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Defenceless - Haiku

She fought her feelings,

Battled notions of love and

Romantic dealings,

But Cupid is smart;

Arrow strung, he took his aim,

Struck her through the heart. 21 more words


A world of Paradoxes

It’s shocking how humans are capable of turning a blind eye to atrocity as long as they are benefitting from it. But torment for torment, because… 111 more words



Drugged senseless
brilliant knowledge lost,
while render, 29 more words



An Apprentice in Love

I have been in love with you forever

A man among men and oh so clever

Standing in your wake ever an apprentice… 58 more words



Just the chainlink fence to get past and she would be free.Trying to stay focused and not
allow her mind to get ahead of her.There would be plenty of time for fantasizing and actually enjoying the freedom for real.Just a few more seconds to cut through the wire,and to freedom. 183 more words

Creative Writing Prompts.



This is what could dare to compare itself to this feeling
Of feeling lost within yourself
Feeling unable to bear anything more

When you become… 133 more words

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