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 What kind of breather are you?

A few years back, I read a post somewhere entitled “you are now breathing manually.”

As far as I am aware it was actually intended to annoy people by drawing their attention to their breathing thus prompting them to feel as though they had to… 729 more words

Mind Yeti website review

One common theme I keep reading about over and over again in the research on cultivating resilience is the importance of mindfulness. The topic of mindfulness has become pretty popular in the self-help world. 203 more words

Mrs. Johnson

Four-Square Breathing Requires No Math To Do

That was the worst pun ever, please kill me.


I am a convert. I will tell you what I have converted to because it’s a cliche and I am nothing but full of cliches. 580 more words


Pause, breathe and reflect; there is much to gather, much that warrants gratitude.

Pause, breathe and reflect…often. ~Stormie Steele

Eye of Storm

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Mindful Pondering

“In this very breath that we take now lies the secret that all great teachers try to tell us.”                                                                 – Peter Matthiessen Spotlight on your breathing: 78 more words

Things I'm learning with Martha - Part One

As I look back on my own journey of madness (!), growth and development, I often wish I had captured it down on paper. I’ve just started (because I can’t get enough of coaching school) a new life coach training programme with a woman whose book – … 1,510 more words