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Single Mother Chronicles: Samantha Who Is Not You.

“Samantha Who?” was an ABC sitcom that ran from 2007-2009. It chronicled a woman who gets into a car accident and develops amnesia. She completely forgets everything about herself and the people around her. 402 more words


Welcome To 30

I turned 30 on a Thursday in May.  The day was a typical spring day in Southern California.  I stayed in bed a little longer than usual since I took the day off.   580 more words

Defining Yourself

Think Thrice

It’s been a while since the last time I’ve written. I know that it kinda sound like I’ve neglected this blog. I am so sorry. I am still in the process of being comfortable with the idea of writing blogs. 294 more words

If You Can't Say Something Nice -- Kerry - 7/1/2015

If You Can’t Say Something Nice

July 1, 2015

Dear Kerry,

Tonight, after putting the littlest members of the family to bed (for the fifth time), you sat to write while your husband and oldest daughter watched television. 227 more words


Naming yourself

There are lots of people who are perfectly happy with the names bestowed on them at birth. I was not one of them. For years I tried to cope with my name and find ways to nickname myself and various other ways to get by, but when it came down to it, it wasn’t my name. 627 more words

Useless Information

A Beautiful Thing

You tell yourself what you aren’t.

You tell yourself what you’re missing.

You tell yourself when you’re wrong.

You’re a worrier.

You’re dismissive.

You’re aloof. 135 more words