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Don't Hold Your Breath...

Breathe…don’t hold your breath – let it go.https://stormiesteele.files.wordpress.com/2016/03/memo1.m4a Inhale deeply…exhale deeply – slow & long.

Relax your body – head, shoulders, arms, thighs, legs & toes. 53 more words

Spiritual & Personal Development

Breathing Games

Each deep breath you take helps create a plant. The more you deeply breathe, the larger your garden grows.  On this screen, the growth of the plant is tied with your inhales. 64 more words


Private Deep Breathing

If you count too fast while doing deep breathing exercises, you loose the benefits of reduced heart rate. With your smart phone, or  Apple Watch, get timed vibrations to notify you when to inhale and exhale. 24 more words



My friend Alex told me that yesterday after work he couldn’t stop thinking about the job and he was really stressed out. When he got home he took one look at his pool. 517 more words


Soul Food

By no means is this a gourmet food blog. Sometimes it’s not exactly a food blog at all. It’s certainly not a food photography blog. There appears to be a cat hair on one of my potatoes in the center of this photo. 240 more words

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Time to Relax!

My favorite time of the day is when I take time to calm down and relax. I have various methods and one of my favorites is aromatherapy. 375 more words

Relax Time