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Is it the peaceful contemplations, feelings that can float freely on the waves and clouds of deep emotions.

Is it warm, or should I say more-than-hot-memories, of our positively peak experiences. 15 more words



Alone in the dark. No one likes to be alone, especially in the dark. Monsters everywhere, coming at every direction, hitting you at every angle. Fear, hate, destruction, breakage, pain and uselessness. 756 more words

Deep Emotions

A letter with no direction

Dear Future BF,

Again, I’m in the middle of loneliness. For some reasons I feel that there’s lacking in my heart. Is it you? I don’t know. 182 more words

Lost Soul

3:20 AM and I cant sleep. Then I caught myself writing something in my notepad. Am I really a lost soul? Maybe. I feel so trapped. 152 more words

Does it Really Matter?

by Natasha Botkin

With Luna’s full moon, I found myself releasing all over the place.  Out of the chaos, beauty emerged.  Well, that and a whole lot of “crappola” is now gone.   77 more words


The moon as advice

The moon as advice is suggesting now is a time to be cautious and watchful as it is likely that you don’t know all the facts in a situation. 66 more words


Deep Emotions Abound

by Natasha Botkin

Little did I know that when my BeLoved shared a message during dream time that this would bring forth a fury of emotions.   141 more words