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Googled it.  I do a lot of research that way.  So, I googled the word stress and the first page of results talked all about reducing and relieving stress.  1,046 more words

Self Care

Find the Ideology

Donald Duck continues to say whatever works for whoever’s in the room with him–from the Nazis who love him to the Jewish journos in the… 239 more words


Rubbing Elbows

Several years ago, when I was pregnant and already had a toddler and a preschooler, a friend shared with me some sage advice she’d once received.  506 more words



The other day I was getting dressed and got sidetracked by a squirrel.  I know, I know…so cliche.  Regardless, while I was buttoning my pants it caught my eye out the window.  524 more words


Let's Talk About...: Trump Won. I'm Terrified. Still, We'll Get Through This Together.

This is the post I thought I’d never have to write.

I had so much faith in the people living within this country. Even if the race was close, even if for a split second we were afraid he would somehow pull all the stops and nearly succeed, I felt in my heart that there was no possible way this man would be elected to the highest office in the land. 704 more words


Pocket Charms

I found the “Take a deep breath” charm all dinged up on the sidewalk. Lost? Or thrown away?


My Anxiety Looks Like....

It’s imperative for me to focus in normal conversation. I’ll either look you right in your soul, or I’ll lock my eyes on a fixed object. 121 more words

My Truth