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In Class Apr. 20th: the evolution of life in 60 seconds

  • This video will go by quickly, but try to take note of what catches your attention in this extremely fast fly-through of history of life on earth.
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During Class

Prep for Mar. 20th: big history, deep time and the origins of life

As we head into the topic of evolution, please do the following for our next class:

  • To get some perspective on (cosmic) evolution through a short oral history of the universe, listen to the…
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Class Prep

Generating crude oil takes millions of years?

It is often claimed that crude oil forming is a process that takes millions of years. However, under the right circomstances, this can happen within an hour. 85 more words


Dancing In The Demolition Zone: Thoughts On Rocks And Ages

Recently, I spent a weekend camping in an active demolition area. As I hung out at the base of the southern Garibaldi range, relentless forces were tearing down the peaks that rose thousands of feet above me. 227 more words


A Dog is Still a Dog

I recently read an article on the web with the title “Evolution makes scientific sense. So why do many people reject it?”.  This article explains that people have a built-in bias against the principles of evolution because of their early learning.  851 more words


Clues from the Distant Past

Clues from the past may hint at the future of Earth.

To get a clearer vision of the past and the future, we must examine the conditions of the 21st century. 342 more words

Chestnut, elm, maple

“Chestnut, elm, maple” published in a new journal dedicated to the Great Turning, Deep Times: http://workthatreconnects.org/deeptimes-spring-2016-hold/

I am the poetry editor for the journal, and welcome your submissions of poetry on the themes evoked by the… 123 more words