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“Anyone would be so lucky to have you as a girlfriend”, you said.

I looked up from my ripped stockings and straightened up to look at you as you smiled. 617 more words

Life Journal

All Kinds in Every Group

I remember a college professor who told us about a convention he had gone to.  They sat six teachers at each table.  In the center of the table were sheets of stick on labels.  829 more words


Breath Awareness

Your breath … breathing, something that you do continuously throughout your life yet most pay little attention to.

There is a saying in Hatha Yoga ‘with the perfect breath comes the perfect health’.   724 more words

Featured Content

Leave My Body Alone!

I was just reading a news article and one of the recommended articles on the side of the page was titled, “Fix Creepy Skin.”  The picture of creepy skin that they showed was someone’s knee.  813 more words


We'll Find The Perfect Place To Go Where We Can Run And Hide

“Hello anxiety, good to have you here” said no one ever.

My mood comes and goes. It’s not really triggered by anything, it’s not seasonal. It just comes. 839 more words


Be brave

Every adventure requires a first step

– The Cheshire Cat

They Serve Too

“They serve too” is a phrase often used in military circles to refer to the fact that the family members of an active duty service member make sacrifices right along side their sailors or soldiers or whomever.  1,184 more words