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Am I Projecting or Are Other People The Problem?

“Oh you’re just projecting,” is what people say to me whenever I point out their flaws. Was my pointing out their flaws unsolicited? Of course it was. 761 more words


The Strategy of Illusory Control.

The Buddhist teaching of Dependent Origination states that no being or phenomena exist independently of other beings and phenomena. You would not be where you are today if it were not for the society that supports you with food, transportation, jobs and goods. 696 more words


Anna Freud - Defence mechanisms - Psychotherapy | ‌آنا فروید و مکانیسم‌های دفاعی - با زیرنویس فارسی

Anna Freud – Defence mechanisms – Psychotherapy | ‌آنا فروید و مکانیسم‌های دفاعی – با زیرنویس فارسی
لینک برای مشاهده این ویدئو در کانال من در سایت آپارات:‌ … 29 more words

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Coming back to school - why it is an emotional experience

Children are soon going to go back to school after two months of holiday. For some it was time filled with pleasures, alarm free waking up, visits to families and exciting adventures. 644 more words


Therapy tales

Psychotherapy today was heavy going. My therapist told me that she often sees “four or five” versions of me in the space of one session. These she referred to as ‘masks’ or defence mechanisms, which are brought out if ever I feel uncomfortable with the topic under discussion. 216 more words

Desire to want

As a child who loved colour,
I had always been full of vigour.
With my mind made up,
to own the ‘best make up’.

Or should I say, the ‘most make up’? 268 more words

Deep Thoughts

Feeling Defensive

In the 2010 psychological thriller, Shutter Island, (which I recommend), there is a scene where Marshall Daniels gets questioned about his nature and habits, leading to psychiatrist Dr Naehring commenting on his ‘defense mechanisms’. 1,086 more words