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The World Cup performance 

Indians are crushed by the Australian in Australia once again ,some things in history don’t change .

Like today we couldn’t chase  300+ against Australia even after playing in their country for the last 4 months  ,chasing is surely are biggest weakness ,losing a toss is another thing that goes wrong with us . 284 more words



It might have been profitable to have asked this question more and sooner. Like, before ShotSpotters were in all the cities.


One of the downsides of my youthful ambition that drove me straight through school as quickly as possible before getting started as a public defender was that I didn’t understand… 70 more words

Defending Principles - 6 Seconds

6 Seconds is the average time from losing possession to a shot or an attempt on goal

The transitional period in a game is the most important time. 89 more words


Defending Principles - When Do We Start?

Question When Do We Start Defending?

Answer When We Gain Possession


The New Book by Experienced Professional Youth Coach, Helen L. Nkwocha… 38 more words


Defending Principles - Why Do We 'Press'?

We ‘Press’, or apply pressure because this forms part of our team tactics. For example, we may tell our players to apply high, early pressure as soon as we lose possession. 55 more words


the Defending Principles

Defending Principles

Control / Restraint / Patience – sometimes you need to wait

Compact – get narrow as a group

Dictate – use body shape to encourage where attacker goes… 138 more words