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The 5 C's

In Singapore, there is a popular way with which some people measure success by, and that is the five C’s, namely, (1) cash, (2) cars, (3) credit cards, (4) condominiums, and (5) country club memberships (I didn’t know this before, but that’s because I live in a cave*). 1,088 more words



Alhamdulillah...finally, I built new home for my thoughts! Here I’m restarting my life.

Restarting life? Yep, setelah seperempat abad bernafas dan menjadi penghuni bumi, aku baru menemukan ‘hidup’ yang sesungguhnya sekarang. 368 more words


DEEN - Senkai Koigokoro! (千回恋心!) lyric

The beginning of the song is not up to my taste to be honest. But I decided to keep listening and was (and still am) glad to find such a heartwarming song. 454 more words


The Fateful Change

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent the Merciful.

Been close to almost a year now since my Hijrah and I’ve never once regretted this move. 778 more words


Financial Difficulties Facing Bosnia Herzegovina Broadcaster ahead of Eurovision 2016

Bosnia & Herzegovina Broadcaster In Financial Difficulties

Eurovision is a contest between Broadcasters and therefore is not ‘political’. That is the official stance and it then comes as worrying news when we read that the national broadcaster of BHRT is reporting financial difficulties potentially resulting in the loss of employment and services. 208 more words


Anime Winter 2016 Expectation(Part 1)

Hello guys,so it is already 3 weeks-almost 4 weeks since Winter season 2016 started and you know what,I’m still not watching any anime series for this season! 904 more words


Remember God, and God will remember you...

How do u get rid of all the memories? How do you move on from the painful experience that’s keeping you caged in shackles? Everything, everywhere reminds you of them. 180 more words