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Don’t let any trial keep you from moving ahead.

Listen to your heart and what the word says.

Don’t just read it, but live it out. 266 more words

Have You Ever Cheated in a Relationship?

Of all the questions I have asked before, this one received the least amount of responses because I believe it was too honest for most people but if I expect my informants to be honest, I have to be 100% honest as well, so I will answer the question first. 496 more words


Coyote sightings have West Haven residents on edge

WEST HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Coyotes have been caught on camera lurking in the night in West Haven.

Ashley Greenwood has seen coyotes in her residential neighborhood and that has her on edge. 325 more words


How NOT to be zen

My last post was at some point in May last year. Wow. One way NOT to be zen would be to read over my past posts and dwelve into the cringe-fest which is me, ranging from 4 years ago to yesterday. 724 more words

I Want

Salam Hello Namaste Aloha Hola, you guys!!! How you guys, hopefully doing perfect and all is well. Today I want to share a poem written by one of my dearest friend AMINA CHOUDARY. 306 more words


Do tablets for depression work? Not for me 

I went on tablets last August after a total meltdown last summer.

But I have to say they haven’t worked very well at all. They’re meant to help; but in my case they didn’t do much at all. 556 more words