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“I really do inhabit a system in which words are capable of shaking the entire structure of government, where words can prove mightier than ten military division.” 120 more words



When I was growing up, all the books about mammals would gleefully tell you that the nearest relative of the elephant is the rabbit-sized hyrax. Molecular biology has since revealed that elephants and hyraxes belong to a diverse group of animals originally unique to Africa: the Afrotheria – Greek for ‘Afro-beasts’. 364 more words

Alternate Histories: The Stratigraphic Story

I’ve been reading Lee Billings’s book Five Billion Years of Solitude because I want to write about space (as fact and dream) and planetary history, and I just read the part about stratigraphy and deep time. 235 more words

Alternate History

Doctor Who: Deep Time: Review 088

This installment was rather impressive. I found very few errors, which is wonderful considering most of these books have tons, and I also loved the story. 125 more words


Bandes Dessinées Exotiques

In the course of my efforts to improve my French I’ve discovered French graphic novels. They are extremely diverse in genre and style, sometimes stunningly beautiful, and a quite a lot of them indulge the same kind of taste for exotic romantic adventure as my novel… 353 more words

Lost Cities of the California Coast

After a hiatus to pursue my Low Carbon Diet project, I’m BACK, working on a new project, Lost Cities of the California Coast.

It explores how people in California cities will respond to rising sea levels over the coming decades through participatory art and creative writing. 525 more words