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Intuition Access in Just 10 Minutes

Making time to quiet your mind is one of the best ways to connect with – and learn to listen to – your intuition. And the more practice you get connecting to your intuition the easier it is to perceive—and the easier it is to have access to answers and guidance that will help you navigate through life. 274 more words

Jennafer Martin

Music Monday from India

Featuring Instrumental music by Gayatri Mantra  with Flute, Sitar and Santoor

Great music for relaxation!

What do you think? 

This Is Incredible India !

Being followed by a black dog while trying to make today count.

For a girl who was never a fan of dogs, till I got Riley, I seem to attract them to me.

The black one that was curled up on the mat met me as I exited the back door as if it had always been there. 248 more words

Did You Know...

Some people in yoga class sound like Darth Vader. 6 more words


How can learning deep breathing reduce my Stress?

I was driving my family to our vacation destination. We were in a construction zone on the highway when traffic came to a sudden stop. Three seconds later we were hit from behind by another vehicle. 350 more words

Fog nestled in like a sleeping child.

Strange weather approaches from the north. As we await the fallout from tropical cyclone Olwyn the weather ahead of the storm was strangely calm this morning. 201 more words

Deep Breathing

Deep breathing is one of the simplest and easiest of all stress reduction techniques.  It can be performed anywhere, any time of day and costs nothing.  326 more words