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Freud Conference, Melbourne 2018 (26 May 2018)

Freud Conference, Melbourne 2018 (26 May 2018)

Interview with Phillip Stoko – Psycho analyst – who delivered 2 papers:
1) Where have all the adults gone? 902 more words

Canberra Psychologist

Inside Fictional Minds: psychology for writers workshop, Chester

A weekend workshop ‘Inside Fictional Minds’ will take place 30th June to 1st July in central Chester. It aims to use psychological theories to add depth to your fictional character development. 151 more words

Creative Writing

Trans activist defence mechanisms (evolving list of examples)

It is anyone’s guess what proportion of trans activism involves deliberate gaslighting and what proportion involves vulnerable people with certain personality profiles employing immature defence mechanisms. 1,201 more words

Gender Self-identification


I am fortunate enough to be able to use my dad’s truck to be able to get to school and back as I live about 45 minutes away from the college. 269 more words

Defence Mechanisms


One night when my mom was working late, it was just my dad and I home for dinner and so I said that I would do the dishes after he was finished so that my mom would not feel overwhelmed and compelled to clean the kitchen. 65 more words

Defence Mechanisms


A couple months ago, while I was working at a little convenient store, my bosses were going to be late getting back from Toronto where they were doing their usual shopping run for some of the items that they sell. 219 more words

Defence Mechanisms

The job offer, part 2: defence mechanisms

The time of choosing the safe vs. the right-for-me came.
My first employment in the new not-even-started-yet business was my ole friends, the brothers Defence Mechanisms (DMs).* 631 more words