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Some of the best things in life are happened upon quite accidentally.

On my way through the Florida keys, heading for the southernmost Key West, this sign beckoned me to impulsively pull of the road for a respite. 263 more words

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Trend Alert: The Seafarer

For many of us, the summer just isn’t the summer without time spent at the sea-side. For those of us who have a natural affinity with the sea, the perfect summer is one spent chasing the tide and getting tan-lines on sun-kissed sandy beaches. 217 more words

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Shark of the week: Jelly Shark

In the family of lantern sharks there are many little-known sharks (the deep sea holds many secrets). One of them is the Bareskin dogfish or Jelly shark (Centroscyllium kamoharai). 164 more words


This beautiful deep sea purple orb has scientists baffled

While studying the ocean floor off California’s Channel Islands, researchers found this mysterious species.

By Michael d’Estries

While researching previously unmapped regions of the Channel Islands off the California coast, the research vessel Nautilus came across an unusual purple mass peeking out of a coral crevice. 144 more words


Shark of the week: longnose velvet dogfish

Did you know that nearly every (shark) family has got its longnose cousin? There is a longnose pygmy shark and a longnose spurdog. There are even a longsnout dogfish and a rough longnose shark in a family where all member have got a long snout anyway. 416 more words


The Ryukyu Trench may function as a “depocenter” for anthropogenic marine litter

While concern over anthropogenic marine litter around coastlines is increasing worldwide, information on this litter in trenches on the seafloor is very sparse. We investigated the amount of marine litter on the deep-sea bottom around the Ryukyu Islands in the Northwest Pacific, based on trawl samples. 81 more words