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Terrors of the Deep | Part 1

We stare into the immense vastness of space, wondering what lies beyond the stars, yet in comparison, the speck of dust that is the Earth’s deep water remains unexplored.

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Dreadful Deep Sea

Second ever pocket shark described

The apparent unfathomable nature of the ocean is what first attracted me to marine biology; the mystery of the unknown. The vast depths of the ocean still hold so many secrets and I find great excitement in the exploration of these alien worlds. 750 more words


Cool Fish of the Week

I’ve decided to spice up the blog with interesting fish facts every week. While it is mostly to share the interesting world of ichthyology with my… 391 more words


Why it must be Greased Lightning!

This week’s topic: Deep sea communities and Coral-algal symbiosis

Paper: Fisher, C. R., Demopoulos, A. W., Cordes, E. E., Baums, I. B., White, H. K., & Bourque, J. 846 more words


Underwater Majesty

If you need a little serenity to get you through the work week, this should help:

Rare Sperm Whale Encounter on E/V Nautilus

This incredible footage was recorded yesterday during a ROV dive by Hercules (the deepest ROV with mechanized arms, high resolution cameras and sampling capacities) & Argus (also fitted with high-res cameras and tethered above Hercules) from E/V Nautilus. 275 more words


Why do bubbles matter?

The E/V Nautilus began the 2015 Expedition Season last week from Gulfport, MS. Since last Thursday, the website has been live–giving you highlight reels or background videos to view when the ROVS are not in the water and LIVE! 112 more words


Light Show

The crowd was pleased with the show.

Hiding in the twilight, they could see the drama unfolding. One of them, the one who got the short end of the sea whip, was blinded by the light. 172 more words