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Just breathe

Doesn’t she look so peaceful? So calm and content?

Yeah, that so was not me yesterday. I was more the frazzled, frayed nerves, and a-million-thoughts-at-once type. 421 more words


Lower blood pressure with deep breathing

It’s a technique, and I don’t mean to brag

But when the smoker lights the first fag

And breathes deep and slow

Though the smoke is the foe… 477 more words

Medical Care

Unleashing Meditation (aka Unleighshing Meditation)

Meditation is da bomb.

For realz.

In my thirty-some years of seeking ommmm for my over-active brain, few things have quieted it like the effects of meditation. 971 more words


Deep Breathing: Key to Vitality & Decision-Making

The most basic, natural and fundamental thing that we can do is to breathe, yet, so many people have forgotten how to breathe properly and what the importance of deep breathing really is. 677 more words

Health & Wellbeing

Self-Care Sunday Highlight: Take a Deep Breath! 

When’s the last time you took a moment, paused what you were doing and took a deep breath?

Think about it…been a minute, huh? Exactly! … 182 more words



Breathe deeply, slow inhalations and long exhalations. Repeat the process over and over again, breathe…

Don’t hold your breath, breathe…

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Spiritual & Personal Development


Life seeks to renew us (mind, body, spirit). Beginnings and endings are rituals of purposeful living. Do wisely, labors of love are internal and eternal investments. 53 more words

Spiritual & Personal Development