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21st Century..

Welcome to the 21st century
Where every “Wonder” is replaced by “www.Google.Com”
Where “Granny’s” story is replaced by “YouTube”
Where “Civilisation” is replaced with “Criticism”
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Driving under the Influence of High Sensitivity: conquering road rage as an HSP

Photo by Taras Makarenko on Pexels.com

If you’ve been attracted to this post, its likely that driving is the bane of your existance. As you drive, you take in every sound, every lane change, the moods of the other drivers you see on the road, the scenery, and every pump of the break on the way to your destination. 842 more words

Elain Aron


Jin” is a Manga written by Motoka Murakami. Jin was published from 2000-2010. It seems to be finished but has never been released in English so until recently it was impossible to read it unless you use unofficial translation. 224 more words