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Checking in on Mindfulness

No one ever said mindfulness was easy, although some of the literature you read about it makes it sound so. It continues to be something I strive for, and each day I achieve it with varying levels of success. 219 more words


I despise how ultimately and undeniably weak I get in the knees as I forget to hear myself breathe along with the sound of my heart stopping for a millisecond. 502 more words


Starting from Scratch

For my graduate programs, all of our classes are predetermined, so unlike during my undergraduate days, there’s no wiggle room on what you take. Last semester, I had two classes that I definitely wouldn’t have picked on my own, which is a good thing, because I’m being pushed to try new things. 274 more words


Memories So Strong

Sometimes I remember things so vividly.  Have you seen a movie scene where the character looks upon a bench or bed or chair and sees their memories play out before them?  526 more words


Seasons Change

It’s that week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve.  It’s a moment to breathe deeply and let go of stresses from the previous month or two or three.  596 more words



Beauty is a hot button topic.  It means something different to just about everyone.  People devote their lives to finding and sharing it.  Some people devote their life savings to trying to achieve it.  784 more words

Self Love