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The Ecological Gamble with Deep-Sea Mining

Thanks to our insatiable demand for Earth’s natural resources, science never fails to find new ways to take advantage of what the planet offers. From the sunlight to the bedrock, companies have been succeeding in extracting energy and materials from the Earth in the most creative and often destructive ways. 1,076 more words

China Is Planning a Massive Sea Lab 10,000 Feet Underwater

China is speeding up efforts to design and build a manned deep-sea platform to help it hunt for minerals in the South China Sea, one that may also serve a military purpose in the disputed waters.

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The Undersea Mining Spree

By Brooke Jarvis

Pacific Standard

Picture a map of the world. Maybe you’re imagining a political map, with colorful nations interlocking like puzzle pieces. Or maybe you see yellow deserts, green splashes of forest, and wrinkled mountain ranges. 343 more words


Global opposition is mounting against the latest environmental abuse – deep sea mining

The world’s oceans are in a bad way, to put it mildly. Decades of overfishing, industrial pollution, plastic waste and threats to basic ecological stability posed by climate change all demonstrate how “humanity is collectively mismanaging the ocean to the brink of collapse,” according to the World Wildlife Fund’s  205 more words