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Guarding the Nest

This killdeer bird is loudly protecting her ground-based nest of three eggs. Her nearby partner feigned a broken wing to draw attention away from the scene.

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The art of defending

‘Play it out from the back’ quite possibly the most over used phrase in English football. Free – flowing attacking football seems to be the main trend at the moment especially in the Premier League. 548 more words


Shapes of Women: Warrior

Like Dorothy, I find myself dragged into other people’s beefs in the story ‘Munchkin Land.’

Being of bookish, quiet character, I never thought of myself as any sort of warrior until I explored this prompt. 1,196 more words

Kijo Poem

Is It Absolutely Necessary to be Rude?

Think. Think before you speak.

This cannot be stressed enough and I think it’s time I addressed it.

It’s completely okay to get defensive about something you feel strongly towards – maybe a book/poem you wrote from the bottom of your heart or a song/movie/book that touched you to the core.

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The One With My Own

The most common mistake in the defensive phase

Just as an attacker is instinctively attracted towards the ball, a defender is attracted towards a striker. During the attacking phase, we use this to drag the defenders out of position and create space. 200 more words

Tactics Analysis

racist Rudy Giuliani representing racist Donald Trump and defending Ivanka Trump

talk about a Klan Party coming together?

then you got this turkey Rudy Never won a Major Position despite being from New York

and in the Public eye for four decades trying to defend Ivanka Trump and her Corrupt husband Jarad Kushner  and they all guilty and this is embarassing. 27 more words