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Is Pakistan really watering terror seeds in his soil?

As everyone know world most wanted terrorist and mastermind of attacks of 9/11 Osama bin laden shot died by navy seal special ops forces in pakistan. 155 more words


Armed Group Declares 'All-Out War' Against Indonesians in Papua

Armed fighters from the Free Papua Organization in Lanny Jaya district, a stronghold of the separatist group, which on Friday declared all-out war against Indonesian security forces and non-Papuan civilians… 631 more words



Islamic states is become most effective and rich terrorist group have roots in iraq and syria which were watered by syria in some instant. As everyone knows isis got support from peopleof syria, iraq and in some instant iran also. 122 more words


EU - Superpower That Never Will Be

When we talk about power of one country today, often is there a sense that main reference point is its economic proves.  Is that really so? 673 more words

Remembering Jay on Memorial Day 2015

Every Memorial Day, I honor the sacrifice of my friend, Jay. As the world changes and the years fade, it is important that we never forget those who have selflessly sacrificed their lives in the service of our country. 452 more words

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Pig Punches Pregnant Sister In Stomach For Laughing At Him, Calls Her ‘Black B****’

A pregnant woman in Chicago says she was verbally and physically attacked by a racist police officer… and it was all caught on surveillance footage. 293 more words


In Rio, the Pigs Operation known as ‘Black Machine III’ Hunt and Gun Down Two More Innocent Black Males, One of Which was 12-years Old

Note from BW of Brazil: I don’t really know that any words can suffice for the senselessness of the violence in Rio de Janeiro, but before getting into the latest tragedy, I wanted to share something that caught my attention from a previous Military Police murder of a child. 1,734 more words