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Fossil-Fueled Life

Humans aren’t the only users of fossil fuels. In many parts of the ocean, natural gas (methane) is constantly bubbling out of the sediment. These areas are known as cold seeps and are often a marker of productive fossil fuel reservoirs in the crust underneath. 663 more words



In the frame of my heart

I kept you alive

You were a deep sea in which

I couldn’t dive

Only I could see my reflection getting… 22 more words


Gravakhan & the Hole in the World

Gravakhan was walking through the sorghum fields when he came across a giant pond, deep and blue.  It seemed so deep that it appeared as though it were a hole in the world.  524 more words


Benthic litter distribution on circalittoral and deep sea bottoms of the southern Bay of Biscay: Analysis of potential drivers

We analyze marine litter densities in soft bottoms of the southern Bay of Biscay using five years of demersal trawling data (2006- 2010). Marine litter densities amounted to 43 ± 33 kg·km−2 and 74 ± 28 items·km−2, with plastics and fisheries derived litter being the most widespread categories. 217 more words


What's lurking below: Creatures of the deep

Warning: the images below are the things that might make an appearance in your next nightmare!

Not really, but there are some pretty crazy incredible creatures living out there in the deep ocean. 1,129 more words


What is a Friend?

Friendship in my opinion should be without strings attached. At the same time, how do you maintain a friendship unless its give and take? Another question to ponder, what if you feel that the friendship is more take than give and at what point do you put your foot down? 227 more words

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