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Clocks for Deep Time

The Long Now Foundation, founded by Whole Earth Catalog editor and technoculture entrepreneur Stewart Brand, seems on its face to be a working example of Jussi Parikka’s… 348 more words

Queer Looking Practices

A Brief History of Geological Time, as told by the Grand Canyon

Now you can skip right to the Grand Canyon National Park’s geology homepage for details, but there’s NO way I’m allowing you to pass my blog without seeing a few geological highlights about this World Heritage Site. 706 more words


Time and Loss and Imagining

It was on a geological field trip to Arran in 1984 that I first expressed to anyone a sense of loss I felt in connection with my awareness of the vastness of deep time. 363 more words


Home and Away

Dear Sor Juana,

Journeys are full of home and away moments.  You are both home and away at the same time. For the act of coming home to yourself you don’t need to be away.   370 more words

The Dead Sea is Dying

The Dead Sea is the lowest tideline on earth, filling the deepest trench of the Great Rift Valley, which begins in Mozambique and runs north to Syria. 657 more words


Welcome to Deep Time

‘Deep time’ is geological time, the millions of years over which the Earth and its creatures have evolved. Deep Time is also the name of my epic novel of prehistory, to be published by Hawthorn Press on 9 May. 261 more words


The Latest from Creation Magazine Live, Deep time?

Here is the latest segment from Creation Magazine Live.  Creation Ministries International from Canada has been running this live segment for some years now.  I have found a lot of value in these segments and watch them regularly.   30 more words