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Alabama Journalist, Three-Time Author Shares Writing Life with Tuscaloosa Christian Writers Group

You wouldn’t know it by his presentation Tuesday night to the Tuscaloosa Christian Writers Group, but Gary Lloyd had already worked a full day, driven an hour from the Birmingham area to Tuscaloosa and spoken to a University journalism class. 292 more words

Datvra & Henbane

12 :jeran: seeds have been planted below the sand, to spring for solar semen on the solstice of sunna. Solheim.Stream.Skywards.

Ov Datura and Black Henbane medicine, carried for 2 years in dormancy until the right time. 41 more words

Deep Green

Heathen ᛃ Farming

If anyone out there is a Viking enthusiast like myself, and take particular interest in the archaeology side of pre-European culture, you will probably agree that much of the relics we have preserved in our museums from the Viking age are either weapons, or tools. 1,364 more words

Deep Green

Why We Need Revolution

Why we need revolution:

Because I am tired of having to pay to survive.

Because I no longer have control over my own destiny

Because we live in a rape culture… 382 more words

On the Question of De-horning Livestock, and Castration

The issue of goat welfare came up on the farm the other day, and raised a few contentions in my mind. It not being my own farmstead or my personal goats, I could have no control or coercement over the final situation, in the end, a decision was taken that in my mind was not conducive to goat and livestock welfare, and actually morally wrong, so I wanted to raise a flag, and see if there are any others who are alligned with the same mindset. 700 more words

3 years of Vegetarian Nomadism

Vegetarianism, and for that matter Pescetarianism, and Veganism and other diets where one may only eat fruit, or raw food, and the like are all really new to us as a species. 1,632 more words

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