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Sebas Ramis Feat Eider - Deep Breath

Sub_Urban label boss Sebas Ramis & Eider’s black voice… gather this time to present us their latest release by Sub_Urban.

Deep Breath is Sebas Ramis’ first release for his own label, which after 10 EP’s and a couple VA’s, offers us his own personal touch sharing this release with Eider. 189 more words


Deep Cover


ok maybe twice I was in love, but I haven’t been in love in a seriously long time.  Somedays I have to stop and take a deep breathe because sometimes its overwhelming to think about my last break up and how much damage it did.   409 more words


तोच तो आणि तोच तो,
माज्यातला माजाच तो,
कितवर त्याचा फासत मी,
कितवर त्याचा प्रतीक्षेत  मी.

दुःखच दुःख पदरी ,
चार पावुले नाही सावली ,
आश्रू  साठत गाठती ,
मना हळ हळ हि कसली?

आज कळले ,
माझीच मी उरले,
प्रतिक्षेत त्याच्या ,
कुठवर मी झूरले.

नयन मिटता,
प्रकाश सरता,
मीठीत माझ्या,
कवटाळला तो ….

आणि त्याचिच झाले मी ,
त्याच्यातली त्याचिच मी,
माझ्यातला माझाच तो,
तोच तो आणि तोच तो.

Deep Breath


saturYAY am I right?! This was one really busy week and I felt like I never quite got in my groove. I’m so thankful it’s Saturday and I have 48 whole hours free from classes and interviews and meetings!! 252 more words


That "little" voice

A few years ago I was in my art studio and asked myself ,” What do you think you’re doing”?  I had no idea.  I wasn’t really paying attention, I was just going through the motions of making something.  400 more words


Time, now

The time to make things happen is now.. #gotime


Take a Deep Breath

One of the things I am most grateful for about the process of the 3-day meeting that I am attending is the schedule. We gather from 9AM to 4PM with a 20-minute break in the morning and the same in the afternoon, as well as an hour for the noon-day meal. 348 more words