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Defending Paper Mario Sticker Star

Please don’t eat me alive for liking Sticker Star. We’re all entitled to our own opinions. If you do disagree with something I write, please feel free to respectfully give your stance on the matter in the comments below. 788 more words


Enugu massacre: Northern governors under fire for defending Fulanis

The 19 northern governors came under criticism yesterday over their position that the Fulani should not be labelled as criminals. 552 more words


The Lob Podcast: Episode 1

Has the standard of defending declined in the modern era? By looking around at the depth in talent across the upper echelons of the game, it’s clear that fewer world-class players are around today in defensive positions compared to just a decade ago. 46 more words


Lukaku vs Carrick: Winning a header against a physically superior opponent

In the fifth minute of the FA Cup semi-final Lukaku almost scored a goal after Carrick and Fosu-Mensa failed to deal with a  long ball. The two United players made a mistake by letting the ball bounce. 526 more words

The dying art of defending

Defending. The ugly sister to free-flowing possession-dominant, eye catching football that is so prevalent in today’s game. Scroll through Twitter, Instagram or YouTube and it won’t be long before you stumble across “vines” (a short video clip apparently) of the most recent Rabona, nutmeg or rainbow flick which effortlessly left a humiliated opponent in its wake. 666 more words


Your Outside Back is Out of Position

One of my pet peeves when observing youth soccer matches is a back line with poorly defined roles or no defined roles and no coach intervention.   1,266 more words