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Your breath is your companion

One of the most valuable bits of yoga advice for any level of yogi is that your breath is your companion. It’s the one thing that is always with you, and can guide you both on and off the mat. 210 more words


Series 8: Did Clara Oswald Improve?

In a previous post, I expressed how disgruntled I was at the Doctor’s companion, Clara Oswald, for two brief reasons during the course of Series 7 (there were plenty of others, but… 1,241 more words

TV Shows

So, this is what anxiety feels like.

Feeling like you’re going to pass out but you push yourself to keep on walking.
I’m almost home.
Remembering the last time you fainted while walking in the heat. 155 more words

In The Valley of Peace

Going back to school when you’re thirty three years old is an absolute adventure filled with a never ending basket of variables.  There’s stresses with money, loans and books.   528 more words

On A Break


When life knocks you down, sometimes it’s best to stay down.

The past few days have been days of failure. Each time I have tried to make the effort to pick myself up, dust off, and keep going. 180 more words


At various times, I have heard that we often breathe very shallowly and cause ourselves problems because of it. When we are tense or stressed, we will tighten our stomachs and chests, and we don’t get as much air as we could. 130 more words