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Galaxies of Possibilities

How is it possible for one person

To put the dew on the leaves

The planets in their orbits

The sparkle in my eyes?

When I try to tell you… 40 more words


Changed in a Moment

Thin and skeletal wrists protrude out of a jacket much too large for her and grasp the black leather bound around the thin driving wheel much too tightly. 534 more words


Saying Farewell to 2016

Thanks to social media, 2016 will be a year that we talk about for many years to come. That being said, I believe that this mindset is worth examining, too! 605 more words

Defining Yourself

It has taken me several months to complete this blog post; when I decided I would write about defining oneself I had an internal  struggle because I always strive to be honest however being honest with tact isn’t something I am good at.  1,790 more words

Personal inner reflexions: Who do you think you are.

The most complicated part of looking for a job is the recapitulation of oneself job history and all the inner rehearsal needed for the purpose. It is the most important thing to sit down and review the past looking forward to the future. 467 more words

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Redefining myself and my life – 5 key life changing results

The more you break out of your shell in life, the more people will be threatened by seeing you reach your true potential. I have decided to fight back and choose my identity once and for all, without stressing about other people’s opinions. 1,261 more words