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Born into the depths of murk

it writhed and sprawled down below

in the churning depths

of solid, lone, lone, darkness;

a muddy aquamarine blue tinged with… 318 more words


Dear Facebook Friends

Dear Facebook Friends…

Hi, I’m Melissa, or if you’ve ever talked to me for longer than five minutes, you might know that I prefer to be called Missy. 527 more words

Deep Sea

Lincoln Child’s Deep Storm--Jeremy Logan 1

Overview: Dr. Peter Crane is used to high-stress jobs. After all, both the submarines in the Navy, as well as a few research groups aren’t exactly known for peace and relaxation, not even if you are an adrenaline junkie. 189 more words

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This gorgeous deep-sea creature can filter atmospheric carbon and bury it in the ocean

Hundreds of meters underwater in oceans all around the world, giant plankton are doing essential work in maintaining the Earth’s ecosystem. And scientists have finally… 71 more words

Créatures Chimériques

Galerie Louis Simon
Cours de l’Europe, Royan
From June 2 to 15, 2017
Open everyday from 12h to 17h (22h on June 2)

Artworks by Sophia Lahlil: … 151 more words

Art And Nature

Where Is the Plastic Going?

An estimated 8 million tons of trash enter the ocean every year (UNEP). We don’t really know where it goes, or what happens when it gets there. 187 more words

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NOAA scientists captured the remarkable moment when a non-predatory shrimp ate a fish alive

During a remote exploration of New Zealond’s underwater mountain Ufiata, scientists from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) captured a dramatic deep-sea battle between a caridean shrimp and a dragonfish. 34 more words