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I spend so much of my time feeling like I have to prove myself capable that I forget sometimes not everyone views me as incapable. The notion I need to prove myself capable is not without just cause. 435 more words


Defining Disability

Let’s face it, disability is a broad term encompassing a wide range of definitions. Nevertheless, the term undoubtably makes one universal fact the focus of attention: There is something (or some things) you cannot do that a good amount of other human beings can do. 80 more words


What Defines What?

I have been following the Paralympics in Sochi and it got me to thinking about my first competition.  I was 17 at the time and competed in the first Canadian National Wheelchair Sports Game held in Montreal in 1967.   833 more words

Terry Wiens

The Chronically Sick and Disabled need your help – now.

One of my tweeps** retweeted my Paralympics press release earlier today, appending a note saying “He took days to write this”.

**Twitter follower/followee

Now that’s OK, I know… 645 more words


The Paralympics and the chronically sick and disabled, a press release.

The following is being sent out by me to all newspapers not hiding behind a paywall. It’s already been sent to the Guardian.

I have no objection, providing the source is properly acknowledged, to it being copied and sent to whosoever you think can make a difference. 1,467 more words


“Chronically sick and disabled” is really not the same as “disabled”.

I wrote this post in May 2011. With the looming Paralympics, which will almost inevitably, given the government-sponsored hostile mood of much of the country, reflect badly on the chronically sick and disabled community, I thought it was timely to re-publish it. 917 more words


Defining disability: a synopsis of the readings

The three readings for this module all attempt to broach questions regarding how we can define “disability,” particularly when exploring its social, cultural, and political meanings using the tools of disability studies. 1,347 more words