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Defining disability

The category disability is not fixed and absolute, but can be, and indeed has been, defined in a variety of different ways throughout history, within particular societies and in any given social context. 2,354 more words

Defining Disability

Building Strength to Maintain Positivity

Building anything takes time. If you are seeing a project completed in a short amount of time then that project most likely has a big support system. 584 more words


Managing Energy Levels

My work day is 8am to 5pm, from Monday through Friday. The schedule does not change, but if I am not efficient at work then I end up taking work home in order to meet weekly deadlines. 633 more words


Topic for Conversation: Would you buy the Goochie Purse?

I spend a lot of time thinking about ways to justify to myself that I am an equal adult individual in this world to others. I go through various comparisons like the “hybrid” conversation I have with myself sometimes. 449 more words


The Hybrid

Sometimes I lose myself. I usually consider myself to be fairly self-confident, but sometimes I trip and find myself flat on my stomach, facing the heels of others. 677 more words