

HAVE YOU EVER been in a situation when something that you planned for goes pear-shaped, and you end up with what seems like the exact opposite of what you sought?  835 more words


EVIL is the name of wickedness after having faith

Allah the Exalted forbids scoffing at people, which implies humiliating and belittling them. In the Sahih, it is recorded that the Messenger of Allah said, “Arrogance is refusing the truth and belittling people.” And in another version, “And despising people.” 389 more words