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No motion at first

Who’s still embrace

That speaks a certain tongue

Whispers in your ear

Feeling the slow rotation within your bones

Don’t move to fast

Don’t steer away so soon… 44 more words


I Ain't Afraid To Die

We spend our whole lives trying to stop death. Eat lesser cholesterol, don’t smoke, don’t drink, don’t do anything risky, don’t do anything that pushes you to the limits, basically. 1,165 more words

Heartstrings: 05.19.16

Such sweetness.
So heart opening.
Deep happy breath.

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DAY 2: Fighting Anxiety

I’ve had them enough to know that it’s not a heart attack, air is indeed getting into my lungs and I’m not going to die — but the first few anxiety attacks were terrifying. 192 more words

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All you need is a haircut

When you don’t know what to do or (what to write – for writers), go for a haircut.

How does it help?

Ok. Ok.

Let me clarify. 214 more words