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2 steps forward,

Get a smack;

Turn around,

Step lively back.


Deep breath now,

Take courage, bold;

One more time—

Come, show us how. 59 more words



Part 1

Ignore me. Love poetry isn’t my forte. Emotion via words often equals silence. I steal my best lines from Rimbaud or Baudelaire and then I mess it up with science. 264 more words

Deep Breaths

Haunted by John Cale's angel

A halo of hormone harmonics vibrating me a hole in the string and sonics.

I have become hurdy gurdy.

My gangly gait is
A bait to the beat, 47 more words

Deep Breaths

And Stop...

Just thought I’d see if anyone else loves the advert for Rescue Remedy?

Is it because Amelia Fox’s voice is so calm and soothing? Yes. 168 more words


Lesson #283: Why today is not really a lesson.


Where. Do. I. Fucking. Start.

Let’s not.

Because if I do,

there is no telling what I’ll say, or when I’ll finish, or how many things I might accidentally set on fire. 26 more words

A Year Of Lessons

If we could all calm the Fuck Down, that would be great. Sincerely- The Universe

I’m realizing more and more that stress is total bullshit…like literally and metaphorically. A lot of people would like you to believe that living a stressful life is just “the way it is” or “Life is hard” etc. 501 more words


Day 111

Today I am grateful for deep breaths.

To stop, drag in one ragged breath and let out another, over and over, until the world seems a little more recognizable once again….that’s a gift. 60 more words