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Art Therapy.

This is my painting. It doesn’t have a name. It started out as a flower and then it ended up this way. I was reflecting and painting based off the day my client had. 77 more words

My Hammer Drill is the only Bully in my Life now.


I found myself reflecting on my recent victories last night and making a bold, surprising, ridiculously awesome claim to my mother. I told her that it’s already beginning to happen. 567 more words


Mother & Son

Today, We decided to food shop, clean, relax, play games, go to the movies, and do lunch. Which won't be all in that order but it's going to take place today. 144 more words


My little Destructor

Choo-choo and I found ourselves in a situation the other day about naptime. I knew he needed to sleep. He vehemently disagreed. I left him in the safety of his bed so I could step away and take more than a few deep breaths. 394 more words


Meet Yourself

There's always room to grow. You just have to be willing to travel the road to get there.