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The eyes have it

Recently returned from a trip around Africa to study the visual systems of deep sea fish, Professor Ron Douglas spoke to George Wigmore, Senior Communications Officer for the School of Health Sciences, about fish eyes, their evolution and how they could one day be of therapeutic value for human ocular disease. 1,637 more words


Microscopic conquerors: The bacteria that cultured hidden kingdoms.

In the deep ocean, unknown to humankind until 40 years ago, are vast and bustling communities of marine life. Living below the limits of the sun, and depths where most food sinking from the surface, has decayed beyond the quality to sustain life, are large, diverse communities, such as those seen in the photograph below, were found. 951 more words

Deep Sea

Lush Album Review

I don’t think I’ve mentioned my new obsession with Snail Mail.

I initially got into them in April, when I saw an article about them on Pitchfork. 947 more words


Searching for larvae in the deep sea!

So here I am again, about one year later, on the exact same site in the North Atlantic Ocean, the Porcupine Abyssal Plain Sustained Observatory (PAP-SO). 689 more words

2018 Cruise - JC165

Baited beasties, or the scavengers of the deep.

Our first amphipod trap was deployed on Sunday morning and left to ‘soak’ on the PAP seafloor for about 40 hours before recovery. Amphipods are small crustaceans, shrimp-like in form but without a carapace, bearing different kinds of appendages on their thorax and abdomen, with impressive claw-like structures that can grip almost anything. 488 more words

2018 Cruise - JC165

Let it Snow! Marine Snow

The deep-sea is like a winter wonderland; it’s often very cold, and it’s always snowing. These snowflakes aren’t at all like the ones we are used to up here on land. 629 more words