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Free recharge

We all use data for our internet needs. There are few apps which you can use to earn Talktime as we’ll.

I just discovered an app called mCent that gives free mobile airtime for trying apps on your phone. 85 more words


"How The GOP Made Fiscal Responsibility Look Irresponsible": It's A Matter Of When, Not If, Republicans Will Cave

It’s a minor miracle: Both houses of the Republican-controlled Congress have passed a budget.

Now, that’s the easy part compared to getting appropriations bills to Obama’s desk that he will actually sign. 704 more words


IDW Comics Announces 'Godzilla In Hell'

Godzilla Faces The Fiery Inferno Of Hell Itself!

Abandon All Hope…

In over six decades of battles and triumphs, Godzilla has never faced a challenge as great as what’s coming his way this July, when Godzilla goes to hell! 409 more words


reaction to Grief- became very willing to go along with wishes of others.

One thing I can definitely associate with when my parents were ill. If the situation was at its more critical points we were very willing to comply with the instructions and directives of others we saw as part of the medical establishment. 513 more words


대화에 대한 단상

얼마전에 어떤 사람을 우연히 만났다. 밥을 먹고 한참 있다가 “근데 우리 오늘 대화의 70~80%가 정치, 사회였던거 알지?”라는 말을 꺼냈다. 흠… 당황스럽지는 않았는데 뭐라고 대꾸해야될지 조금 고민했다.


Pick a card, any card.

I’m in a gambling mood tonight. Hey, I know…let’s pull a recipe card at random out of my little ceramic tray of ever increasing 3 x 5 index cards shall we? 549 more words


Bàn về Thiên Ấn cách

Thiên Ấn cách

Thiên Ấn cách chính là lấy nhật can của bát tự làm trung tâm, gọi nhật trụ là ” Nguyên thần”, lại có khi gọi là ” Nhật nguyên”, hoặc ” Nhật chủ”, đây đều chỉ địa vị trung tâm của nhật can mà nói. 4,961 more words