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Domestic terror group Antifa planning nationwide 'Deface Columbus Day' actions

(National SentinelDomestic Violence: Members of an organization the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI have designated as a domestic terrorist group are planning to disrupt Columbus Day by defacing statues of explorer Christopher Columbus, who is credited with discovering a land mass that would eventually become the United States. 292 more words

Assignment 1: research on defacement

I made a conscious decision to get cracking on at least a draft version of Assignment 1 before doing a significant amount of research into other photographers, as I wanted to produce some initial work without outside influence. 1,213 more words

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Pharming, Phishing & Website Defacement

What is Pharming Attack?
Pharming, this is a sophisticated technique that allows automatically redirecting a user to a malicious site. It means, it redirects you to some malicious website without your knowledge. 888 more words


#OpIcarus Cyber Campaign - Round 5

Hacktivists recently launched the fifth phase of the #OpIcarus cyber campaign (also dubbed #OpSacred) against the financial sector around the world. This campaign was first launched in February 2016, and as in previous phases, the official target list contains mainly websites of central banks around the world. 108 more words


Really hope this creative defacing of Tory posters doesn't catch on #GE17

It has come to the attention of the SKWAWKBOX that a campaign of defacement of Tory campaign posters has been underway in the Colne Valley constituency. 272 more words