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Hands off the Taliban

There has been a fair amount of chatter on Twitter and in the main stream media recently about an incident in Afghanistan on 28 April 2013 which involved the Liberal candidate for Canning, former Special Air Service Regiment officer Andrew Hastie. 1,402 more words


2015 Elections, Peace building and the art of questions

Questions teach. Questions open doors to learning and discovery for both the one who asks and those to whom the question is directed. During elections voices are heard. 818 more words

Armed Conflict


I’m having my one leg on a chair, a discomfort and pain. I listen to old songs.

These tunes have the ability to penetrate as a corkscrew layers of cork and get to the spirit. 212 more words

China’s newest powerful anti-ship missiles can sink Aegis destroyer

The following is based on a translation of a report on a Chinese news site:

War.163.com says in its report that the land-based version of the YJ-18 is now using a new generation of Changjian-XX ground-to-surface and ground-to-ground cruise missile and an anti-ship missile, which is able to sink an Aegis destroyer. 260 more words


Newcastle: a better attack for them, but a better attacking performance from us wins

Ahh match day. Is there a finer thing? I think not. For it brings a sense of hope, of redemption, of anticipation and of a love that you and I know all too well. 760 more words


ARMA3 - Vehicles as cover - Ifrit, Hunter and Hatchback

Police place the vehicle between themselves and the hostile force and use the vehicle for cover. A hardened military vehicle will provide some level of protection if emplaced between friendly and enemy forces properly…

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ARMA 3 - Defensively Countering AI with Smoke

Obscuring Smoke – Infantry

This post is a small test on using smoke grenades to increase survivability when crossing AI positions in urban environments of ARMA 3. 322 more words