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Microplastic pollution identified in deep-sea water and ingested by benthic invertebrates in the Rockall Trough, North Atlantic Ocean

Microplastics are widespread in the natural environment and present numerous ecological threats. While the ultimate fate of marine microplastics are not well known, it is hypothesized that the deep sea is the final sink for this anthropogenic contaminant. 230 more words


High quantities of microplastic in Arctic deep-sea sediments from the HAUSGARTEN observatory

Although mounting evidence suggests the ubiquity of microplastic in aquatic ecosystems worldwide, our knowledge of its distribution in remote environments such as Polar Regions and the deep sea is scarce. 180 more words


Jack of all Trades, Master of None: Oceanography Edition

A lot of the professional academic folks connected to the deep sea ROV dives have areas of expertise, so that while they might not know as much about all the other critters on the screen, they… 521 more words


Cool Science: Deep Sea Stuff

I’m adding a new column to this blog, devoted to nerdy science stuff. I’m obsessed with watching deep sea ROV exploration live-streams this summer, namely the… 547 more words


Super-powers of the Deep

Recently I came across something very interesting about certain creatures of the deep sea. At great depths of the ocean where there is no natural light, there are a few species which actually produce their own light. 207 more words


Fossil-Fueled Life

Humans aren’t the only users of fossil fuels. In many parts of the ocean, natural gas (methane) is constantly bubbling out of the sediment. These areas are known as cold seeps and are often a marker of productive fossil fuel reservoirs in the crust underneath. 663 more words