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Journey On

Healing isn’t a destination.  At least that’s my educated guess, based on my experience.  Whether healing from a physical scrape or any number of unseen wounds, healing happens with time.  968 more words


Letting Go of Terrible Tuedays

Last Tuesday I was in Jamaica, relaxing with wonderful people and a Red Stripe after spending the morning climbing Konoko Falls and the evening swimming in the warm confluence of fresh and salt water beneath the stars, experiencing the magic of… 583 more words


Update - First Step - I Ran

After much thought about my activity level lately, I decided to go out and get some miles on my legs. I have been keeping up pretty well with the spin bike workouts. 179 more words

Family Secrets

Every family has secrets.  These things kept quiet might not be all bad, but some secrets may be and those can be destructive.  They may leave decades of questioning, guilt, or unnecessary pain.  1,119 more words


When We Don't Talk

I’m a mom, like many of you. Or maybe you’d a Dad.  Or an Aunt or Uncle.  Maybe a grandparent.  Or…maybe you don’t know any children, as odd as that would be.  2,143 more words



I wanted to call my grandmother a few days ago, but she passed away twelve years ago.  I sat down to write a letter to my great aunt today, but she passed away too.  496 more words


Selfie Challenge: Day 9 – Me & My Pup

My pup with no name has added so much to my life. While the first days/weeks are a lot of work, they are also a ton of laughter and even more joy. 227 more words