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Affirmation 8/29/16

Deep breath. The sun came up today, as it always does. It’s done this for millennia. It’s amazing. Friend, you also are up. You’re here. You’ve done it thousands of times. 29 more words


Affirmation 8/27/16

Deep breath. You are precisely where you need to be. Maybe it’s hard. It probably is. It doesn’t change that you’re where you need to be. 15 more words


Affirmation 8/25/16

Deep breath. Slow down. Breathe. Take your time. There’s plenty of time. Nothing is certain except right now. You have right now. Use it. Breathe into it. 20 more words


Affirmation 8/24/16

Deep breath. Take in every molecule of calm. You are worthy. You are more than the opinions of others. You are more than the constructs of others. 32 more words

I'm Glad You're Here

Affirmation 8/19/16

Deep, even breath. You are enough. Strong. Powerful. Brave. Smart. Capable. You. You are enough. You are enough. YOU are enough. Keep being everything that you are, because everything you are is wonderful. 9 more words


Affirmation 8/18/16

Deep breath. Deep, even breath. With each exhale let go. Let go of the stress and pain of yesterday. It’s behind you and unchangeable. Clear your mind of it. 40 more words


Affirmation 8/15/16

Deep breath. Chaos and worry may surround you today. I’m sorry. If it starts to fill your mind, stop and think to a year ago. What were you worrying about a year ago? 41 more words