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Denial as a defence

I know I haven’t written anything on here for a while now.  Maybe because I haven’t really felt the need to.  Maybe I’ve been too busy.  945 more words

Theories of defence mechanisms

Currently reading ‘Psychology for dummies’, which breaks down various areas of psychology into bitesize chunks. This is perfect as it consumes less reading time, but a better overview of what areas I should look into further in future readings. 215 more words


Breaking Down the Walls Around Your Heart

Life is like a wave filled with up’s & down’s.  Downs can have a harshness to it loaded with powerful words that strike like bullets ~ often a one-way-ticket into retrieval, leaving no room for trust. 673 more words

Our mental homes.

At the start of spiritual practice, ordinary mind is like a house built on thought and experience that over the course of time has come to be seen as our natural state. 434 more words


Parenting Anxiety can be contagious: how not to pass it on to your children

It’s very understandable to feel anxious about the arrival of a new baby. The life is going to change drastically, we might worry if the baby will be healthy and is the birth going to go well. 906 more words