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If You Can't Say Something Nice -- Kerry - 7/1/2015

If You Can’t Say Something Nice

July 1, 2015

Dear Kerry,

Tonight, after putting the littlest members of the family to bed (for the fifth time), you sat to write while your husband and oldest daughter watched television. 227 more words


Naming yourself

There are lots of people who are perfectly happy with the names bestowed on them at birth. I was not one of them. For years I tried to cope with my name and find ways to nickname myself and various other ways to get by, but when it came down to it, it wasn’t my name. 627 more words

Useless Information

A Beautiful Thing

You tell yourself what you aren’t.

You tell yourself what you’re missing.

You tell yourself when you’re wrong.

You’re a worrier.

You’re dismissive.

You’re aloof. 135 more words


Fever Dream (Part IV and V)


I floated into the ocean.

It was a visceral reaction when I awoke

and in awakening

realized a cloudless space,

a starless pitch,

a noiseless limbo. 146 more words


let yourself find you

stephanie steiner | co-editor-in-chief

you know when you lose something around the house and you’re frantically looking all over for it? and then the first place you looked often ends up being where you find it when it’s all said and done? 280 more words


Who you think you are

I personally think that we cannot ever define ourselves because we have a biased set of mind. We’d either make ourselves look better than what we actually are or worse. 383 more words