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Francis "King" Clancy

King Clancy was either that player you loved or you hated. Born in 1903, Clancy’s NHL career didn’t start until 1921 when he began playing with the Ottawa Senators, under the mentorship of Georges Boucher. 612 more words


Georges "Buck" Boucher

Defenseman Georges Boucher was an Ottawan through and through. Born in Ottawa in 1896, Boucher began his hockey career the Ottawa New Edinburghs and after a proficient showing there, joined the Ottawa Senators in the NHA for the 1915-16 season. 507 more words


Reg Noble

Reg Noble was one of the rare players who was able to play multiple positions in the NHL. Noble began his career as a forward in Collingwood, Ontaraio, playing for his business school there. 413 more words


Elite young defensemen adapting to NHL faster than ever

(STL.News) – Zach Werenski and Ivan Provorov are the latest to put cracks in the time-tested theory that defensemen need a long time to develop. 21 more words

Harry Cameron

Of the stars who broke into the League in 1917, Cameron is one of the lesser-known ones, despite his offensive dominance from the blue line. Many historians credit his ability to score goals to his rare ability to curve his shots, even more incredible considering the straight stick blades they used in Cameron’s day. 265 more words


Sprague Cleghorn

Cleghorn was the first prototypical hard-nosed defenseman that was a mainstay in the NHL. Known for his physical play that sometimes got him hated, Cleghorn was a big man for the era: 5’10” and 190 lbs, meaning he could effectively throw his weight around. 442 more words


Flyers' Two-Way Defense Kickstarting Offense

When outsiders look at the Philadelphia Flyers and they see a team with ┬ájust an 8-8-3 record, they feel obligated to bash the Flyers’ defense, a well-known weak link over the last 10 years or so. 476 more words