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The Blank Page Ministry

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You know, the time in your life where absolutely nothing is happening.
(Well at least nothing good that’s worthy of noting.) 341 more words


Another sour love story (My All)

Here we go again
That feeling of being worn out
Being defeated
After giving all you had, but you didn’t receive what you deserved
After all the attention, care, support, gifts, sacrifices, and every other thing you could give, only for her to come up short… 163 more words


Pro Gamers Should Use Their Real Names

(Source: compete.kotaku.com)

Me and my friends, Josh, Ricky, Steve, and Gary playing games. Photo credit: AP

Here’s some helpful advice from me, a guy with a surface-level interest in esports, to you, the pro gamer: Use your real name instead of some gamer handle. 215 more words



So far my morning has consisted of nothing going right. My whole day plan has fallen apart for various reasons and I have had to rescue my nearly 1 year old multiple times from putting yuk things in her mouth.. 923 more words

Life Lessons

Battling In security

I was in a fun text thread with some friends a few days ago. Our conversation turned towards the progression of each of our professional/work paths. 710 more words

Praising God, or the moment?

This afternoon, as I was out driving, a wave of discouragement came over me. I had been in a fine mood all day, just taking care of things I needed to. 902 more words



The scene was dark and humid. So little light I could hardly see. The light that did make it in glistened off the man’s sweat. He was clearly struggling to break free from something. 646 more words