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3 years of Vegetarian Nomadism

Vegetarianism, and for that matter Pescetarianism, and Veganism and other diets where one may only eat fruit, or raw food, and the like are all really new to us as a species. 1,632 more words

Deep Green


At some point in his journey, the hero must stand aloft in his eagle mind, sit with the all of what he or she is, reflect on the monolith of work he or she has reaped by hand and heart, and find a place in that towering mountain of being to plant down some serious roots. 548 more words

Deep Green

If only more Hippies were like Me

Why must we live in nostalgia of the ‘good old days’, and continually reap dead harvest from the past when we can be procreating our own idyllic reality with what we have now. 475 more words

Brand New Day

Taking a moment to pause…I just received a Turkish Spindle and some roving that I will spin into yarn and I am pausing to record this moment… 108 more words


The Pope On Climate Change

This past weekend, the Pope addressed the United Nations on the issue of climate change. While those on the left used his remarks on the topic to view the Pope as liberal, (or at least progressive), his doctrine is actually fairly orthodox, and not at all a… 884 more words