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One night during my young adulthood, I attended a party with a friend and her boyfriend. Before the end of the night, my friend got drunk, really drunk! 1,248 more words


The pre-holiday struggle

Work, home and everything in between is pulling at my seams…
In Italy they have set holidays it is not like back home in Australia, it is all about summer no time off really exists outside the summer months and in particular August. 328 more words

Deep Breaths

Monday, Monday, Can't Trust That Day ~ Humor to Start Your Work Week


Thanks for stopping by! Mondays can be serious business. Please share this with others who could use a good laugh to start their day.  I hope that you enjoy your visit.




Hi, please don’t care if my writing is all jumbled because my mind is just like that right now. I had a baby boy on Halloween day. 428 more words


What Do You Need?

Take a minute and read the title of this post.  Don’t just read it and come back to the post.  Read. It.  It’s a simple question, is it not? 247 more words

The Fascinating


2 steps forward,

Get a smack;

Turn around,

Step lively back.


Deep breath now,

Take courage, bold;

One more time—

Come, show us how. 59 more words



Part 1

Ignore me. Love poetry isn’t my forte. Emotion via words often equals silence. I steal my best lines from Rimbaud or Baudelaire and then I mess it up with science. 264 more words

Deep Breaths