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Perspective and Inspiration

I truly believe that my purpose on this Earth is to bring light to others. To show them that life isn’t so bad, that you don’t have to struggle and that God is on their side. 1,065 more words

Deep Breathing

Affirmation, Gratitude and Washer Fix

Today’s Affirmation; I, _________, (insert my name here to increase my ability to be calm) have a super power to help enable me to be calm which is conscious breathing. 289 more words


Take a Minute to Breathe

“Take a minute to breathe,” my watch said. How did it know? This message arrived, unbidden, in the late afternoon of a day full of unpleasant chores, contentious meetings, unexpected crises and the usual daily events. 352 more words

General Interest

Fix The Things You Do The Most

When we feel that our life is not satisfactory, we often try to find a reason for it outside of us. We look for some external thing which is causing us this misery, and blame everything on it. 729 more words

Deep Breathing

Those Dark Moments, and the Breath of Light

Dark moments.

Everyone has them, some more than others. While there are those who may be in the midst of one right now, there are others who may be emerging. 478 more words


Nasal Breathing (Pranayama) vs. Mouth Breathing

Nasal Breathing (Pranayama) vs. Mouth Breathing; Moving from Stress & Anxiety to a State of Calm & Relaxation by Trudee Sanbonmatsu

     At the beginning of every yoga class, I impress upon my students the importance of yogic breathing during practice. 616 more words

Park City

Are you tired of the noise?

Hello and blessings to all of you.  Are you suffering from noise-itis? (inflammation of noise).

NOISE is a part of our everyday life from the moment our alarm wakes us up in the morning to the water that gushes out of the shower head, and to our feet gently touching the floor beneath us. 793 more words