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A Free Concert

Every morning, rain or shine, Ella and I walk around “the back 40” (an expression my dad used for the back yard, which was never the 40 acres it signified at origin). 233 more words


Deep Breaths, Friartown: Better Season Than Expected Edition, Perspective

I did a post like this after the news of Paschal Chukwu’s transfer broke back in May of 2015. That edition of “Deep Breaths, Friartown” was more about trying to make lemonade out of lemons while trying to shake of the seemingly illogical move by Chukwu to leave a starting role with a lottery pick point guard in Kris Dunn. 766 more words

Ed Cooley

Deep Breaths & Progress

Notes to self look like this:
Breathe. Keep breathing. Deep breaths now. In then out, not just in. In then out. Let go a little bit, it’s okay to feel. 761 more words


Small victories, a great bit of laughter (not just at myself😉), love of all kinds, and just a little helpful hand, will make things great. Snow has dumped again and seeing it makes me smile. 271 more words



*Trigger warning – this post is about sexual assault and its aftermath in my life.*

“Occlumency, Potter.  The magical defense of the mind against external penetration.  966 more words


What Do You Tell Them?

Politics.  It’s a thing.  It’s not my thing.  At least that’s what I say.  I say that because I don’t get off on the nasty.  I don’t debate well either.  775 more words


Getting out of anxiety 

It’s late at night and my mind is racing …..

I just can’t think. I am scared of future ,sad about my past . I feel as if my life will never get any better. 117 more words