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I Would Say Shoot Me In The Head But Last Time I Just Got A Headache

Or should I say my life really sux! No really really really sux!

To start, yes I have been shot in the head. I just dented it at the hairline above my left eye. 310 more words


I know I'm not the only one, but still feel like the only one.....

Can I just cry?! I just do not understand why I’m being tested so hard. Why?! Today was just a rough day. I went to work and cried. 513 more words

When the fog disappears the truth appears

It’s said that the outcome of the epic Battle of Waterloo was communicated by a system of flashing lights in church steeples, stretching from Waterloo to Calais and across the English Channel to Dover and on to London. 109 more words


My latest diagnosis...

I had my first appointment with a Urologist today, and it looks like I can add him to my list of doctors I have to see regularly. 364 more words


Never walk around feeling defeated. Never give up. God has gifted you the gift of leadership do not waste it.

God placed us on Earth to represent him. 36 more words


Unreachable goals

Okay I give up already, blogging everyday is impossible! I haven’t written since Sunday and it’s already Thursday. How is it Thursday?!

I feel really stressed and down and anxious this week. 47 more words