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Water Foul: "Deep Blue Sea"

Deep Blue Sea

Today, I’m going to be concluding this week’s spotlight on awful marine monster movies with a personal favorite: 1999’s “Deep Blue Sea.” 1,661 more words


Into The Grizzly Maze

Man, how cheesy does this thing look?

I really can’t imagine this being anything more than a second rate action movie with decent suspense and several moments that make you roll your eyes.   69 more words


Five Horror Films Worth a Watch on Netflix: May 2015 Edition

Hello all. Mark here.

Do you ever search Netflix for long periods of time and end up watching something really bad? It is a problem that many people have and I’m hoping these posts can eliminate the horror gambles. 681 more words

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Jurassic World: Just Think Of It As a Really Expensive Mash-Up of Jurassic Park & Deep Blue Sea

Wouldn’t it be funny if they made a Jurassic Park movie in which nothing went wrong? What if they made an Adventureland-like drama focused on the love lives and coming of age stories among the Park’s young employees? 1,229 more words

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DEEP BLUE SEA, VFX, and Natural Selection in Horror

Yes, that Deep Blue Sea. The one where scientists run a medical laboratory floating in the middle of the… deep blue sea. The one where they’re testing Alzheimer’s drugs on marine life. 640 more words

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The man behind the brand - Deep Blue Sea Training

Mention Deep Blue Sea Training to folk in Mallorca and its likely they will smite their brow and break into song …. You know the jingle? 944 more words

Deep Blue Sea

I’ve Got a Thing for Blue

Over the years, I have made lots–probably more than necessary–blue and white quilts. I didn’t do this intentionally. I love all colors, and most of my quilts are a testament to that statement. 716 more words

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