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Russia and Serbia to hold a joint military exercise

The armed forces of Russia and Serbia will hold a joint military exercise in September 2015. According to Russian Ministry of Defense, the decision was made at a conference with the participation of members of Command of Russian air forces and Serbian air forces held on March 12th 2015 in Moscow, IA REGNUM reports. 81 more words

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Ulyanovsk aircraft factory to build batch of three Tu-204SM for the Special Flight Detachment "Russia"

Ulyanovsk Aircraft Factory will deliver a batch of modernized medium-range Tu-204SM to special flight detachment “Russia” in 2016, a source in the aviation industry informed. 38 more words


"Saturn" demonstrated use of 3D-printers in the manufacture of engines

Scientific and Production Association “Saturn” showed at the International Technology Forum in Rybinsk parts of gas turbine engines, manufactured using three-dimensional printing, the press service of the company informed. 58 more words

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China Topix: new Russian tank "Armata" to replace Western counterparts

The new Russian tank T-14 “Armata”, which will be presented to the public on May 9 on Victory Day parade on Red Square, will be a worthy competitor to the modern Western combat vehicles, portal China Topix writes. 28 more words

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Russian ‘soldiers of future’ to get new stealth equipment

The Russian Advanced Research Projects Foundation and the Saratov State University have created a joint Special-Purpose Materials Laboratory and are working on developing advanced materials for combat equipment. 108 more words

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Armored vehicles "Typhoon" to be used by Army until the end of the year

Armored vehicles “Typhoon” will be used by the Russian Army last until the end of this year, and after they will be returned to the factory for revision, a source in the Russian Defense Ministry said. 50 more words

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Russia's Defense Ministry is interested in naval version of the Ka-52K

The Russian Defense Ministry expects that Ka-52K helicopter project will be a success, the deputy minister noted. In 2015, the ministry will receive 16 Ka-52 multi-purpose attack helicopters. 86 more words

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