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I’ve been thinking a lot about secrets lately.  I’ve been trusted with many, especially after the #metoo campaign on social media.  Several people messaged me with their stories of harassment, assault, molestation, incest, and rape.  524 more words


Disgust and Other Reactions

A few days ago I became aware of a megachurch in Tennessee that gave a standing ovation to a man who admitted to a sexual encounter that happened twenty years ago.  1,179 more words



Today I shall listen to Lady Gaga’s Joanne on repeat and try to stay calm. On days like this I have to avoid Lemonade by Beyoncé because it makes me want to lose my shit even more.


Getting Back on the Horse

“I don’t trust women.  They keep opening their mouths when they should just shut up.”

Someone, someone whom I love, said this to me whilst playing a game during our time with family and friends over the holidays.  545 more words


Albums According To Artists 2017

It’s that time of year when all of your favorite blogs and music publications are releasing their best albums lists. Keeping up with our tradition, we hand over the year-end duties to some of our featured artists to get their perspectives on this year’s best music. 3,466 more words


Innocent Until Proven Guilty

When someone is accused of a crime, they are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, right?  I don’t know that this is actually the way things play out, though.  588 more words

Deep Breaths

Needing Some Fresh Air?

In. Out. Deep Breaths.

This is how I get through tough times throughout the day. This may sound silly, but don’t discourage the idea until you’ve tried it. 250 more words

Being Real With People