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Defeated Gambian Leader Ends Standoff and Boards a Flight Into Exile

“I am truly and sincerely proud of being of service to you,” he said in a somber speech. With Mr. Jammeh’s long record of unpredictability, many Gambians had questioned whether…


Gambia’s defeated leader leaves country, ends standoff

BANJUL, Gambia (AP) — Gambia’s defeated leader Yahya Jammeh and his family headed into political exile Saturday night, ending a 22-year reign of fear and a post-election political…


Gambia: Defeated President Yahya Jammeh faces military showdown

Thousands of troops from Senegal entered Gambia on Thursday, while the UN Security Council has backed an effort by regional states to remove Jammeh as president. The Commission of the…


Super Arrogant

Robin Girl tries to stop an intruder. But apparently she underestimated this intruder and taste a lesson she will never forget.

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6/29/16 4:43pm

​Is your sole aim in life to make me miserable?! You’re the one that’s suppose to watch over me, guide me, advise me through life…and nothing. 211 more words

Superia The Parole 1

A notorious sex crazed criminal is released on parole and the mighty Superia is sent to act as his second parole officer. This doesn’t sit well with Jackson but megaia makes it clear that its her way or nothing. 96 more words


Feelings are just a visitors

After big storms, there always come peace. Feelings are just visitors. They come and go. Dont be confused because of it. Know that you are free. 150 more words