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Deep Emotions. Cold Demeanor.

This is probably one of the worst personality predicaments to be plagued with. I have very strong feelings, but I tend to not act on most of my feelings—especially publicly. 1,007 more words


I Write What I Feel...

“I write what I feel and feel what I write.” 

I keep wondering if it is the same. When feelings are

170 more words


In the mirror, I can see

The eyes of a stranger staring back at me

Soulless, vacant and lost

Searching for the place where all the smiles and happiness were tossed… 81 more words

Alter Ego

Broken Promises

You promised you would stay forever

You promised you would smile for me

You promised you would play catch with me

You promised you would go to the dance with me… 33 more words

Deep Emotions

Postcardia-cum-Poetica #23

A card from Nicky, arriving out of the blue, is not unheard of here. Last week it was good to be able to return the unexpected correspondence. 24 more words

Micro Poem

noticing the details, connects me to you

his steel blue eyes with minute flecks of gray, his paper thin fingernails that are perfectly shaped, his tiny lips that form that crooked smile when you make a sound that makes him break open in pure glee. 351 more words

Whimsical Surrender

Touch me


inside my chest

and grab a tight hold

of my all.

Cut through

the façade of illusions

that this can erupt

our hearts… 87 more words