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One hour from the strip –
More meaning in one crossbed ~
The Valley of Fire.


Young Water / Old Water

We spent a sunny day last May working on the edge of the Ettrick Water at Philiphaugh, a stone’s throw from the hydro turbines. It was the first few days of a project working with dancers and movement improvisation to explore what an ecological approach to choreography might be. 598 more words

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I choose Haplocanthosaurus

Oh man, 2016, you are really working on my nerves.

Sometimes it’s a positive balm to hold a piece of an animal dead and gone for 145 million years, or stare at a thousand vertical feet of sandstone, and know that we are all ants. 89 more words


Guns and Climate and Mammoths, Oh My!

The BBC has a piece recapping arguments over whether humans are responsible for the megafauna extinction at the end of the Pleistocene. There really isn’t anything fresh there, though it does name advocates on both sides. 435 more words


Lookback time - my new article in Sky & Telescope

I’ve been writing for Sky & Telescope, the American astronomy magazine, for a year now. My first feature article was published last December ( 615 more words

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[Podcast] On Deep Time


Ashanka Kumari: Welcome to MASH. This is an online journal of media, arts, and humanities housed in the English department at the University of Louisville. 6,808 more words

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