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Choosing you default editor for git in unix system.

I used to love “nano” for a long time. But recently, I gave a try to vi and I am quite happy with it.

We can change our default editor in unix system with simple command. 24 more words


Brochure Project

Design a brochure for a company.

1. I began by using illustrator to design a new logo for this project. I knew I wanted something really simple, but would stand out and be memorable. 283 more words


25 Days of Gratitude

As Christmas approaches this year, I’m reflecting on what I’m grateful for. What brings you joy each day? Think about what gifts you can give to yourself as you prepare to give to others. 44 more words



Life is full of unintended consequences, often as reactions to technological advances or well intended legislation. One glaring example is in the Civil rights arena. That much needed social movement brought with it an explosion in the homeless population because many people suffering from addiction or mental illness suddenly had the right to choose or refuse treatment. 976 more words

How to Make Google Default Search Engine in Microsoft Edge Browser

Windows 10 came with Microsoft edge browser preloaded, but uses Bing as the default search engine. If you want to make Google the default search engine, you will have to do some settings changes in the Microsoft edge browser. 136 more words