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New Book Poster!

The new book poster is here!  It says: “A novel is like a whole new world you become fully immersed in…” – From The Monstrous Trench author… Click on the image to enlarge and… Enjoy!

Prehistoric Creatures

Herding catfish in Tulamben

Herding catfish in Tulamben couldn’t be any simpler, as these fish have a typical schooling behaviour.

Striped eel catfish (Plotosus lineatus) to be exact, are notoriously dependent on one another! 163 more words

Scuba Diving Bali

The Axolotl & The Anglerfish

“Go on!” The axolotl says “Pull my legs!”
“Why, oh why would I do a thing like that?”
What a cute little beast the axolotl is! 205 more words


Scientists discover a 400-year-old Greenland Shark

A team of international researchers using special technology says it has found that Greenland Sharks can live as long as 500 years, making this type of shark the longest-lived vertebrate known on Earth. 56 more words


Spectacular ‘Blue Tear’ Phenomenon Lights up East China Coastline

A beautiful natural scenery called the “blue tear” has appeared in the waters surrounding the county-level city of Changle in east China’s Fujian Province, attracting a wave of tourists and amateur photographers. 339 more words