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Designing for for ADHD (and anyone else): 5 Goals

Everyone is intrinsically motivated to do things that give them a sense of competency, a sense of autonomy or agency, and a sense of social relatedness to others (Ryan, Deci, 1985). 1,144 more words


Why the Great Recession Lasted So Long

From 2009 through 2016, Republicans opposed Obama’s tax cuts and spending policies that would have stimulated the economy enough to roar into strong growth and reduce unemployment. 49 more words


Debt, deficits and fiscal arithmetic

Fiscal austerity – defined as the reduction in the structural (primary) budget deficit – might be politically popular, but is it necessary from an economic perspective? 446 more words


Trump's Deficit Chickens Now Coming Home To Roost

The first of two official government reports that will be released this month showing that the federal budget deficit is soaring was issued on Monday when the Congressional Budget Office published it’s… 379 more words

Fake News: Democrats care about the deficit

In 2006 the deficit was about $248 billion.  Democrats called it unpatriotic.  They said tax cuts had killed the economy and skyrocketed the deficit.  They said America was going to go bankrupt.  340 more words

Identifying (and Preventing) Future Greek-Style Fiscal Collapses

Way back in early 2011, I wrote about the likelihood of various nations suffering a Greek-style meltdown. After speculating on the importance of debt burdens and interest payments, I concluded that… 1,126 more words