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Heightened Sensitivity and Opening to The Flow of Life- New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces

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What is Eclipse Energy?

If you’ve been experiencing periodical waves of emotion or have been gifted with personal realisations around patterns of behaving then the chances are that you’re well and truly plugged into the Eclipse energy that is surrounding us right now. 1,164 more words


Returning to this World

Last night the rain shivered beneath the moon

and I fell asleep staring at the silhouettes of trees

dancing across the field, lost in the wind of chances… 145 more words


having experienced broken hearts, and the healing, we are open to seeing the synchronicities in life

we were sitting on the plane as we flew to minneapolis, and brian was listening to the music on his phone. he has hundreds and hundreds of songs, and loves to play them on shuffle.   1,077 more words

My 24th year as Earthling

It’s my birthday today and while I celebrate my 24 years of existence, I feel like singing my heart out! This year is full of ups and downs and during those terrible times, HE proved that he’s just there to lift me up. 256 more words

Spiritual Hygiene — How To Heal Spiritual Hurt And Injuries


Learn how to heal your spirit by identifying spiritual wounds and practicing spiritual hygiene. Healing our bodies, minds and spirits. Read more

Source: … 9 more words


Am I becoming too open on what I feel about you? It makes me so afraid now that you have a wide idea of what I’m thinking. 296 more words


I just don’t understand why I always cry when I think of you. It’s been 3 days now and God knows how I dislike the feeling. 518 more words