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IBM IMM default username and password

As working with IBM Servers (including System x or BladeCenter), you should know about the IBM integrated management module which provides out-of-band management capability for IBM Servers. 106 more words


Ok, this is my point of view. Maybe there are some points you will agree, maybe there are some points you will disagree and it is normal. 1,098 more words


C-SPAN reports the war against all Puerto Ricans

With Puerto Rico on the edge of bankruptcy, and its Governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla declaring that its public debt of $73 billion is “not payable,” C-SPAN has just released an hour-long interview on the War Against All Puerto Ricans. 217 more words


Proof that welfare does not work. Greece was a true welfare/socialistic state, giving every conceivable benefit to its citizens, and when they finally figured out that they had not money to continue to do this, they did what any good welfare state would do, they asked for welfare from the world… And they got it… Shockingly (NOT!) they could not repay the “loan”…

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Meanwhile in Greece...

July dawned on Greece ominously; with shuttered banks and shattered dreams and a huge dept and a default and an upcoming referendum and queues by worried pensioners in front of the few banks that opened to facilitate people with no debit cards (in Greece, elderly pensioners without debit cards are the majority) and faintings and panic and the very real possibility of an exit from the eurozone and the EU and the unnerving uncertainty of what tomorrow may bring. 142 more words


Trick of the Light

To link up with The Platform at http://withrealtoads.blogspot.se/ this is a poem from my debut collection, Fault Line, just published by Lapwing

You are looking at a lie I wanted to say. 111 more words



Credit Reference Bureau Regulations, 2013

“institutions licensed under the Banking Act and Microfinance Act are now required to share positive and negative credit information through licensed credit reference bureaus. 662 more words