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The world reacts to Western Europe's industrialization! (NOT CLICKBAIT!) (GONE WRONG)

The time period of 1750-1900 was a wacky time for most of Asia, mainly due to Western Europe’s rapid industrialization rate. Great Britain, in particular, decided to go on an imperial rampage and conquer everything they could, including India and several parts of Africa. 1,005 more words


Again the dusk has punched the clock
Another day is gone,
Tomorrow has not yet come
But there is hope
For the bright day
But we stuck up in between “But” & “Ifs” 113 more words


Beneath this man

The sequel of a crazy couple

728 (sevenhundredtwentyeght!!) pages for a story what can be summarized in max 60 pages. In the meantime, I lost my interest in books and also need a break for using my eyes for reading. 316 more words


25% off on my 100 Textures Pack - Vol. 1

Celebrating this year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday my 100 Textures Pack is on sale in Blender Market from the 24th to the 27th November.

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Google is once again Firefox’s default search engine as Mozilla terminates Yahoo deal

(Source: 9to5google.com)

Firefox Quantum brought a major update to Mozilla’s browser and it makes a lot of changes for the better. One of those changes is minor, but definitely an improvement — Google is once again the default search engine. 291 more words


How to create Marie Antoinette makeup.

In memory of Marie Antoinette’s birthday- which was on the second of November, I dedicate this post to her, to me she was definitely a style icon. 184 more words