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Deep Sea Diver - Wide Awake

Watch Deep Sea Diver ‘s video for the song “Wide Awake”,  from their album ‘Secrets‘.

DEEP SEA DIVER - " Wide Awake "

Multi-talented musician  Jessica Dobson from Seattle band Deep Sea Diver. Even if her name doesn’t ring a bell right away, you probably know her work because she’s toured with one of your favorite bands… 106 more words


TS10: The 08012016 Edition

Well, it’s been an emotional few days. Ups, downs, in-betweens… Lots of processing and contemplation. There’s still lots to walk through, and I’m thankful for the role music can play in that journey. 658 more words


Deep Sea Diver

I’ve never heard anyone shred the way Deep Sea Diver front woman Jessica Dobson does. I was first exposed to her skillz during her time touring as a guitarist with The Shins. 207 more words

What Am I Listening To

Deep Sea Diver

We were deep sea divers on another man’s planet.

 – Angel Haze

Don’t you just feel like you were born into the wrong body? Like you exist in a time that you shouldn’t be in.

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Playlist For 05-22-16

The Dunder Chiefs Busker Blues May 22, 2016 9:57 PM Woodes Daggers & Knives May 22, 2016 9:54 PM The High Learys 48 more words
WXRY Unsigned Playlist

D is for Deep-Sea Diver

It is well known (fairly well known) that if a deep sea diver who has spent time at high pressure ascends to the surface too quickly, rapid decompression occurs and dissolved gases in the tissues of the body come out of solution. 205 more words