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D is for Deep-Sea Diver

It is well known (fairly well known) that if a deep sea diver who has spent time at high pressure ascends to the surface too quickly, rapid decompression occurs and dissolved gases in the tissues of the body come out of solution. 205 more words



One morning as I lay on a lounge chair by the pool, the Old Sailor/Deep Sea Diver and perhaps Pirate stopped by to chat. He takes Aikido lessons at the health club and enjoys steam baths. 416 more words


Music Thursday: SECRETS

By virtue of its stark brilliance, SECRETS is a daunting album to review.  395 more words


Futurebirds, etc

3/15-3/17, 2016, #221. All videos were published within the last two weeks • #futurebirds #haelos #littlegreencars #kaleo #juliaholter #deepseadiver

  DLC Nurse & Learn.  54 more words

Music Park: Deep Sea Diver @ DC9 -- 2/29/16

Deep Sea Diver (Photo Courtesy of Force Field PR)

There was a moment in Deep Sea Diver’s set at DC9 on February 29th, where lead singer Jessica Dobson suddenly ignited and the energy level ratcheted up to 11. 425 more words

Music Park

Music Park: Radiation City @ DC9 -- 2/29/16

Radiation City (from left to right): Dasha Shleyeva, Cameron Spies, Elisabeth Ellison, Randy Bemrose, Patti King (Photo by Holly Andres)

Radiation City’s musical renewal with their third full-length album, Synesthetica (released Feb. 644 more words

Music Park

Deep Sea Diver - Secrets

As a former touring member of Beck and The Shins, Jessica Dobson has obviously cultivated a sharp sense of craft with her adept guitar skills and formidable vocals. 94 more words