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Without Compass

Need you

Touch me

Pressure each finger and your palm on my male breast

Let me follow the invisible lines of your black and red finger nails… 126 more words



I’m fine, thanks. 

But what I really want to say but I am not really saying is that no, I am not fine. I feel : 269 more words


We Are Waging war!

I think I should start doing what’s on my playlist kinda post. Anyways, I’ve been somewhat stressed out this week and asides  yoga and prayer, listening to gospels whilst revising has been my therapy. 364 more words



We all plan our lives and almost schedule everything that we want to achieve but it always never works out according to planned. As human beings, we spend our lives strategizing to a point where we never stop to think what if all that we plan ends up in vain. 356 more words

Done and Done!

Ever just feel defeated? In the last 2 1/2 weeks the following has happened:

  • I was dating a guy who not only ended up having severe PTSD, but he lied about how long he’s been here when he told me a month.
  • 270 more words
Starting Anew

Saying ‘anti-Semitism defeated,’ Israelis fete Macron victory

Several Israeli lawmakers from across the political spectrum welcomed the victory of centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron in France’s presidential election on Sunday, breathing a sigh of relief over the defeat of far-right candidate Marine Le Pen. 664 more words

Daily News

Why do we feel broken??

Have you ever woken up and said to yourself, “I need to get my lazy ass to the gym”, but then you sit through the excruciating pain thinking about all the effort you need to put in to drive all the way, do your warm ups, pick up some weights, do a bunch of sets, hit the cardio, stretch, drive back, shower, straighten up your room, do your chores and then you’re like “Hell naww” and just sign into Netflix instead? 1,332 more words