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Microsighting Wilderness

The common man thinks of wilderness in terms of epic landscapes, fierce predatory fauna, untouched tracts of land, and inhospitable mountains, or maybe something more humble like a boreal trail through the forest of his own memories of times spent camping on silent occulted lakes, and off lost hunting highways. 551 more words

Deep Green


I don’t care

what you believe in,

as long as you admit

that there is something first and foremost,

yesterday, today, and tomorrow

beyond life and death… 49 more words


The Reservation

It’s been about two weeks now at the cabin, and it is growing on me, even though I know I will probably only have it for a month. 1,124 more words

Deep Green

Cabin Days

As I once heard it said by a young Irish boy, “city life is too fast for me, I’m not clever enough to keep up”. So I feel the undeniable truth that country life is the only life I want to live. 860 more words

Deep Green

Grassroots Remediation

Sometimes I think it’s me that’s crazy, until that is, I am in the company of those who remember… Those we call the tribe or the community, those working from the bottom up, out of the soil and growing to the high reaches of organic life building. 2,362 more words

Deep Green

Alabama Journalist, Three-Time Author Shares Writing Life with Tuscaloosa Christian Writers Group

You wouldn’t know it by his presentation Tuesday night to the Tuscaloosa Christian Writers Group, but Gary Lloyd had already worked a full day, driven an hour from the Birmingham area to Tuscaloosa and spoken to a University journalism class. 292 more words