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What Do You Do When The Boys Are Watching Baseball!?!?!?

What do you do when the boys are watching baseball?  Well, you go for a hike of course!!!  Beautiful evening yesterday.  Cooled off a bit, great sunset, long-time friends, yummy dinner…..what more could you ask for!   22 more words


Mama's Hope

Have you seen the little cartoon where there is a woman on a doctor’s table, looking a bit bedraggled? The doctor says, “You’ve been diagnosed with motherhood,” or something to that effect. 882 more words


Who Cares?

Who care?  Years back I did. I cared too much. I worried about the opinions of others.  I took to heart what I thought would make me better in the eyes of people who really didn’t even know me.  744 more words

Deep Breaths

Life= Breath

Life is the Breath

It is constant and follows you wherever you go.

Whether you are calm, excited, sad, happy, it is there.

The Breath of your Life is Life itself. 90 more words


Quick fix stress management

I can talk a lot about changing your attitude towards life and dealing better with stress.  Yet, sometimes we just need a quick fix to deal with stress and anxiety. 358 more words


Inertia of an Inert - 7/26/15

Onward to a future that,
still doesn’t sit quite right.

Tell me not to worry.

Happy fools,

oh they don’t know,

why I must.

How to Relax, when don't have any time to!!

In this everyday busy life, nobody has time to relax. Yes, NOBODY. Not even a single regular person. Everyone has their everyday troubles, issues, responsibilities, and etc. 358 more words