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Feeling Defensive

In the 2010 psychological thriller, Shutter Island, (which I recommend), there is a scene where Marshall Daniels gets questioned about his nature and habits, leading to psychiatrist Dr Naehring commenting on his ‘defense mechanisms’. 1,086 more words



What hides beneath that wretched skin
Sewn in unconscious thread
Affecting heart and mind and soul
That weighs heavy as lead

What conflict duels within unseen… 54 more words


What Is Vulnerability?

A friend and I had a fascinating conversation once about the difference between vulnerability and openness. The concept came up again this week as someone asked me how I deal with being so honest on this blog, online. 1,214 more words

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Ordinary Parents

Royal Mother
Kate Middleton – The Duchess of Cambridge – gave birth to her second baby. It’s not this fact itself, what brought me to write this post, but… 756 more words


Today Is Always Your Cheapest Day - Avoiding Burnout

Do you ever feel like things are getting out of control? You have all these grand, beautiful plans, and they are just slipping between your fingers, one missed deadline at a time. 2,908 more words

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Evolution of Consciousness: Kinks in the Mind

Last time we looked at how consciousness evolves through various stages of development. In this post we’ll look at what happens when this process goes wrong. 1,557 more words


In Honour of Tears

I started off calling this post “I love tears,” but after leaving the text in a metaphorical drawer for a while, I came back and changed it.  1,513 more words

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