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Shark of the week: Ginger carpetshark

Like its sister species, the Necklace carpetshark, the Ginger carpetshark or Sparsely spotted carpetshark (parascyllium sparsimaculatum) lives solely off Australia. But, unlike every other species of the family collared carpet sharks, it is a deep sea species.  72 more words


Deep Sea Curb

I took several shots of this nighttime curb. In yesterday’s photo I caught it just as a car’s headlight lit up its rim. The camera flash illuminated the scene below. 38 more words

Personal Stories

Today in Transportation History - 2008: Passing of a Deep-Sea Pioneer

Oceanographer and engineer Jacques Piccard, whose work involving underwater vehicles revolutionized deep-sea exploration, died at the age of 86 at his Lake Geneva home in Switzerland’s municipality of Cully. 384 more words


Creepy Creatures of the Deep

You thought ghosts, vampires, and masked villains were scary? They’ve got nothing on the strange creatures lurking in the depths of the ocean. Check out some of the spookiest sea creatures below. 355 more words

Marine Science

Scientists discover new deep-sea cold seeps off Trinidad and Tobago!

One of my most special research papers has been published! It is the first of my papers to focus on the deep sea around my home country, Trinidad and Tobago. 1,152 more words

Species Spotlight #2: "Dancing" Yeti Crab

If you haven’t seen the prequel for the upcoming nature documentary series BBC Blue Planet 2, where have you been? The trailer features a mixture of stunning clips from the new series, narrated by zoology icon David Attenborough and overlaid with an epic soundtrack blending vocals from rock band Radiohead and music from Hans Zimmer. 684 more words