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If teenagers were toddlers

Choo-choo is a total, complete threenager right now.

I’m not sure I fully understood what that term meant until my son turned three. He whines, he rolls his eyes, and he never wants to do anything. 397 more words


Anxiety, Panic, and Pessimism: Take A Seat

Back at home.  A house, while smaller, has character and a tranquil backyard (my kids are so tired of hearing about the character of Fullerton houses but I am in serious architectural hog heaven).  444 more words

Word Therapy

Shameless Plug

This month  I may be a bit quiet on here…but only because I’m using my voice somewhere else.  I’ve been thinking about writing a book for a while and have tossed around several concepts.  265 more words


Dreary Monday Mornings

Today is nothing more than a stereotypical “Monday”.

It’s raining, it’s dark, it’s so very cold and I’m not even outside but I can feel it already. 504 more words

The Bus

Today a story came out in a local paper in a place we’ve called home more than once.  The short of it is that, “For the third time in about three years, the Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office is investigating allegations of sexual assault on a North Kitsap School District bus.”  That first line of the article brought tears to my eyes.  715 more words


Ah...This Navy Life...

Twenty-one years.  That’s how long my husband has been a sailor in the United States Navy.  It’s a fact we’re proud of and humbled by.  I have been involved in all of those years.  850 more words


Photo Shoot Project

My sister is living in her purpose and has become a photographer. Today Justin will have a photo shoot with her capturing all of emotions he goes through throughout the day. 138 more words