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The Budapest journey

It’s colder but it’s warmer. This is a series of 10 images. One day journey in lovely Budapest, saying good bye to 2014, and wishing… 159 more words


Creeks and Rocks and Succulents

My poor head had enough school for the weekend do we took a day trip to my aunt’s house! She has a creek with rock for throwing, snacks, and succulents… that’s pretty much all we need! 55 more words


Ducking Punches premiere new songs at BBC Introducing

Norwich acoustic punk outfit Ducking Punches has played a couple of new songs at BBC Introducing. The songs will be featured on their new record. 172 more words



오만가지 감정이 다 든다.
오만하게도 졸업할 때는 내가 속한 곳에서 치열하게 사랑했노라 라고 말하고싶었다.
사랑의 대상이 무엇 혹은 누구이건
사랑의 속성이 어떤 것이건.
나는 사랑을 했는가.
내 논문은 따뜻한 마음과 냉철한 이성의 결과물인가. 나의 즐거움과 똘끼와 반항이 표출됐는가. 결국 내 성향답게 신중에 신중을 가했는가.

하나님의 성품 중 끝까지 사랑하심이 묵상이 된다. 그 사랑은 ‘내가 원하는 모습으로 너가 변화될거야.’와 같은 미래담보형의 사랑이 아닌 순간순간의 지금을 사랑하는 것이다. 사랑을 말하지만 사실 미래담보형의 사랑을 가진 자들이 만들어낸 현실은 가혹하기 그지없다.

Deep Breath

De Blasio's New York: Cops instructed to ‘close eyes’ during tense situations

New York Post: Cops should “take a deep breath’’ — and close their eyes — when dealing with angry people, according to the NYPD’s new “retraining’’ program. 55 more words


Day 51

Today I am grateful for the long way to work.

I’ll be honest, this morning started out pretty rough (If it wasn’t Friday, this post might read very differently). 272 more words


Dear Diary...


Dear Diary,

You haven’t been living a healthy lifestyle these past couple days. You know what I’m talking about; you’ve been eating a lot of sugar-based foods and doing minimal amount of exercise. 194 more words