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Breaking Down the Walls Around Your Heart

Life is like a wave filled with up’s & down’s.  Downs can have a harshness to it loaded with powerful words that strike like bullets ~ often a one-way-ticket into retrieval, leaving no room for trust. 673 more words

Our mental homes.

At the start of spiritual practice, ordinary mind is like a house built on thought and experience that over the course of time has come to be seen as our natural state. 434 more words


Parenting Anxiety can be contagious: how not to pass it on to your children

It’s very understandable to feel anxious about the arrival of a new baby. The life is going to change drastically, we might worry if the baby will be healthy and is the birth going to go well. 906 more words


How To Fight Depression– Exercise

I hate that people always tell my the answer is to eat healthier & exercise. Like I know this but I’m trying to find an easier solution. 179 more words

“So the next time you find yourself mulling over the idea of being alone just remember you have never been alone and you will never be alone.”


Born Alone. Die Alone

I often here people saying “We’re born alone. We die alone”, however this couldn’t be furthered from the truth. From the moment we are conceived we become one with our mother. 172 more words


New mum joins the club - getting support from the group

BBC Radio4 broadcasted an interesting interview with sociologist Dr Jennie Bristow and editor-in-chief of Netmums Anne-Marie O’Leary about supportive role of friendship during early stages of motherhood. 1,029 more words