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The Long Term View

In the final paragraph of his book, Stepping Stones, the making of our Home World, Steve Drury concludes that:

a mere 10 thousand years of human history has created economic chains that stifle such potential and increasingly endanger its survival. 168 more words

Global Warming

Beth McDermott: Strip-Mall Bakery

The corn is waist-high even up here in the upper midwest, O Doughty Readers, high up over our uppers, and we’re well aware of the eerie aerial view of the landscape, yes we are, young as we are. 31 more words



Trench geology –
Note before I go over ~
The layers of time.


Big and Small: Sabbath and Deep Time

Big and Small: Sabbath and Deep Time

June 2016

On a Friday afternoon, I was sitting in a remote desert valley. Twelve miles west, the Inyo Mountains soared upward, a stark, sheer ten thousand foot wall cutting the sky. 1,012 more words


Some Thoughts on Deep Time, Part 4: On "Bleak House" and the Inconsequentiality of the Human

Perhaps, though, we might better describe what I referred to last week as the posthuman perspective of Bleak House  as a nonhuman perspective. After all, the novel’s disorienting opening emerges through what Annie Sadlin rightly characterizes as its use of geologic, cosmic time, a history not marked by human achievement but rather by evolutionary biology and astronomic fluctuation over which humans have no control. 660 more words


Some Thoughts on Deep Time, Part 3: Dickens & Dinosaurs

As I suggested previously (find posts here and here), U.S. literature does not have a monopoly on writing in deep time. Other national literatures rely on an expansive sense of history as well, in spite of authors’ ready access to such places, such times as described by James in my previous post on this subject. 397 more words


Deep Time

The things that you encounter in life that maintain steadiness at longer time scales are worth your observation.

There is a spectrum of time to be understood here. 373 more words

Big History