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Coral reefs are the most bio-diverse areas of the ocean – the “rainforests of the sea.” They are made up of the built-up exoskeletons of submarine creatures known as polyps. 18 more words


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5 Documentary Shows for Deep Sea

1. Life of Ocean by National Geographic

2. Planet Earth: Ocean Deep by BBC

3. Creatures of the Deep by BBC

4. The Blue Planet: The Deep by BBC

5. Encountering Sea Monster by Nature

Deep Sea

Protecting the Deep-Sea: Conservation in Action

Last week I joined hundreds of scientists across the country and globe calling for greater protection of our deep sea habitats. The effort to protect the deep sea (depths > 3500m) has been ongoing for many years with groups such as… 772 more words

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ArtScience Museum dives into The Deep

“More men have walked on the moon than have dived to the deepest part of our oceans.” – Dr. Cindy Lee Van Dover

ArtScience Museum presents The Deep, the largest collection of over 40 creatures of the deep ocean displayed for the first time in Southeast Asia. 150 more words

Deep Sea


Today was our Oceans storytime! Kids love animals, especially the weird and creepy critters that dwell in the deep. Or at least MY kid does. Our Pup LOVES the creepy ‘scary’ fish that live in the trenches. 462 more words