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Good Progress

5 weeks on since the operation now and good progress in the last two days. Was told to stop the O2 at night as my sats were good enough, so had a much better sleep which helped. 205 more words


#POCUS in #meded One way to put #ultrasound in the basic sciences #foamed #foamus #pathology #DVT

One way to incorporate ultrasound, POCUS into the basic science medical curriculum.  Pair ultrasound slides with microscopic and gross pathology.


Physio Time

Off to the Physio for the first time at the Royal Adelaide Hospital. Be intersting to see how I am going after nearly 5 weeks since the surgery. 168 more words


4 Weeks On!

Four weeks since op tomorrow. Hb and Fe low so feeling tired and cold but all going well still!

Today’s task:

– Try bike on trainer… 50 more words


Getting Back in The Saddle

With all that has happened within the past month, I have been unable to make any new posts. I am out of the hospital. But I am at this time haveing to get help with making this post. 360 more words

School Family And Work

3 Weeks On!

3 weeks since surgery. All going well thankfully, getting a bit of work done with my new glamorous assistant/driver Julia!
Still on the O2 at night and out and about but not for too much longer hopefully. 34 more words


On the Way Home!

Back home at last after the ‘interesting’ trip to Melbourne. Was under the knife this time two weeks ago! All good so far and going better than the Prof who did the surgery expected, so if he it surprised him it must be good! 213 more words