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Flash Hollett

From the 1930s to the 1960s, skilled offensive defensemen were extremely rare to find, as most defenders focused on the defensive aspect of their role. Flash Hollett was not your standard defensive defenseman. 528 more words


Aubrey "Dit" Clapper

Few NHL players ever have long careers in the NHL. It’s not only hard to stay in the NHL, but it gets especially hard as players age. 686 more words


Top 10 NHL Defensemen since the 2004-05 Lockout (#5-#1)

In continuing with the pattern, here is the second half of the Top 10 Defensemen since the 2004-05 lockout:

  1. Nicklas Lidstrom

Nicklas Lidstrom was undoubtedly one of the greatest defenseman of all-time, certainly of his era, renowned for his consistent dominance of the NHL and regularly being one of the best all-around defensemen. 976 more words


Top 10 NHL Defensemen since the 2004-05 Lockout (#10-#6)

I’ve always been interested in how the game has changed since the 2004-05 lockout and as time has passed, we have gotten a larger and larger sample size of how players have performed since that dramatic lockout. 751 more words


Lionel Conacher

The Conacher family had some darn good genes. Like his brothers Roy and Charlie, Lionel towered above most others in his era and used his size to its full advantage during his athletic career, as can be inferred by his nickname “the Big Train”. 645 more words


Reginald "Red" Horner

The NHL has definitely had it’s fare share of hated tough guys and Red Horner was one of the most noteworthy ones of the 30s. Horner, born in 1909, began his career playing for the Toronto Marlboros in the late 20s before beginning his NHL career in 1928 for the Maple Leafs. 652 more words


Clarence "Hap" Day

Known for he consistently cheery demeanor, Clarence Day was given the nickname “Happy” before having it shortened to “Hap”. After playing impressively for the Hamilton Tigers of the OHA Sr. 468 more words