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Who Are You?

I remember clearly one of the first psychology classes I took in college.  The professor, as they often do, told us that each one of us would stand up and introduce ourselves to the class, with exception:  you could not describe yourself with any classification of what you do.  682 more words


Define Yourself, Instead Of Trying To Find Yourself

Authenticity, and being ourselves, are incredibly important. So we try our best to find out who we are. How do we go about this? We think of self discovery and authenticity as a process, journey or quest, so we create a plan of action. 573 more words

Personal Development

I Am the Highway- Wise Project 2018 #TenaciousTuesday

I was about 20 years old and living in London, Ontario and I hung out with a group of Western University Students that for a moment in time were a cross between an episode of Friends and a season of Seinfeld.  1,343 more words


Can you show me some I.D.?

By Caitlin Kelly

We live in a lanyard culture.

Everyone’s got some sort of laminated badge hanging from a chain or a ribbon or clipped to their belt. 413 more words


20 questions for you

By Caitlin Kelly

More than 18,900 people have now signed up to follow Broadside — and I only know a very few of you.

So, to get to know some of you a bit better, … 416 more words


What kind of writer am I? 

Despite all assurances to the contrary, my teenager really does have “it” all figured out. She really, really knows what kind of writer she is. She eats, sleeps, reads, and writes her genre. 691 more words


Women ~ At Some Point, the Plastic Breaks

Thought for the day ~

Women in their 20s are new to everything, including their own personas.  At this stage of life, you begin to explore who you are, what you believe, what you want out of life, how you feel about yourself, and how you connect and relate to the world and the people in it; and most of all, how you connect and relate to yourself.  122 more words

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