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How chickens can make their own bed (ding).

I love my Chicken Mulch Cycle!

The chicken make the straw for their bedding, add fertilizer, and their bedding becomes mulch.  Zero cost.

First, cast the feed in the grass for the hens to eat.  328 more words


visiting the Salatins at Polyface Farm in Swoope, Virginia

I have applied to be a Polyface Summer Intern with Joel Salatin and his family for two years in a row. The first year I did not make it past the first round of questions, but the second year I did, and was invited as one of 45 “check outs” for a two day visit this last December. 1,229 more words


Our Chickens ROCK!!!

We have had chickens on our farm for many years now and every year we try to make the work of keeping them easy and the care of them top notch. 776 more words

Farm Animals

Coop Management

In addition to the chicken making mulch cycle, I have a coop bedding strategy that works really well for me, and takes next to no time.  397 more words


The Chicken Coop of Despair

Three years into having chickens and I’m still not sure if we’re doing it right. I’ve learned a lot about having chickens, for sure. People have started asking me chicken questions, which is a sure sign of having some sort of Chicken Owner Seniority. 1,018 more words

Joel Salatin workshop part 4 - Pigaerators

Pigaerator Pork is Joel’s term for the pigs he uses in a couple of ways on his farm. Joel is famous for his use of “stacking” various enterprises on his farm, and the pigs are a classic example of how he does this. 986 more words


My Own Pig Farmer

My friend Steve pointed us to the most interesting hog farmer I have ever met.  He farrows on pasture, raises pigs in deep bedding and uses, of all things, large black hogs in his hybridization program.   433 more words

Pastured Pork