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CLOT. (Another damn 4-letter word!)

Oh, what a metaphor I have to work with here…

On Monday mornings, following the routine weigh-in, vitals, lab work and IV hookup, I always meet with my oncologist and her PA. 905 more words

Breast Cancer

The Anatomy of a Runner: lower leg

The sixth in a series of posts about the anatomy of a runner. A runner’s most common injuries in the lower leg include fractures or stress fractures of the bones, strains, ruptures or tears of the muscles, a Charley horse or cramps, shin splints, and to a lesser degree deep vein thrombosis in athletes, and the dislocation of the fibula head. 5,395 more words

Running & Training

Human pincushion

No, this is not a blog on piercing and body modification (I can assure you, that’s the blog I’d rather be writing). Instead, it’s the tale of how I’ve become a pincushion in 2017. 1,162 more words

Deep Vein Thrombosis

Deep Vein Thrombosis: What You Need to Know about DVT

If you’ve spent much time flying you’ve probably heard suggestions to avoid developing deep vein thrombosis, “Get up! Walk around. Do some squats.” But what is deep vein thrombosis? 669 more words

Thank Goodness for the NHS

A couple of weeks ago I booked to see my GP. I had a very swollen right foot. This had started about 2 weeks beforehand. It was not improving even when I was sitting in bed with my feet elevated. 593 more words

Everyday Life

Soak Up the Sun? Not So Fast.

When the sun comes out, it’s only natural to want to lay around and take in your fill of it. But it’s important to be careful when it comes to sun exposure. 515 more words

Courts Force F.A.A. to Address Shrinking Airplane Seat

Judges on the U.S. Court of Appeals for D.C. has ruled that the F.A.A. must address the issue of the “incredible shrinking airline seat.” A petition was raised by Flyers Rights in 2015 who claimed that the average seat had narrowed by an inch and a half since the early 2000s. 91 more words