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Deep Blue Sea: The Greatest Movie of All Time?

Over the long 4th of July Weekend, amidst all the patriotic revelry, debauchery, and fireworks displays, I took the time to watch a couple of truly entertaining movies to relax and recuperate. 911 more words

Film Review

The Shallows - Movie Review

In preparation for my viewing of The Shallows, I started thinking about what some of the best shark movies are and I’m disappointed to say that there aren’t many. 497 more words

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Movie Review: The Shallows

We’ve seen the classic shark-attack movie Jaws, in which an entire shore town has an inordinate amount of trouble killing one man-eating beast. We’ve seen  983 more words


A very short review of "The Shallows" (2016)

“The Shallows” (2016) is a pretty good beach-themed horror thriller — it’s just overrated.  I’d give it an 8 out of 10, and I’d easily recommend it to somebody looking for a decent, conventional scary movie.   192 more words

Movie Day...Not Moving Day

Totally not in the mood to deal with humans in a face to face manor, I chose to watch some movies today while the kids did kid stuff, in this case Minecraft, or watch movies with me. 496 more words

Daily Thought

Three minds, one thought;
three fins, one direction:
to blood, to freedom!


Shark Movie, or, Shark Movie?

I learned an important lesson about film from Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Your opinion of a film is best expressed on two scales – whether it was a good movie and whether it was a movie you liked – and understanding the two are different is crucial to not sounding like an ass. 793 more words