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Rafale, Gripen and LCA - Key to Solving IAF's Dwindling Fighter Problem

Recently there has been a lot of Hue and Cry about the Rafale deal in the press and just yesterday , The ever reticent AK Anthony, who was surprisingly silent all throughout his tenure as the Defence minister came out attacking the Rafale deal which is under negotiation with France. 2,528 more words


The Chinese 'century' is already over

Last Sunday, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry completed a two-day trip to Beijing. The day before, Indian prime minister Narendra Modi wrapped up his… 1,067 more words


Shooting from the hip? Mozgovoy Assassination

Last evening, Alexie Mozgovoy, commander of the Ghost Battalion, within the “Luhansk People’s Republic” met an untimely death.  He was assassinated on the road between Luhansk and the Ghost Battalion stronghold of Alchevsk. 938 more words


Boosting India's Underwater and Amphibious capabilties

If there is one branch of the Indian Armed forces that has succeeded to an extent with “Make in India” and long term planning it is the Indian Navy. 1,402 more words


When the Going Gets Tough

Or “101 ways to stop you from killing an enemy”

In the beginning there were enemies. They had defence, and they had hit-points: as far as killing them went, that was basically all you needed to know. 1,547 more words


Some while ago I was asked to define my political thoughts and I came up with the following aspirations. That needs a bit of explaining. I think the problem with politics today is that parties think in terms of policies in such a way as to suggest that they have lost sight of what they are there to do. 482 more words

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