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Affirmation 3/20/17

Deep breath. You can do this. You can find calm. You can find good. You have calm. You have good. You are calm. You are good. 6 more words


Affirmation 3/16/17

Deep breath. Deep, calming breath. It’s going to be okay. Maybe it isn’t right now, but it will be again. You have this.

I’m glad you’re here.


Light meditation with deep breathing

You can do this meditation any time and it needs no posture but you have to do this at least twice in 24 hrs.You have to start early in the morning as you get out of bed is the best time for any meditation because when you are coming out of sleep you are fresh you are full of energy that is the only reason all religious prayers and rituals performed early in the morning there are very probability to go deep within yourself so the best time to start is the early morning tide just when you are at the midpoint of sleep and awake… 324 more words

Meditation And Yoga Techniques

Affirmation 3/10/17

Deep breath. Deep, calming breath. Take in all of the peace and warmth in the air with each new breath. Exhale the cold and pain. You have this. 6 more words


Pant like a dog

It is difficult to work with anger directly because it may be deeply repressed. So work indirectly. Running will help much anger and much fear to evaporate. 151 more words

Osho Meditation Technique

Day 2 : The Kingdom of God is Within Me

1958 HOW TO HEAL part 1, by  Joel S. Goldsmith

The Kingdom of God is Within Me.

If I desire anything at all, I go right here. 194 more words



“Choose being kind over being right, and you’ll be right every time.” (Richard Carlson)

And even before any action, presence.
A deep breath, a look inside. 11 more words

The Daily Being