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Cam Newton Defends Walking Out Of Super Bowl Post-Game Press Conference

Cam Newton responds to critics who bashed him for walking out of the Super Bowl post-game press conference.

Cam Newton isn’t here to be liked, he’s here to win football games. 264 more words

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A Cornered Prince Part 4

Silence was the only reply, although Talet could only see five men since stepping outside the door his eyes were slowly getting used the the darkness. 577 more words


Defending your Salvation

The reason why many believers defend their salvation is because they do not know Jesus Christ. They do not have salvation. Salvation is not a guarantee, it is not a possession, we don’t need to defend it. 341 more words

Defending principles of play

Defending principles

Defending principles of play are about denying the team in possession space. The defending team attempts to get all its players back behind the ball, applying pressure to the player in possession both individually and as a team. 603 more words

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2016 Schedule

With last nights news that we won’t be getting any more Doctor Who until Christmas Day this year, it has kind of thrown everyone who makes Who related content off axis slightly; this will be the longest gap we haven’t had any Doctor Who since the revival. 208 more words

God is not the Haters - Homosexuality and the Mormon Church

This is a letter that is, once again, open for discussion. I’m not afraid and I have nothing to hide. I’m just sick. I’m sick thinking about the misinformed. 2,079 more words


1 v 1 Dribble / Give-off Drill [OnlineSoccerMastery]

Not sure what I think about this, but seemed interesting enough. Unclear how the give-off is supposed to work: the players that go against the defender’s direction have a better shot at goal (obviously) but not sure whether they’re supposed to figure that out or the coach advises that, etc. 14 more words