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When Dinosaurs Ruled Again

Researching Deep Time was an excuse to rewatch the dinosaur films that had captivated me as boy. Through this painstaking scholarly process I discovered that in my memory two of these films had merged into one. 616 more words

How the Concept of Deep Time is Changing

Courtesy of Aeon Magazine… The idea that humans are ephemeral compared to the workings of nature isn’t as persuasive as it once was.

How the Concept of Deep Time is Changing

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Can Geology Overcome Climate Denialism?

A piece in ArsTechnica reports on some research suggesting that conservatives are more likely to respond positively to news about climate change if they are seeing that the world of the past is not the world of the present rather than being shown ideas about what the future will bring. 500 more words

Deep Time, Exotic Excursions

This year’s visit to New Caledonia got me musing whether I should change the name of my blog – to signal a broadening of scope that would justify my writing here about my travels. 472 more words

Deep Time


One hour from the strip –
More meaning in one crossbed ~
The Valley of Fire.


Young Water / Old Water

We spent a sunny day last May working on the edge of the Ettrick Water at Philiphaugh, a stone’s throw from the hydro turbines. It was the first few days of a project working with dancers and movement improvisation to explore what an ecological approach to choreography might be. 598 more words

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I choose Haplocanthosaurus

Oh man, 2016, you are really working on my nerves.

Sometimes it’s a positive balm to hold a piece of an animal dead and gone for 145 million years, or stare at a thousand vertical feet of sandstone, and know that we are all ants. 89 more words