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Am I becoming too open on what I feel about you? It makes me so afraid now that you have a wide idea of what I’m thinking. 296 more words


I just don’t understand why I always cry when I think of you. It’s been 3 days now and God knows how I dislike the feeling. 518 more words

Empty Piece

Emotions I won't tell (Tired)

Like the song “Tomorrow” by Avril Lavigne, I wanna believe you that everything will be okay but not today… I hope tomorrow. For the past few days, I tried to forget everything about you. 293 more words

Emotions I won't tell... (Confused)

“Don’t say you love me unless forever
Don’t tell me you need me, if you’re not gonna stay
Don’t give me this feeling, I’ll only believe it… 302 more words

Emotions I won't tell... (LOST)

White summer starts to break
Pale sun shyly shines
Hot air touches my skin but I feel cold
Numb from last year’s season

I am one lifeless form… 119 more words


Is it the peaceful contemplations, feelings that can float freely on the waves and clouds of deep emotions.

Is it warm, or should I say more-than-hot-memories, of our positively peak experiences. 15 more words


A letter with no direction

Dear Future BF,

Again, I’m in the middle of loneliness. For some reasons I feel that there’s lacking in my heart. Is it you? I don’t know. 182 more words