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Evolution of Consciousness: Kinks in the Mind

Last time we looked at how consciousness evolves through various stages of development. In this post we’ll look at what happens when this process goes wrong. 1,557 more words


In Honour of Tears

I started off calling this post “I love tears,” but after leaving the text in a metaphorical drawer for a while, I came back and changed it.  1,513 more words

Rachel's Thoughts


Sometimes I feel like a fraud. A spoilt, selfish little girl who has brought all her suffering upon herself by being unwilling to simply take ownership of her own emotions. 438 more words

Mental Illness

This lady's not for turning

God knows I’m stubborn.

I’ve often considered this a good thing; credited it, in fact, with my very survival in a world where others told me I’d amount to nothing. 356 more words

The Story So Far

The walk to and from therapy

The morning is filled with cuckoo spit and loosed, bloody feathers. Grey air is clogging my lungs and a thin, oily residue of shame seperates me from living things, once again. 92 more words

Throw Aways

A God kind of Love...

I dare say there are very few to have walked this earth that know the God kind of Love. This man only recently had that love revealed to him through a visitation of that Love and it broke him down to ashes. 350 more words

The 'will to meaning'

We may not dwell on it day in, day out, but we all need meaning. In fact it seems man has a need for meaning in his life almost as surely as he has a need for food and for water. 548 more words