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He Said To Me So Clear

The voice of one of the characters from my journal spoke to me. He said…Brenda,you don’t have mental illness. It was as real as it gets…like he was right here with me. 268 more words


Accepting powerlessness

2016 Sep 07

0014 Starting a late mte healing. While she was talking about where the pain was located I got a twinge of discomfort in my back, just on the left side of my spine, it seems to be about a 7cm long slightly curved line, in my minds eye, about 45 degrees to the vertical. 497 more words

I Wish I Could Disappear

I Don’t Want To Exist Anymore

It has been just nine days into the new year and I just feel so worthless. It feels like nothing is going right and everything is going wrong and I am working so hard to fix it and then it just fails. 577 more words


If this blog is a way for me to express myself and help me find my voice, is it safe to say I feel defeated today? 90 more words

a boy




crushed way-

hangs his

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