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Deep Time, Secret Libraries, and Lost Species

This week I’m at the SASMARS Conference, so it’s going to be a bit of a shorter Weekly Finds as I’m compiling this earlier in the week. 94 more words


#The100DayProject creativity challenge

Today is the official kickoff day for the 100 Day Project and I am not off to a good start. I was too late to register on the… 311 more words


Cycling Back to the South Pacific

One thing I always intended to blog about was my field research for Deep Time. I’ve done a post about the trip to Gabon… 442 more words

Summer Sounds

Cicadas, and the birds that hunt them.

A neighbor’s lawnmower.

The whisper of the maple leaves in a cool morning breeze.

A dog, barking for show somewhere over there. 135 more words


Hot Earth Dreams and Space Opera

I was going to post this on Charlie Stross’ Antipope, where there’s another interesting discussion developing on space opera.  So as not to chunk 1,450-plus words onto that message board, I thought I’d post my thoughts over here, for those who are interested. 1,475 more words

Unearthly Earth (Mt. Robson)

I spent last weekend camping at the foot of Mt. Robson, the mountain that stands above all other peaks in the Canadian Rockies. Near Kinney Lake, where 3 vertical kilometres of rock rises above, I was gathering photographic source material for a Robsonian Meta-Lithics commission. 57 more words

Following in the footsteps of Bill & Ted - excellent 

On Sunday night the Teen and I trooped into Edinburgh city centre for nightfall to enjoy a most excellent adventure.  We journeyed back 350 million years with 27,000 other keen time travellers of all ages. 608 more words