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Subtly Siccar

One of the key differences between geology and most other science is that later workers can see the exact same “experiment” as the original workers.  In other fields, replication is the standard; while you cannot see the original experiment, you should be able to reproduce it.   718 more words


With multiple lines of evidence, it was still wrong

Speaking in the context of evolution, David Macmillan advises:

Creationists attempt to rewrite the last two centuries of scientific progress in order to avoid dealing with the multiple lines of evidence all independently affirming common descent and deep time.

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To the Motherland for a while –
It is clear that I must visit the Sea –

Pick up the familiar clasts and cast them into the surf – 61 more words


Deep Time

A new thriller from Memphis author Rob Sangster proved to be the perfect summer read!

Deep Time was unlike most suspense novels in that there’s no car chases, extreme weapons or monsters. 31 more words

Live At 9

John Playfair

Amid all the revolutions of the globe, the economy of Nature has been uniform, … and her laws are the only things that have resisted the general movement.

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Magic Doors

By Timothy Hullihan:

I recently discovered Brain Pickings, a site run by Maria Popova, a self-described “interestingness hunter-gatherer.” It is a great place to go on Sunday mornings to remind one’s self that brilliance and sensitivity are not yet mutually exclusive. 577 more words

Deep Time and the wilderness

Most of the wilderness fiction I’ve read is historical. Last of the Mohicans, Moby Dick, Robinson Crusoe, assorted American transcendentalists, – books whose authors who had the advantage of writing about places and environments that were largely unknown, unpredictable and clearly dangerous. 522 more words