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Service members with Hawaii ties among group accused of trading military secrets for sex parties

SAN DIEGO (U.S. Department of Justice) – Retired U.S. Navy Rear Admiral Bruce Loveless and David Newland, chief of staff to the Commander of the Navy’s Seventh Fleet, along with seven other high-ranking Navy officers are charged in a federal grand jury indictment with acting as a team of moles for a foreign defense contractor, trading military secrets and substantial influence for sex parties with prostitutes, extravagant dinners and luxury travel. 1,989 more words


Cardinal Health wins $2.25 billion surgical supplies deal: Pentagon

The deal is for the worldwide supply and distribution of surgical supplies.

A unit of Cardinal Health Inc, Cardinal Health 200 LLC, has won a $2.25 billion deal from the Pentagon to provide the worldwide ordering and distribution of surgical supplies. 17 more words


#ThursThreads Week 249 : Can't Take You Anywhere

Michelle worked for Northrop Dynamics, a major defense contractor. She’d worked on-site, at the local US Naval facility. She’d worked there for a decade. I parked my car outside the facility, in the local shopping center parking lot. 264 more words

Armor 17

The Medusa Glance



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