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“Never violate the sacredness of your individual self-respect.”
Devastator (noun) ‘Google’
Devastator ‘Rhoanne’
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Quote of the Day

Sometimes the pain never really goes away. You just learn to live with it.

Failures And Heartache

A Reminder Set-Lest We Forget (5)

A true winning feat-

To know that “some” were not successful in combining Social Security with Wall Street.



The Five Senses of Me

Talk to me like I’m glass

And you’re afraid to get cut

Touch me like I’m a corpse

And you can’t shake me awake

Listen like I’m a rerun… 33 more words



Not ready, never will be

8am I will come face to face with you

Dissapointed not scared

Defeated not confident

Feeling like I wasted a whole summer focused on you… 62 more words


Look Up

If you want to be distressedlook within.

If you want to be defeatedlook back.

If you want to be… 410 more words

Christian Life

"sadder but wiser"

i was playing catchphrase at some point during the pool party i went to last night, and someone got “sadder but wiser” as a prompt.  i thought about it and immediately jotted it down in my notes app to blog about later. 63 more words