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Prehistoric Journey at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science

All life, tasked with survival, why?

Here we see the dinosaur, extinct. He once reigned supreme. Look at the fear in his eyes as he fights for his life. 767 more words

Cambrian Explosion

A Prehistoric Giant African Weasel

When I was a boy I got interested in the mammals of the world – including a particular affection for the Mustelidae, or weasel family. I guess that’s why it struck a chord when I found out about a large fossil mustelid described from Kenya as recently as 2003. 395 more words

Deep Time

Time Only Exists in the Mind

Entropy—the tendency of ordered systems to fall into disorder—is the only known feature of this universe that distinguishes the past from the future. If no energy exchange is taking place, all other observable properties of physical activity are time-reversible—meaning if you were to play the video of their motion backwards you wouldn’t notice anything strange. 599 more words


Tekelili! The Wilkes Land Gravitational Anomaly

Another little post, this one on a news item a few months old.  Whenever someone spots a gravity anomaly in Antarctica, people get silly, write things about how the tinfoil hat brigade… 1,068 more words

Fault Bound Bodies

Caroline Doolin’s exhibition, Fault Bound Bodies, opened at the Project Arts Centre on Thursday. I have a short text, ‘Dreams of Plastic Love,’ published in the gallery guide, which I’m not going to reproduce here (not yet, anyway). 21 more words


The United Kingdom and Ireland from the International Space Station

As an historian of the modern era, it’s easy for me to get caught up in the details and events of the past that can easily be related to the current day without considering that I am only looking at a tiny slice of human history.  509 more words

British History


Ocean to mountain –

Now a riverside pathway ~

Folding space and time.