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A letter with no direction

Dear Future BF,

Again, I’m in the middle of loneliness. For some reasons I feel that there’s lacking in my heart. Is it you? I don’t know. 182 more words

Lost Soul

3:20 AM and I cant sleep. Then I caught myself writing something in my notepad. Am I really a lost soul? Maybe. I feel so trapped. 152 more words

Does it Really Matter?

by Natasha Botkin

With Luna’s full moon, I found myself releasing all over the place.  Out of the chaos, beauty emerged.  Well, that and a whole lot of “crappola” is now gone.   77 more words


The moon as advice

The moon as advice is suggesting now is a time to be cautious and watchful as it is likely that you don’t know all the facts in a situation. 30 more words


Deep Emotions Abound

by Natasha Botkin

Little did I know that when my BeLoved shared a message during dream time that this would bring forth a fury of emotions.   141 more words


Minor Chords


late afternoon,

while making dinner,

listening to music,

minor chords,


with the rain,

came the salty run

of tears,

over what,

I am not sure. 28 more words

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