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Oceans: Earth's Final Frontier

By: Julia Zeh Edited by: Bryce Harlan        

Our oceans cover over 70% of the Earth’s surface. Everyone has heard this at some point in their lives, whether they learned it in school or read it somewhere. 710 more words



Seriously, Dear God –

In what place and time, did you nail me?
In what words, would you want me to
speak your truth? In what acts, would… 246 more words

What’s the difference between skates and rays?

A. They look much alike and share a number of common traits. It especially pays to know the difference if you’re trying to get one off a hook. 345 more words


The Gulf of Mexico

I shot this off the back of the Gulf Queen deep sea fishing boat on our way back to Clearwater, Florida from 15 miles out into the Gulf of Mexico last Friday.


Purpose as a Venn Clock

As fate would have it, a friend shared this image via social media today just as I was contemplating what this post should be about. Purpose is hard to pin point; difficult to explain sometimes; but usually can be spoken about eloquently and relevantly by its defender. 576 more words

That's Not the Oculus!

How deep is “Deep Sea”?

Deep Sea is a new indie game created by Robin Arnott. It is a game that guides the player by using only sound. 600 more words


Exploiting resources from the deep sea

Written by Nera Kuljanic

Exploration and exploitation of the deep sea in search of marine minerals and genetic resources have received increased attention over the past 15 years. 527 more words