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After College: Help! I Can't Make My Student Loan Payments!

You’re repaying loans you borrowed to pay for college. But you often find yourself choosing between paying for essentials and making monthly loan payments. What should you do? 398 more words

Federal Student Loans

After College: Things to Do As Your First Student Loan Payment Comes Due

If you graduated from college last spring, chances are your obligation to begin repaying your Federal Direct Loans has begun. If you’ve not yet heard from the… 404 more words

Federal Student Loans

John McCain Just Took A Swipe At Trump’s “Bone Spurs” To Dodge Vietnam Draft (WATCH)

Gotta give props to Arizona’s Maverick Senator. Interesting, how Cancer may have brought life, and the danger of Trump, into sharper focus for the Senator.

Journal #158 - Emotionally Exhausting Monday

When I went to work this morning, I was feeling somewhat productive and equally gossipy. I spent most of my morning chit-chatting with my colleague about life and work. 678 more words

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