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My favorite story through three songs.

Usually when you think about a great song, you think about the one that makes you the happiest that you can blare with all of your friends and sing all the words to. 374 more words


Flames of desireĀ 

I looked at him and found so much fire in his eyes & he held my hands and said that I smelled like sea.

I guess I’d rather burn to flames & he’d rather drown in me. 25 more words

lost and found, but rarely in that order

I know who I am.

I’m sure.

I’m this person with their defined beliefs and certain opinions.

I have no doubt in my mind.

I am who I am. 7 more words

Day 20: Deep

Finally finished it. Christ alive knows why I do this to myself.

PITT artist pens, Indian ink


You know that feeling you get when your “babe” showers you with endless amount of kisses and hugs when you have a really good conversation with them? 94 more words