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High level of toxic pollutants found in the deepest trenches of the ocean...

In a study published last week in the journal Nature, scientists discovered extremely high levels of toxic chemicals (PCBs and related compounds) down 10 km deep in the Marianas and Kermadec Trenches. 245 more words


Marine litter on deep Arctic seafloor continues to increase and spreads to the North at the HAUSGARTEN observatory

The increased global production of plastics has been mirrored by greater accumulations of plastic litter in marine environments worldwide. Global plastic litter estimates based on field observations account only for 1% of the total volumes of plastic assumed to enter the marine ecosystem from land, raising again the question ‘Where is all the plastic? 217 more words


Plastic reaches the deep sea

Plastic is everywhere; even at 7 miles deep. What was once thought of as a safe haven away from anthropogenic impacts, has been found to contain plastic. 308 more words


Human pollution found in oceans' deepest trench

Researchers from the University of Aberdeen, Australia, conducted deep-sea pollution research in 2014 in the Mariana Trench – down to 10,000m below surface levels.



Extremely high levels of pollutants found in deep sea

By Shen Gao

Staff Writer

“Extraordinary” levels of toxic pollution have been found in one of the most remote places on the planet—the Mariana trench in the Pacific Ocean. 442 more words

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Deep-sea fishes

Roman Fedortsov is a deep-sea fisherman based in the port city of Murmansk in Russia, which looks out over the Barents Sea – a relatively shallow sea that opens into the Arctic Ocean. 54 more words