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Take a deep breath

Hi, this is Shire. I hope you are ready for the weekend (already?!) ♪

I have been really sleepy (did I say this last time?!) …well, I even asked the question to Shamballa recently: 262 more words



I couldn’t breath, exhaustion set in I just wanted to sleep, the burning in my chest  made me want to cry out. “I was gonna kiss you if you hadn’t stopped” you said smirking. 537 more words


Deep Breath to kick off 2017's 'Twosday' gigs at UKZN's Centre for Jazz

The Centre for Jazz and Popular Music at the University of KwaZulu-Natal’s Howard College campus in Durban is hosting Deep Breath at its first Twosday gig of the year at 6pm on Tuesday, February 21. 119 more words

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Affirmation 2/16/17

Deep breath, friend. Deep, calming breath. You can do this. You have all of the tools to do this, to accomplish this. Your strong and capable and ready. 10 more words


Make It Through

One Step.

Close Eyes.

Two Steps.

Deep Breath.

Three Steps.

Count to 5.

Four Steps.

Breath Out.

Five Steps.

Don’t panic.

Six Steps.

Tap Tap Tap. 21 more words



It’s the moment when the eyelid waits eagerly for many minuites to meet its other half in a magical blink!
It’s the patience of the heart that waits to rest in a second of silence between two beats! 90 more words