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What becomes of the sleep-deprived?

For the past several days, I have been woken up at least twice a night by my son Choo-choo. Lack of sleep is usually bad for just about everyone, me included. 334 more words


Grounding down & Warming up : pre flow yoga

my pre flow standing warm up and grounding techniques – combine with deep belly or ujjai breathing to connect to your root chakra energy and get a more grounded deeper flow… 22 more words

If teenagers were toddlers

Choo-choo is a total, complete threenager right now.

I’m not sure I fully understood what that term meant until my son turned three. He whines, he rolls his eyes, and he never wants to do anything. 397 more words



Breathe…expand your breath. Breathe…listen to your breath,

Breathe, feel your breath. Just breathe…

~Live wise, live well…live whole. ~Storm

~Life Through The Storm c 2017… 6 more words

Spiritual & Personal Development

Convergence, Days 1 and 2

November 10-11, 2017, Arcosanti-

The past two days have taken this loving wanderer far deeper into my past and how it has affected my subconscious, than any prior event in which I’ve been involved. 380 more words



Breathe deeply, slow inhalations and long exhalations. ┬áRepeat the process over and over again, breathe…

Don’t hold your breath, breathe…

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Spiritual & Personal Development


It is through consciousness, conviction and humility that we examine and eliminate thoughts, words and behaviors that exude error. Through the Mind of Christ, countering all that would hinder, thwart or stop spiritual/personal development. 28 more words

Spiritual & Personal Development