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Me v EE ( How I sued EE for misrepresentation)

In November 2014 I was rather annoyed that suddenly my iPad was unable to access my free Deezer subscription that I have through my contract with EE for my mobile phone, especially as I had specifically asked whether that was the case when I took out the contract in-store. 1,405 more words

Could Apple Possibly Owning A Label Change The Face Of Streaming?

As some of you may be aware that there are rumours of Apple apparently to strike a deal with Big Machine, the record label that owns Taylor Swift. 594 more words

Deezer Takes Elite, Its High-Definition Music Service, Global With Sonos

Deezer, the music streaming service that competes against the likes of Spotify and Rdio with all-you-can-eat digital catalogues, is stepping up its strategy to target the higher end of the music market. 718 more words


Deezer's high-def audio service comes to Sonos speakers worldwide

Deezer’s high-definition music streaming tier is expanding beyond the U.S.: Sonos owners around the world can soon stream their music as high-definition FLAC files with bit rates of 1,411 kbps or higher by subscribing to Deezer Elite, as the new tier is being called. 299 more words

Are streaming services not supporting Artists?

Recent figures published from SNEP, a French trade body for recorded music, show that Artists only get an 11% share of total pay-outs from streaming services such as Spotify and Deezer; or €0.68 for every €9.99 subscription charge. 556 more words

Apple Goes Android?

Okay maybe not quite but they are making there first android app, yet to be named the app is using the existing platforms of Beats Music which Apple they recently acquired to create a Apple-branded streaming service for $7.99 per month but competing with likes of Deezer and Spotify will be a challenge meaning they will have to build its own android compatible application so it doesn’t miss out on customers and goes multi platform. 135 more words

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Spotify et Deezer plus forts que le téléchargement de musique !

Spotify et Deezer plus forts que le téléchargement de musique ! – PhonAndroid.

Plutôt Spotify, Deezer ou plutôt CD, Vinyles et audiothèque pleine ? Si vous faites partie de la première catégorie alors vous faites partie de la majorité des utilisateurs. 325 more words

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