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If we could all calm the F*** Down, that would be great. Sincerely- The Universe

I’m realizing more and more that stress is total bullshit…like literally and metaphorically. A lot of people would like you to believe that living a stressful life is just “the way it is” or “Life is hard” etc. 499 more words

Deep Breaths

Day 111

Today I am grateful for deep breaths.

To stop, drag in one ragged breath and let out another, over and over, until the world seems a little more recognizable once again….that’s a gift. 60 more words


Surrender and testimony.

Last Monday, I had breakfast-dinner with some friends of mine in my same stage of life, the do-I-have-my-life-together-and-can-I-pay-my-bills-when-I-graduate stage of life. I came in with a bowl of strawberries to eat with the pancakes, and when they asked me how I was, I said I was trying to trust God in the face of uncertainty. 341 more words



I wonder what it’s like to just be….”whelmed”..

Like every day, all the time- nothing but whelmed. sigh

Life would be so..



Into the Thaw

The thaw

is here.

The breaths we take,

like long drinks

from a trough,

after a desert ride.

The air,


filled with stories

of endurance… 38 more words

Daily Journal

Where Did Your Feet Take You Today??

My feet took me to the Palo Comado Trail today!

Remember……it’s NOT about the FEET…It’s the journey on which your FEET take you!

We entered through the Smoketree gate! 169 more words


Breathe in the Beauty Around You!

Today two of my girlfriends and I explored the Satwiwa Loop Trail in Newbury Park!  OMG….it was absolutely beauteous!!  We finally have lush green hills!  We hiked up and down approximately 4.6 miles exploring the well-marked trails!   89 more words