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Opah (Lampris guttatus), First Warm-Blooded Fish Found

Live Science — The car-tire-size opah is striking enough thanks to its rotund, silver body. But now, researchers have discovered something surprising about this deep-sea dweller: It’s got warm blood. 65 more words



Amanda Camenisch captures such poetic and textural worlds, one could be lost within their hypnotic color palettes and dreamy wardrobe selection. The evident influence behind her Scandinavian landscapes and water spirits isn’t lost on the Zurich-born, London-based photographer. 71 more words


These South Korean sea women are seriously hardcore

Women known as haenyeo on the island of Jeju take fishing to another level.

Photographer Hyung S. Kim has captured a series of South Korean sea women who harvest food from the ocean floor for a living as part of his ‘HaeNyeo: Women of the Sea’ exhibition. 298 more words


Nautilus aLIVE

How did I spend my last two weeks of classes this semester? In the Gulf of Mexico. Abducted by pirates.

jk. This was the closest I came to seeing pirates. 1,538 more words


Feeling the blues | Um pouco carente

I’m a big fan of nature and the creativity of evolution. Some animals get really creative, but sometimes the design has flaws. For example the sea hedgehog has a perfect defense but not very lovable.


Video: Researchers released stunning images of deep sea creatures, including some that don't even have names

A team of scientists backed by the U.S. government has mounted a unique crowd-sourced exploration of the largely unknown deep sea off the coast of Puerto Rico. 276 more words