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Seaside Meditation

The warmth in the air wraps me up in a gentle embrace. It is quiet and I am safe. The water ebbs and flows. Inhaling and exhaling against the shoreline as if the ocean is taking deep, peaceful breaths. 71 more words


Deep Breathing Exercises

Deep breathing exercises are a measure you can take to help encourage good health. Many people overlook it, but breathing exercises and muscle relaxation do many good things. 194 more words

Biological Medicine

Make Math Class Great Again

Two words when it comes to my little visitors…’math class.’ This is across the board the most common subject that I hear when I ask, “What class are you in right now?” 481 more words


TAKE 5 Breathing

I am always looking for new calming strategies to teach children.  One of my favorites is the Take 5 Breathing.  This technique is from the Managing Big Emotions series for kids at childhood101.com.   92 more words

Calming Strategies


Breathe…don’t hold your breath. Breathe…listen to your breath. ~Life Through The Storm

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Spiritual & Personal Development

Counters and Calories

Another day, another month.  Another month, another challenge.

So how did I do in January?  I shall use my favorite word from my podcast today: it was a “mixed bag”. 375 more words

Life, As I Know It