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Creature Feature Wednesdays: LL Cool J vs. the 'Deep Blue Sea'

When Renny Harlin’s Deep Blue Sea surfaced in 1999, it was during my formative cinematic years (I was a freshman in high school). And this film made me realize something highly important: I am both terrified and fascinated by sharks. 601 more words

If the Candidates were Sci-Fi Movie Characters: A Cheat Sheet to the 2016 Presidential Election

During the last presidential election, Rick Santorum famously told the media that he felt like “this campaign is like an episode of ‘Survivor.’ It’s just a matter of staying in there and doing well.” 1,547 more words

The Dark Knight Rises

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

Sometimes change is so incremental, or so long in transition, that when it finally happens it sneaks up on you unawares and without any fanfare, there it is. 854 more words

Being Bad, and Good, At The Same Time

Some years back, Mr. Peel, aka Peter Avellino, an Los Angeles writer, took a wonderful look back over on his aptly named blog, Mr. Peel’s Sardine Liqueur… 1,050 more words


Deep Blue Sea & Air Force One Make The List Of Worst Movie Special Effects Ever!!!

If you’ve ever heard Rebekah talk about movies, then you’ll know she HATES bad special effects. I, along those same lines, can’t stand it when a movie has too many. 193 more words


Keep The 'Shark Week' Fun Alive With These Thrilling Movies

For 27 years, people have been tuning into Shark Week to learn more about the perfectly designed predators that reside in the majestic, deep, and frighteningly mysterious ocean. 810 more words


Top 5 Shark Movies, Shark Week Finale

This is the final episode of our Shark Week series! A huge thank you goes to Hayley Graham for coming by and helping us out with all of her Shark knowledge!