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Pensacola Beach Florida, beautifully nestled in the Gulf of Mexico

White firey sand that barefoot children broke into dead sprint

Towards cooling but savory water filled with countless specimens of awe… 301 more words

Where Is My Mind?

I swear I’m being mentally tested by some sick powerh
Some Saw like version of a hazy rat  maze tempted
By tender heart strings and sanity’s sweet clairvoyant voice… 110 more words

Chase Hope 17

Lola felt great. It had been rougher than she’d expected, but she didn’t care; she was just so happy that she had finally been with him. 2,404 more words


Play the game 

Let’s pretend, just for today, all day long, throughout our every thought and decision, that life is easy, that everyone means well, and that time is on our side.

321 more words

only as deep

what makes the mood

so clear

and heard it was the temperture

and those on the need

and the very bounce

and dare it seems to step… 47 more words


And why shall you?

This poem is about Life when it f’s you up. I also you the metaphor of a soccer match to express that it is also a ‘game’… 136 more words