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Some Thoughts on Deep Time, Part 3: Dickens & Dinosaurs

As I suggested previously (find posts here and here), U.S. literature does not have a monopoly on writing in deep time. Other national literatures rely on an expansive sense of history as well, in spite of authors’ ready access to such places, such times as described by James in my previous post on this subject. 397 more words

Deep Time

Deep Time

The things that you encounter in life that maintain steadiness at longer time scales are worth your observation.

There is a spectrum of time to be understood here. 373 more words

Big History

Casket Girls - Tears of a Clown (Stream)

Editor’s Note: There’s been a month-long gap in coverage, thanks to near-incessant travel and other extenuating circumstances. The following run of posts that contain this note will be posts that should have appeared sometime within the past several weeks. 271 more words

Deep Time, R-U-Serious?

Was there really an Age of Trilobites and an Age of Dinosaurs? Did we learn about these by direct observation? Dr. Who is still scifi. High School Physics experiments are repeated every day, but we can’t recreate Yosemite in the lab. 125 more words


In Class Apr. 20th: the evolution of life in 60 seconds

  • This video will go by quickly, but try to take note of what catches your attention in this extremely fast fly-through of history of life on earth.
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During Class

Prep for Mar. 20th: big history, deep time and the origins of life

As we head into the topic of evolution, please do the following for our next class:

  • To get some perspective on (cosmic) evolution through a short oral history of the universe, listen to the…
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Class Prep