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Odd Thomas is Not That Odd

He sees dead people. Odd Thomas is a clairvoyant-type hero out to save the world. Would you like to know more?… 206 more words


Article: 5 Sequels That Need To Happen....

It would be easy for me to sit here and vent my frustrations about franchises producing sequel after sequel for monetary gain at the expense of quality; but the… 1,213 more words


Deep Rising (1998)

A movie doesn’t have to be deep, to be enjoyable. Deep Rising has everything a good B-Movie needs… it has bad CGI, dorky bad guys and just unbelievable events that unfold throughout the film. 104 more words


Two Movies One Plot : Deep Rising (1998) and Virus (1999)

They both start on ships and get on bigger ships, but only one ends up on a lonely island.

Released  a year apart Deep Rising and Virus seem on the surface to be very similar in plot; motley crews of morally questionable characters discover larger seemingly abandoned ships and bad things happen. 1,132 more words