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Defence Secretary opens new David Brown Santasalo in Lockwood

Jason was delighted that the Secretary of State for Defence the Rt Hon Sir Michael Fallon MP visited David Brown Santasalo Gears in Lockwood.

The Defence Secretary officially opened the new Type 26 Global Combat Ship Gearbox Assembly and Test Facility at the Lockwood site. 14 more words


EU Defence [What Think Tanks are Thinking]

Written by Marcin Grajewski,

Europe’s increasingly unstable neighbourhood, Britain’s plans to leave the European Union and a search for potentially successful areas of cooperation amid several crises have all renewed momentum for increased EU defence cooperation. 533 more words


Stephen Lickrish Solicitors - Criminal Defence for Individuals & Businesses

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Obama endorses mutiny

In his final days as President, Obama has still not learnt that he shouldn’t talk down to people. He did it at Brexit. He did it to an audience of African Americans telling them they’d… 708 more words


BREAKING:-NDTV ने पाकिस्तानी चैनल पर भारत को किया शर्मसार,विडियो देखें !!!

आज NDTV चैनल की कोई भी न्यूज़ आती है तो लोगो में क्रोध उत्पन्न हो जाता है . NDTV के

देखें सिफुजी की कमांडो ट्रेनिंग का वो विडियो,जिसे देख दुश्मन भी कांप उठे!!!

आज कल जो इंसान जोरो- शोरों से चर्चा में छाए हुए है वो है ग्रांडमास्टर शिफूजी, इनका भारत के लिए