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Are we O.K. with the Raptor Wrangler?

I have seen a fistfight break out over Jurassic Park. It started with the posit that Jurassic Park was the greatest film ever made. The other beer-addled undergrad came back with the Godfather (and I am not entirely convinced that the lanyard-wearing, popped-collared individual had even seen the film). 422 more words



The ocean beckons
and I go running in,
in vain.
What is there in the life of a drop?
Merge with the ocean?
In my landlocked world… 33 more words

Traditional Miniature Mardi Gras Floats

The Scilian, our friends Bob and Jeri, who are visiting us from Texas to experience their first Carnival season in New Orleans, and I made miniature floats. 64 more words

She sat alone on her little stone throne

She sat alone on her little stone throne
on her little stone throne sat she.
And she rocked and she swayed,
and she hoped and she prayed…

118 more words

What are the smallest crabs in the world?

What are the smallest crabs in the world?

The New Zealand  Pea Crab is the smallest crab on the earth that we know of as yet.   47 more words

100 Days

The Influential and Extremely Fun Horror/Monster Films of 1999

1999 was loaded with fantastic horror/monster films that have stood the test of time, proved to be influential and feature some of the best cinematic deaths via shark attack ever.   1,075 more words

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