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calm yourself

trying not to panic

panic makes things worse

control the things

i can control
focus on the verse

the world is
closing in on me… 50 more words

Poem; Poetry

Is There a Link Between Prolonged Psychological Stress And Physical Pain?

Featured Image of the ocean near the beach in the sun taken by myself. 

Dear Pain Matters blog readers,

Prolonged psychological stress can perpetuate chronic pain… 586 more words

Chronic Pain


Meditation in my opinion is one of the most sacred things to do every day. I am guessing about a good 90% of the world’s population say they are far too busy to meditate, but as per usual there is the stereotype of what meditation actually is. 436 more words

I’m A Yoga Teacher And I Take Medication For Depression

This past weekend, I was visiting with my friend Tom.

Tom and I share an appreciation for cooking – though his appreciation is far more passionate than mine. 623 more words

Think About It

Mindfulness-Methods to Try

In previous posts I’ve written about mindfulness and I’m going to visit that again today.  For the purposes of this blog I define mindfulness as “bringing your attention to the present moment.” 304 more words

Don't Hold Your Breath...

Breathe…don’t hold your breath – let it go.https://stormiesteele.files.wordpress.com/2016/03/memo1.m4a Inhale deeply…exhale deeply – slow & long.

Relax your body – head, shoulders, arms, thighs, legs & toes. 53 more words

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