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The Expat Locationship

My friend Maple-Syrup explained her theory of expat locationships at the top of steep stone stairway that clung to the wall of Rumeli Hisari fortress in Istanbul. 457 more words

Expat Life

Tiki Weeki

I’m baaaaack!

Ten days in the British Virgin Islands with no internet, then home to a wedding for Kiddo the Eldest and his beautiful new bride, plus 10 to 18 family members inhabiting the old homestead, and there just wasn’t any time left to do anything but drink. 628 more words


IFR to Meadows (KBFL) - May 2015

Today a friend of mine and me flew to KBFL. It was overcast in EMT so we have to take off IFR and stay on IFR flight plan. 48 more words


How to Change Anki's Language

Anki’s language can seem pretty much fixed. There is nowhere in the settings to change it.

So if you started with it in English as a newbie and now have a set of massive decks, it looks like you’re stuck with an English interface. 542 more words


Wells Accused of Profiting from Foreclosure Relief Program

Comment: Wells has continually defrauded homeowners with the collection of modified payments only to breach those mods and summarily foreclose on the homeowner.  These defaulted notes are paid off, and servicers are acquiring these properties IN THEIR OWN NAME, to be sold off and the proceeds go into their coffers. 420 more words


Why You Shouldn't Panic About Your Federal Student Loans

From WiseBread New Graduate Help Center: Reyna Gobel, Student Loans Expert

Dear Not-Yet-In-Trouble Federal Student Loan Borrower,

You might have heard that the Department of Education will be sending out letters to millions of student loans borrowers. 945 more words


Defusing the bomb.

A close friend of mine and I like to threaten each other with “mutually assured destruction” — the idea that we know too much about each other and therefore live under the threat that either of us could cause real mayhem for the other. 1,021 more words