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Definitely, Maybe


This film is definitely cute. This movie is a satisfying romantic comedy! It leaves you guessing. I found that very intriguing because it is something different than you know, a cookie cutter romantic comedy. 116 more words

Daily Dose: Definitely, Maybe and the Will YOU, UM, MARRY ME Moment

The One-Line Summary: After sitting through her first sex-ed class in school, 10-year-old Maya is staying with her dad as her parents divorce, and a little more educated on how things work, presses her father to tell her the story of how he met her mother (which is not about how a blue… 468 more words


Definitely, Maybe

Definitely, Maybe is the Ryan Reynolds vehicle about a father who is going through divorce telling his daughter, played by Abigail Breslin, a story about the three women in his life, one of which is her mother. 407 more words


Oasis - Columbia

Oasis as a whole was a saga of annoying facts and glorious illusions, The annoying facts were that of brothers who couldn’t stand each other, working class “lads” who perfectly fit the stereotype of British yobs, and a band that peaked after two albums and a shit-ton of cocaine. 189 more words

Classics never die

Bienvenidos de nuevo! hoy hablaremos sobre Oasis.

Antes de empezar me gustaría aclarar que soy consciente de que no existe una verdad universal sobre los gustos musicales, ni es mi intención encontrarla. 686 more words


i get distracted. A lot. And easily. I think it follows from an inherent laziness. Not completely sure why. But…. Sometimes it’s not so bad. … 231 more words

Writing Insights

Definitive Song of the Decade: 1990s

Oasis – ‘Cigarettes & Alcohol’

Although ‘Cigarettes & Alcohol’, a single released from Oasis’s 1994 album Definitely Maybe, failed to better its peak seventh position in the UK music charts, it entered the nation’s top 75 chart ten different times, meaning that the song has re-entered them on more occasions than any other, perhaps indicative of the focal point’s long-term relevance. 275 more words