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Tuning into the melody of the soul

I was good enough at doing the tap dance of the world –

I knew how to hustle and please and survive.

But the moment I sensed a more ethereal melody… 111 more words

Deeper Life

Job description

Writing poetry feels exactly like taking care of children.

Ideas keep running up to me

“Mom Mom, write me first”

I have to take a deep breath and tell everybody to… 14 more words

Deeper Life

The illuminated path

I may never know, whose prayers first lit

the path beneath my feet.

But I think the best thank you note

is to march on, 28 more words

Deeper Life

A reminder to believe in miracles

I’ll never understand how you stopped believing.

The sun is shining, and your shades are drawn tight.

Why are you curled up in a ball on the couch, 181 more words

Deeper Life

Mystical love story

The first encounter feels like a helium balloon of love,

floating us gently to new heights of peace and sweetness we’d never fathomed.

Sooner or later, 121 more words

Deeper Life

The problem with contemplative prayer

When we spend time in silence contemplating God’s powerful unconditional love for us, He pours the perfection of His Spirit into us. It’s a beautiful thing. 586 more words

Deeper Life

Making glory out of grief

Oh gluttonous grief, you don’t scare me.

I know your heaviness is just a wooly blanket

that can’t suffocate the essential part of me.

I’ll sleep through the sadness and prickly heat as long as it takes. 141 more words

Deeper Life