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Mindfulness: Simplicity and complexity in one lesson

When I returned to school after missing the first 8 weeks to take care of my nugget, I spent a lot of time trying to catch up. 657 more words

Learn How to Breath - Yes, There Is A Right Way!

One of the functions of our body which we rarely, or probably never, pay attention to is breathing. Breathing is a sub-conscious activity which our body carries out for 24 hours every day. 757 more words


Feeling Anxious and in Need of Prayer

“Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.”—Desmund Tutu
Are you feeling anxious and in need of prayer?
619 more words


Breathe…don’t hold your breath. ~Life Through The Storm

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Breathe c 2014

Spiritual & Personal Development

An honest post

So I promised some people that I would be honest in this blog about the bad times and not just the good.

So far this trip has had its good and bads. 219 more words


Bloated, Cravings, Frazzled & Periods Like A Curse? 6 Steady Solutions

Women confide in me their deepest pains with their periods, life dissatisfaction and body loathing.

It’s no surprise to me anymore that all of the women I coach have stress levels that are crashing up and down, with energy, self-esteem, and appetites to match! 996 more words


Stressed With Teenagers @Home?

Here is a picture of a page from a teen parenting class textbook.

Check out ‘Deep Breathing’ as the first technique if you are feeling stressed out with your teens.