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Why can’t I just love you

The way you love me;

Unconditionally, softly,

Truly, deeply.

I don’t comprehend the way I feel now.

I hope someday I will.


I'm waiting for your response yet...

For those who have websites will know what this means, It means someone – mostly from India has sent you an email asking if you would like them to do a web design and investigate your web site and give you a 20 page report on it. 361 more words

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a blessing and a curse 

through my many years of life and cycles of depression, i have a pretty good grasp on my emotions and feelings. for instance, i can physically recognize five different emotions; furrowed brow-confusion, tight jaw-anger, pursed lips-sadness, tight shoulders-stress, and tight gut- fear. 380 more words


Loving Fearlessly

I want to love fearlessly.  I want to love without questioning what might happen.  Without fearing separation or abandonment.  I want to love with the love that Jesus has for me.  589 more words

How to How To Deeply Clean Your Window Blinds – Tips From Home Decor in Dubai Experts

How to How To Deeply Clean Your Window Blinds – Tips From Home Decor in Dubai Experts. Hanging curtains or window blinds improves the look of your home. 19 more words

Thoroughly (Give the word a chance)

I thought of the word ‘thoroughly’ and felt bad about how it is rarely used in sentences (not by you but by me and the people I hang out with). 159 more words


When two bodies connect it’s nice, but when two Souls connect, that’s unforgettable.