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Rainbow Homes....

Busy roads and blinged lights…

Acting as numerous prisms…

The rain…

Mixed with our love and stirred to perfection…

Fall upon these beams of busyness… 9 more words

You shot a hole 

An emptiness inside, this fickle existence is bittersweet. Is this something that’s set in concrete?

You shot a hole – a gaping emptiness fills the walls of my chest. 63 more words


Chapter 8 : Deep

I haven’t been around lately because I had some things on my mind

and I couldn’t post anything because I didn’t know what to do and so I kept on contemplating without achieving anything. 385 more words


Hell March.

Each time I hear your voice,

Each time  I see your words,

The time does make confusing noise,

I question my own morals then.

My tongue can’t say ‘I love you’, 117 more words


How is my life I hear you ask?

It’s 2 am. First of all, procrastinating could be fun and all, but I did just that and kinda wanted to kill something. Something innocent. Like a bunny. 145 more words


Deep Secrets

Like the sea
Even humans
Have deep secrets
Buried inside the heart
You have to win
Their trust
And it is must.
To unveil
Those secrets