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let yourself find you

stephanie steiner | co-editor-in-chief

you know when you lose something around the house and you’re frantically looking all over for it? and then the first place you looked often ends up being where you find it when it’s all said and done? 280 more words


Who you think you are

I personally think that we cannot ever define ourselves because we have a biased set of mind. We’d either make ourselves look better than what we actually are or worse. 383 more words

Ladies: Stop Calling Yourselves Bad Bitches

I totally get it. Every few years I get older, someone comes up with a new way to try and reclaim negative terms used to separate the “good” from the “not so good.” We take the words used to demean us and try to reshape them into something empowering, snatch the ugly off of it and polish it up and place it on the shelf in victory. 509 more words

Random But Real

find your therapy

bailey baack | contributing writer

A note about me: I am not usually one to look to exercise for endorphins. I prefer to acquire my endorphins through chocolate and anything directed by David Fincher. 785 more words


“Remember how far you’ve come, not just how far you have to go. You are not where you want to be, but neither are you where you used to be.”

— Rick Warren


defining success

tyson-jay domingo | creative co-director

Have you ever sat and thought about your personal definition for success? Lately I’ve been thinking about what it would mean for me to be successful and after thinking about it for hours, it occurred to me that success isn’t static. 394 more words