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What Did He Say?? 

“Take a deep breath! Sigh. Now take another deep breath.” That’s what I had to tell myself after Justin told me what a friend of his said to him. 207 more words


Sometimes, before you think, it’s good to just breathe.


Cable ties (Autistic erotica)

She’d initially glinted me that look and said she wanted stretching. I immediately thought medievally of cranking contraptions I’d seen in a dungeon sometime, the cable ties in my rucksack, and the bars of her brass bed; and this dilemma: She is demure, but her bed is large. 584 more words

Deep Breaths


In our busy lives, we often focus on what’s right in front of us. We’re involved in sports teams, social gatherings, making meals, and planning birthday parties. 983 more words


So, you want to meditate…

Meditation has been proven to provide a lot of benefits for people of all ages. If you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed, taking a few moments of your day to “sit” can improve your health. 298 more words


Not A Good Day :-(

Before I start going on about it being not a good day, I must admit it really feels good to write. I miss writing. Today appeared to be a really rough day for both Justin and I. 305 more words


Is Bigger Always Better?

I just heard about a marriage proposal that involved a fake Amazing Race experience. The Mrs.-to-be didn’t realize the lengths her boyfriend was going through to become her fiancé. 761 more words