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Dropped some coin on the full Defender's Quest

I can’t think of any better way for a game to say “Welcome to Paid Content” than having a Red Dragon join your party. Ironically, the Red Dragon may be the weakest member of my party, given how hard I was grinding to get 3 stars on all of the Demo missions. 154 more words


Defender's Quest: A Review and Conclusions on Integrating Tower Defense into Tabletop RPGs

As I mentioned the other day, I may have finally found a game on which I could model a Tower Defense-style D&D encounter. The game is Defender’s Quest and the first half of it is available to play for free on Kongregate. 1,161 more words


Defender's Quest: Valley of the Forgotten

Defender’s Quest is an RPG-slash-tower-defense game that somehow manages to do both categories well. Admittedly, it’s way more tower defense than RPG, but fans of both should be suitably appeased. 404 more words

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