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Soul-crushing failure.

Failing to get straight into vet

 Waiting for January to come around was nerve-wracking. If you’ve read my previous blog you should probably be able to hear the undertone of disappointment and sadness. 80 more words

Three things I never pray for

Recently, I wrote a blog about the ten tools to tread through tough times.  In the blog, one of the tools was faith.  Now, there are three things that I desperately need in my life yet I have learned not to ever pray for.  210 more words


Corporate Bullies.

I haven’t been keeping up with this as much as I thought I would. Too busy living I guess and that’s a good thing. I recently just came back from Coachella last week and I’m still trying to get back to the flow of things. 1,257 more words


I Will Not Be Defeated

I have been going through many changes recently, changing different elements of my personality or behaviors so that I can be a better me.  In some respects, I have been able to measure progress through easily, and I am thrilled with how different my life has become because of simple changes in my actions. 737 more words

so lost

I haven’t been on in a while mostly because of the rage I feel when talking about Eva’s therapy. These people are playing catch up with me and when I ask to get help moving forward all I get is a brick wall to run into. 120 more words


Weight loss without partner support - Destined for failure? Worst night I have had.  

After my initial blog post today, my closing note was “today I feel : empowered” – now only a few hours later, I couldn’t feel any more defeated. 800 more words

The world is only minutes away

I wrote this last night but did not feel happy with it, I wanted to show how far I have travelled with my healing. I’ve done a few essays lately on my life. 307 more words