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The Axolotl & The Anglerfish

“Go on!” The axolotl says “Pull my legs!”
“Why, oh why would I do a thing like that?”
What a cute little beast the axolotl is! 205 more words


Scientists discover a 400-year-old Greenland Shark

A team of international researchers using special technology says it has found that Greenland Sharks can live as long as 500 years, making this type of shark the longest-lived vertebrate known on Earth. 56 more words


Spectacular ‘Blue Tear’ Phenomenon Lights up East China Coastline

A beautiful natural scenery called the “blue tear” has appeared in the waters surrounding the county-level city of Changle in east China’s Fujian Province, attracting a wave of tourists and amateur photographers. 339 more words


10 Weird Looking Sea Creatures

10. Black Swallower (Chiasmodon Niger)
They have a special ability which is to swallow fish larger than itself. Specifically twice its size or 10 times its own mass. 1,033 more words