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Strange anglerfish - the long appendage sprouting from its head gives it an uniquely bizarre face

The new fish was discovered at a depth of around 4,100 feet (1,250 metres)

It is bright orange with a long head appendage and whisker-like barbels. 69 more words


Life in the Mariana Trench

Ever wonder how broad and how big the ocean is ? Ever wonder how much do we know about the sea ? Does the ocean reminds you of beach and summer, or cold and darkness ? 1,162 more words

Deep Sea Creatures

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A lot of the world’s environment is still unknown:

National Geographic

Top 10 New Species: Cartwheeling Spider, Psychedelic Sea Slug

Since 2008, the State University of New York’s International Institute for Species Exploration has recognized the weirdest and most fascinating plants and…

66 more words

5 Most Mysterious Underwater Sounds Ever Recorded

The Ocean is a pretty scary place and over the years many mysterious sounds have been recorded from deep down that to this day have no solid explanation. 42 more words


Creepy or cute? Come face to face with deep sea creatures as gachapon sushi toys!!

Perhaps befitting an island nation surrounded by the ocean, Japan seems to have a fascination with deep sea creatures. One of our favorite deep ocean dwelling critters, the giant isopod, has made regular appearances on the Japanese Internet in various forms from… 600 more words


Bizarre Strange Sea Creature Found In Persian Gulf

The Iranian navy has located a gigantic mysterious carcass floating in the waters.

Photos of the gnarly carcass were posted to a website serving the city of Bushehr in western Iran on the Persian Gulf. 67 more words