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Significance of Mobile Application Testing

Testing applications on mobile devices is more challenging than testing web apps on desktop due to

  • Different range of mobile devices with different screen sizes and hardware configurations like hard keypad, virtual keypad (touch screen) and trackball etc.
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Test Case Components

Test Case Components 

The Main Components are


2. Setup condition

3.Main Objective

4. Actual steps which shows be as possible describing how to i/p such thing and what is expecting as an output… 294 more words


Test Case Design & Documentation

Test Design : Specifying the test cases

Its creating and writing test suite for testing a s/w

Test Suites or Test Bed:

Its an environment that contain the h/w and s/w needed to test a s/w component or s/w system. 534 more words


Morning thinking: on the existential statements.

Better to be themselves with their own flaws, that being fake people like dolls enriched desired qualities by others.


New Hampshire energy cooperative says all Elster Smart Meters purchased are defective

The Cooperative claims that the meters are accurate, however. 

From the Laconia Daily Sun

New ‘Smart’ Electric Meters Not So Smart
By Bea Lewis, for the Laconia Daily Sun… 1,053 more words

Principles of Software Testing

1.Testing shows the presents of defects

Its can shows the defects of presents, but can’t prove these are no defects even after testing the application or product, therefore we can’t say that the product is  either 100%  defect or not… 315 more words


plumbing leaks (again)

In a previous post I pointed to water leaks caused by a plumber (Silverdale Plumbing of Silverdale WA) so sloppy he didn’t know how to properly install plastic sink drains. 222 more words