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Six ways to feel instantly HAPPY!

Have you ever had those days, hours, or even random moments when you just feel like you are in a funk? I am sure you have as I have too! 607 more words

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A Journey Through the Rainforest- Guided Meditation

This is a guided meditation that I wrote which takes you through the journey of finding a hidden paradise. Come relax while you experience and explore what this radiant rainforest has to offer. 1,087 more words


Are You Really Breathing?

More intimate than a kiss. No one will ever get as close, or as deep inside you.

Your breath.

Are you really breathing?

I’m not referring to the mechanical inhalation and exhalation that we perform automatically. 326 more words

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Week 1 Challenge Accepted

The first challenge for the month of March is performing a great warm up with a few of my favorite dynamic stretches (moving stretches) coupled with the… 400 more words

Fuel For The Fire

Can You Hear?

Can you hear what’s going on inside of you? Breathe in deeply…deeper, create an open inner space.

Relax – inhale naturally, slowly…deeply. Exhale long, relaxed and slow. 86 more words

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Glee cheatcode #14

Practice deep breathing

Do it for ten counts – 1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8..9..10!!

And then just close your eyes for few minutes and relax.

Had a bad day ?

14 more words

Breathe. You Are Strong.

After a long week of battling the flu, I definitely needed some feel good flow. I was happy to just be back on my mat after 5 days of… 472 more words