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Devonian stream –

Fish choc a bloc, tail to head ~

Ack, had I a rod.


DEEP TIME Natural History Illustration

This work is conducted in memory and respectfully honours the First Australian People, the Aboriginal People of this land.

This natural history illustration of a Indigenous heritage site in Newcastle West was created by Rosie Heritage. 133 more words

Aboriginal History And Culture

The hole-y multiverse theory

Hi, I’m avoiding writing yet another response to yet another badly conceived development.  So I’m wasting time writing a blog post.  This here dubious speculation is something I cooked up over on Antipope a little while ago, and just to make it easier to find the idea and mock it (or whatever), I figured I’d write it up here.  1,804 more words



A marble fireplace –

Anastomosing patterns ~

Long since understood.

(For Dave Johnston, a great teacher)


The Depth and the Shallowness of Time

The passage of time is inevitable. There are physicists out there who claim time doesn’t even exist at all, but they can’t really prove it. As far as everyday experience is concerned time is constantly moving forward, both for us as individuals and for everything around us. 978 more words


Amidst the Garbage and the Flowers

A couple of days ago my friend Iren and I visited a place that spoke to me of the Bear People. Lots of wild earth and free flowing water made this area home to ancient Puebloans who understood the necessity of having astonishing beauty in their lives as well as precious water. 173 more words


The Snapshot Effect


Images will always be with us, but the age of the snapshot understood in its cultural and technological context, now belongs to the past. 1,638 more words

Natural History