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Deep Blue Sea

Deep Blue Sea is probably one of my favorite shark movies. If for nothing else than for a handful of memorable moments and insanely quotable lines. 647 more words


So Bad but So Good: Deep Blue Sea (1999)

Sharks, they are one of our favourite movie monsters. There is the original Jaws and then the masterpiece Sharktopus and let’s not forget the classic… 765 more words


The Shallows

(spoiler free)

Shark thrillers are my favourite avenue of the horror genre. I’ve always been fascinated by sharks anyway so when they become the focus of a movie I just can’t resist. 627 more words

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Deep Blue Sea (1999)

Good shark films are hard to come by, it seems.  After the classic Jaws and the surprisingly solid Jaws 2, you can probably count the number of decent shark films on one hand.   419 more words

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Deep Blue Sea: The Greatest Movie of All Time?

Over the long 4th of July Weekend, amidst all the patriotic revelry, debauchery, and fireworks displays, I took the time to watch a couple of truly entertaining movies to relax and recuperate. 911 more words

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The Shallows - Movie Review

In preparation for my viewing of The Shallows, I started thinking about what some of the best shark movies are and I’m disappointed to say that there aren’t many. 497 more words

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Movie Review: The Shallows

We’ve seen the classic shark-attack movie Jaws, in which an entire shore town has an inordinate amount of trouble killing one man-eating beast. We’ve seen  983 more words