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#115) Remembering Cimino

No animals were harmed during the writing of this blog post.

Late 1970s. A movement that recently dominated has shown signs of fading from public favor. 699 more words

Deer Hunter and White Corn Maiden

Deer Hunter and White Corn Maiden


Deer Hunter was the best hunter in the entire village. He always came back with a deer. White Corn Maiden was the best pot maker and the best embroiderer. 589 more words

Native American Tales

Ovi & The Caps: My Devastation

Going into game six of #WSHvsPIT the other night, I was prepared to be disappointed. And I was. But it hit me a lot harder than I was prepared for. 1,129 more words



Why is this called Deer Hunter? I have no fucking idea. But here’s some 24″ FGFS shred.


Top 10 Mobile Shooters - 2015

Shooters get the competitive juices flowing like no other genre of games, whether it’s just to beat your friends in a LAN match, strangers in online multiplayer, or an AI that has killed you over and over. 768 more words