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Professor Mohammed Eid Saheb

Let me introduce to my precious professor, Prof Mohammed Eid Mahmud Saheb, A Jordanian. A professor in Hadith.

Prof graduated his bachelors degree in Shari’a (Islamic Studies from the University of Jordan, he then pursued his masters degree and doctorate in the Al-Azhar University, Cairo. 1,266 more words


Beautiful Sabr

When was the last time you almost punch someone out of anger yet you end up composing yourself and smiling instead? When was the last time you feel so down but you just shrugged it off and carry on? 606 more words


How will your goals become reality? 

Dear reader,Peace be upon you!

I wish that #Allah has bestowed upon you the best of #health and wellbeing. I #wish that you have found everything you #want and will ever want and that you are #content with everything in your life. 344 more words

hardship comes with ease

“Know that the path to Allah is not a flat one. Your Iman (faith) will go up and down. Your ability to worship will go up and down. 84 more words


Shayk Al-Albaani on True Love

Questioner: Someone who loves a person for the sake of Allaah, must he say, “I love you for the sake of Allaah,” to him?

Al-Albaani: Yes, but loving for the sake of Allaah has a huge price, only very few people pay it. 582 more words


Focus on Faith

Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem


Growing up, I believe that everyone has that fantasy of what their life would be like. You wonder and you dream, as you lay in bed at night. 2,393 more words